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chaeree Profile & Facts

chaeree Profile: chaeree Facts

chaeree (채리) is a South Korean singer. She debuted on May 4, 2020, with the digital single “거짓말 (Feat. 크루셜스타)”.

Stage Name: chaeree (채리)
Birth Name: Lee Chaeryeong (이채령)
Birthday: December 31, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Instagram: @leechaeree
Facebook: 채리_Chaeree_Official
YouTube: 2sixT_Official

chaeree Facts:
— She was born in South Korea.
— She speaks fluent English.
— She is an only child.
— She lived in California for 6 years as a kid.
— She collaborated with artists like Loopy, Jeremy Que$t, Crucial Star, Basick, viceversa, Owen, and Punchnello thanks to her producer’s connections.
— While living in the USA she didn’t have an English name so everyone called her “chaeree” instead of her real name as it was too hard to pronounce. Eventually, that’s what she decided to use as her stage name.
— She started working on music at 19 years old, took a break as she had to focus on the personal life, and after meeting her current producer in 2019 he convinced her to get back to music.
— She never released any music on SoundCloud.
— Her dad introduced her to hip-hop music and 50 Cent.
— She’s not very expressive when it comes to words.
 She’s strick towards herself.
— It’s easier for her to sing in English instead of Korean.
— She deals with depression and that’s what some of her lyrics are about. Now, she tries to think more positively and write love songs instead.
— Her song “GTG (gotta go)” is about her ex who hurt her really badly, made her lose confidence, and made her want to start a new relationship.
— Her hobby is playing games, online shopping, watching music videos, and funny things.
— She’s a homebody.
— She is an introvert.
— She plays Pokemon on Nintendo as it’s her favorite game.
— She’s good at makeup and always does her own. She learned through YouTube tutorials.
— Her life motto was “Never trust anyone” but now it’s “Don’t trust anybody too easily”.
— She wanted to be a lawyer.
— A celebrity she’d like to meet is Jay Park, she’s also a fan of him.
— She watches “Show Me The Money”.
— An artist she’d like to work with is Wonstein because of his talent that she saw of him on SMTM9.
— Things she cannot live without are family, music, and alcohol.
— Her favorite type of alcohol is somaek (soju+beer).
— Travis Scott is her all-time favorite rapper.
— She watches “Santa Clarita Diet” and “Kim’s Convenience” on Netflix as of 2020.
— She relieves stress by listening to loud music on headphones and writing in a diary.
— She wants to release an album in December 2020 but she’s unsure if it’s going to happen.
— Some things that are on her bucket lists are: being on the same track with Travis Scott, come back to California and buy her dad a house.
— Her favorite collaboration was with Loopy as he was very sweet and nice to her. Also, because she was a fan of him.
— She starts from writing the melody first.
— She doesn’t have enough confidence to try rapping.
— Her music recommendation is ‘LOVE?’ by PENOMECO, ELO, GRAY, she feels butterflies listening to it. Also, “Pretty Savage” by BLACKPINK.
— She made an appearance on dingo freestyle “Rising Verse” in April 2021, alongside Lil 9ap and SINCE. [YouTube]

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