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Cha Seung-won Profile & Facts

Cha Seung-won Profile: Cha Seung-won Facts

Cha Seung-won (차승원)
is a South Korean actor under YG Entertainment. 

Birth Name: Cha Seung-won (차승원)
Chinese Name: Che Sheng yuan (車勝元)
Birthday: June 07, 1970
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 188 cm (6’2″)
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: @70csw
Fan Cafe: 70csw
Agency Profile: CHA SEUNG WON

Cha Seung-won Facts:
– He was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– He is married since 1992 to Lee Su-jin who is four years older than him.
– He has a daughter Cha Ye-ni (2003) and a son Cha No-ah (1989).
– Religion: Catholic.
– His baptismal name is John.
– Education: Seoul Jamjeon Elementary School, Sincheon Middle School, Dan-kook High School.
– He dropped out of Sungkyunkwan University.
– He is one of the most successful male actors who used to be models.
– His acting career began in 1997 with a minor role in the film “Holiday In Seoul”.
– He debuted as a fashion model in high school and did it for 10 years.
– His nicknames in middle school, which he revealed himself, were “The Devil” and “The Gangster”.
– He often says that reflecting on the past is the most important thing in life.
– He has been working as a promotional model for Maserati, a famous foreign car brand, since 2013.
– He enlisted in the military in May 1993 and got discharged in October 1994.
– In the past, he had a bad relationship with Park Joon-hyung, a member of g.o.d. When they bumped into each other in the bathroom, Cha Seung-won thought Park Joon-hyung was younger, and Park Joon-hyung said, ” I’m older than you!”. In fact, Park Joon-hyung was born in 1969 and was one year older than Cha Seung-won, but he made his debut in 1974 by deceiving his age. Naturally, Cha Seung-won, who did not know this fact, was quite upset that a young man was acting unconscious and maintained a cold relationship for a considerable period of time and later solved misunderstandings with each other and now live well.
– He is good at cooking.
– Cha No-ah isn’t his biological son. No-ah is his real son in his mind and has asked to relay his message that he does not regret taking in No-ah as part of the family. This situation gained attention when the biological father of No-ah filed a lawsuit against the actor asking for about $100,000 claiming reputational damage in 2014.
– On Running Man, he showed everyone that he is a kind and generous person.
– He is proud of BTS and knows the names of the members.
– He loves being on variety shows.
– He is close with Yoo Jae-suk. Jae-suk said that he can always rely on Seung-won when he’s struggling.
– He is very organized. (Happy Together)
– He started acting because of his manager.
– He is embarrassed to monitor his own words.
– On the set, he is very meticulous.
– He doesn’t have any stunt doubles because he’s tall and the height difference shows.
– He is very close friends with actor Kim Soo-ro.
– He has a driving license.
– He visits fan cafes from time to time and reads blogs about himself.
– He only follows his fan cafe on Instagram.
– He is thankful for feedback from his fans wheater it’s positive or negative because he thinks that their opinion is the key and the most meaningful.
– He grows a variety of medicinal herbs and eats them from time to time.
– He has always liked genres that have an element of humor. Whether it’s a thriller or an action movie.
– He was named one of the actors with whom directors most want to work.
– He has decided to pass on movies with intimate scenes because they make him feel uncomfortable as a married man.
– He has tattoos. On his arm and leg.

Cha Seung-won in Music Videos:
“Even if the World Fools You” by Kim Jang-hoon (1998)
“Poison” by Uhm Jung-hwa (1998)
“I am a Man” by Kim Jang-hoon (2000 )
“I Love You” by Position (2001 )
“In My Heart” by 4U (2002 )
“Rain Shower” by Kim Jang-hoon (2008 )
“Cry Cry” by T-ara (2011)
“Lovey Dovey” by T-ara (2012 )
“I’m Sorry” by Lena Park (2012 )
“Beautiful” by Wanna One (2017 )

Cha Seung-won in Movies:
Night in Paradise (낙원의 밤) | 2021 – Executive Ma
Sinkhole (싱크홀) | 2020 – Jung Man-Soo
Cheer Up, Mr. Lee (힘을 내요, 미스터 리) | 2019 – Cheol-Soo
Believer (독전) | 2018 – Brian (special appearance)
The Map Against The World (고산자, 대동여지도) | 2016 – Kim Jeong-Ho
Man On High Heels (하이힐) | 2014 – Detective Ji-Wook
Mr. XXX-Kisser (아부의 왕) | 2012 – Cha Seung-Won (cameo)
71: Into the Fire (포화속으로 / 포화 속으로) | 2010 – Park Mu-Rang
Blades of Blood (구르믈 버서난 달처럼) | 2010 – Lee Mong-Hak
Secret (시크릿) | 2009 – Det. Kim Seong-Ryeol
Eye for an Eye (눈에는 눈, 이에는 이) | 2008 – Ahn Hyun-Min
My Son (아들) | 2007 – Lee Kang-Sik
Small Town Rivals (이장과 군수) | 2007 – Jo Choon-Sam
Over the Border (국경의 남쪽) | 2006 – Kim Sun-ho
Murder, Take One (박수칠때 떠나라) | 2005 – Choi Yeon-Gi
Blood Rain (혈의 누) | 2005 – Won-Kyu
Lovely Rivals (여선생 VS 여제자) | 2004 – Kim Bong-Du (Cameo)
Ghost House (귀신이 산다) | 2004 – Pil-gi
Teacher Kim (선생 김봉두) | 2003 – Kim Bong-Du
Project X (프로젝트 X) | 2003 – Karon
Jail Breakers (광복절특사) | 2002 – Mu-Suk
Break Out (라이터를 켜라) | 2002 – Yang Cheol-gon
Kick the Moon (신라의 달밤) | 2001 – Choi Ki-woong
Libera me (리베라 메) | 2000 – Hee Yeo
Black Honeymoon (신혼여행) | 2000 – Kim Jun-ho
A Century’s End (세기말) | 1999 – Sang Woo
If the Sun Rose in the West (해가 서쪽에서 뜬다면) | 1998 – Ji Min
Ghost in Love (자귀모) | 1998 – Na Han-su
Holiday in Seoul (홀리데이 인 서울) | 1997 – Leg Model’s Boyfriend

Cha Seung-won in Drama Series:
That Night (그날 밤) | 2021 – Shin Joong-Han
A Korean Odyssey (화유기) | tvN, 2017~2018 – Woo Hwi-Cheol
Hwajung (화정) | MBC, 2015 – Prince Gwanghae
You’re All Surrounded (너희들은 포위됐다) | SBS, 2014 – Seo Pan-Seok
The Greatest Love (최고의 사랑) | MBC, 2011 – Dok Ko-Jin
Athena: Goddess of War (아테나:전쟁의 여신) | KBS2, 2010~2011 – Son-Hyuk
The City Hall (시티홀) | SBS, 2009 – Jo Gook
Bodyguard (보디가드) | KBS, 2003 – Hong Kyung-Tak
8 Love Stories (러브스토리 메시지) | SBS, 1999~2000 – Jung In-gi (Ep.2 “Message”)
Woman on Top (맛을 보여드립니다) | SBS, 1999
Roses and Bean Sprouts (장미와 콩나물) | MBC, 1999 – Choi Gyu Dae
Angel’s Kiss (천사의 키스) | KBS2, 1998 – Jang Tae-joo
Blushing with Love (수줍은 연인) | MBC, 1998 – Im Sung-bum
Barefoot Run (맨발로 뛰어라) | MBC, 1998 – Chief Park
Song of the Wind (바람의 노래) | SBS, 1998 – Lee Ji-hoon

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