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Amaru (JYP Loud) Profile and Facts

Amaru (JYP Loud) Profile and Facts

Amaru (아마루) was a trainee on the survival show LOUD and is set to debut under JYP Loud.

Name: Amaru (아마루)
Birth Name: Mitsuyuki Amaru (ミツユキアマル)
Bithday: October 21, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Talent: Rap, singing, plate spinning, football/soccer, track and field

Amaru Facts:
– He was a trainee under JYP before joining LOUD.
– He was once a trainee in YG Japan and even trained with Treasure’s Japanese members.
– He was first introduced as “Positive Maru”.
– He is from Saitama, Japan.
– He left a big impression on other contestants of LOUD.
– He is fluent in Korean.
– A word that describes him is “a straight line”.
– He was influenced by his mom to become a K-Pop singer.
– He has been to many K-Pop concerts.
– He sang “Hollywood’s Bleeding” by Post Malone as his Skill Performance.
– He spinned plates as his Cham Performance.
– He received a doll from his grandma when he was 3 or 4 years old and he’s been sleeping with it ever since. He named the doll Fumo Fumo.
– He’s usually the lazy type.
– Between cute and cool, he thinks he’s cool.
– He rather not eat ramen forever than to not eat chicken forever.
– He rather eat pizza without cheese than to drink cola without it being carbonated.
– He rather it be summer forever than winter forever.
– He rather be bothered by mosquitoes to sleep than someone snoring.
– He rather not play games for a month than to play and lose.
– He rather wear new shoes on a rainy day than have wet socks on a rainy day.
– His nickname is 마루/Maru.
– His favorite food is sushi.

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