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Choi Dae Hoon Profile and Facts

Choi Dae Hoon Profile: Choi Dae Hoon Facts and Ideal Type

Choi Dae Hoon (최대훈)
is an actor under Ace Company and debuted in 2007. He is known for his roles in Lawless Lawyer (2018), Heart Surgeons (2018), Crash Landing on You (2019), Do You Like Brahm’s (2020), and Beyong Evil (2021).

Birth Name: Choi Dae Hoon (최대훈)
Birthdate: November 16th, 1980
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 184 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 78 kg
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean

Choi Dae Hoon Facts:
– He attended Chung-Ang University.
– He married Jang Yoon Seo (장윤서) who was Miss Korea in 2006 and is currently an actress.
– Dramas he has had small roles in: Drama Special Yeongdeok Women’s Wrestling Team (2010) Are You Human Too? (2018), Hotel del Luna (2019), Want a Taste? (2019), Fatal Promise (2020),

Choi Dae Hoon Dramas:
Evasive Inquiry Agency (얼렁뚱땅 흥신소) | KBS / as Lee Jin Seu [Asics] (2007)
Drama Special: The Great Gye Choon Bin (드라마 스페셜: 위대한 계춘빈) | KBS / as Jong Soo (2010)
Drama Special: After the Opera (드라마 스페셜 :오페라가 끝나면) | KBS2 / as Mr. Jo  (2010)
I’m Glad I Loved You (사랑하길 잘했어) | KBS / as Choi Hyun Woo (2010)
Drama Special: Strawberry Ice Cream (드라마 스페셜 : 딸기 아이스크림) | KBS / as Sang Baek (2010)
Korean Peninsula (한반도) | TV Chosun / as Chae Dong Hoon (2012)
The Bridal Mask (각시탈) | KBS / as Minami Tamao / Lee Hae Seok (2012)
Crazy Love (미친사랑) | KBS / as Baek Jae Hyuk (2013)
Mother’s Choice (엄마의 선택) | SBS / as Yoon Yong Suk (2014)
Another Parting (어떤 안녕 ) | DRAMAcube / as Kang Joon Suk (2014)
You’re Only Mine (나만의 당신) | SBS / as Kim Tae Soo (2014)
The Return of Hwang Geum Bok! (돌아온 황금복) | SBS / as Kim Tae Soo (2015)
You Are a Gift (당신은 선물) | SBS / as Detective Hwang (2016)
Six Flying Dragons (육룡이 나르샤) | SBS / as Jo Mal Saeng [ep. 35, Confucian Scholar] (2015)
Father Is Strange (아버지가 이상해) | KBS / as PD Lee (2017)
Return of Fortunate Bok (돌아온 복단지) | MBC / as Je In (2017)
Doubtful Victory (의문의 일승) | SBS/ as Kim Yoon Soo (2017)
Lawless Lawyer (무법 변호사) | tvN / as Seok Gwan Dong (2018)
Heart Surgeons (흉부외과 – 심장을 훔친 의사들) | SBS / as Koo Dong Joon (2018)
Confession (자백) | tvN / as Hwang Kyo Shik (2019)
The Nokdu Flower (녹두꽃) | network / as Min Young Hwi (2019)
A Moment at Eighteen (열여덟의 순간) |
network / as Son Je Yeong  (2019)
Everything and Nothing (hangul)
| SBS / as Choi Soo Hwan (2019)
Crash Landing on You (17세의 조건) | tvN / as Yoon Se Jun (2019)
Extracurricular (인간수업) | network / as Mr. Choi (2020)
Mystic Pop-up Bar (쌍갑포차) | JTBC / as Jang Bok Su [Gambler in Ep.7](2020)
Flower of Evil (악의 꽃) | tvN / as Lee Woo Chul (2020)
Do You Like Brahms? (브람스를 좋아하세요?) | SBS / as Park Sung Jae (2020)
Beyond Evil (괴물) | JTBC / as Park Jung Je (2021)

Choi Dae Hoon Movies:
Lucid Dream (루시드 드림) as Detective Kim (2017)

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