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Billlie Covergraphy

Billlie Covergraphy

A list of Billlie‘s covers with links.

[September 27th 2021] Diva by Beyoncé (Moon Sua, Siyoon, Tsuki)
[October 4th 2021] Up by Cardi B (Haram, Haruna, Suhyeon)
[October 11th 2021] Slumber Party by Ashnikko (haram, haruna, Moon Sua, Siyoon, Suhyeon, Tsuki)
[October 20th 2021] 16 shots by Stefflon Don (Moon Sua, Siyoon, Tsuki)
[October 30th 2021] Rave De Favela by Major Lazer (Haram, Haruna, Moon Sua, Siyoon, Suhyeon, Tsuki)
[February 11th 2022] Say it by EBZ the Artist (Sheon)
[May 11th 2022] Kick it by NCT 127 (OT7)
[June 11th 2022] Tiger inside by SuperM (Moon Sua, Siyoon, Tsuki)
[December 11th 2022] Don’t call me by Shinee (OT7)

[April 22nd 2022] 너를 사랑하고 있어 by Baekhyun (Haram)
[July 11th 2022] Lemon by Kenshi Yonezu (Haruna, Tsuki)
[October 11th 2022] I see the light, Speechless, The family madrigal by Disney (Haram, Sheon, Suhyeon)
[December 24th 2022] Merry-Chri by Boa (OT7)

[October 22nd 2021] 붕붕 by Haon (Moon Sua, Siyoon)
[January 11th 2022] 네가 없는 밤 by BE’O (Moon Sua)

What Billlie dance cover do you like the most?

What Billlie vocal cover do you like the most?

What Billlie rap cover do you like the most?

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What’s your favorite cover released by Billlie? Feel free to comment down below! 🙂

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