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26-Ji no Masquerade Members Profile

26-Ji no Masquerade Members Profile

26-ji No Masquerade (26時のマスカレイド) also known as Nijimasu (ニジマス) was a Japanese idol group. The group was formed in 2016 through the “BOYS&GIRLS x Zipper Idol Auditions”. They debuted on December 1, 2016, with the song “Nijimasu Emotions”. The group consisted of 5 members: Kurusu Rin, Yoshii Miyu, Mori Miharu, Ejima Aeri, and Nakamura Karen.They had 3 former members. The group disbanded on October 30, 2022.

Nijimasu Fandom Name: –
Nijimasu Official Colors: –

Nijimasu Official Accounts:
Website: 26masquerade.com
Twitter: @nijimasu_staff
Instagram: @nijimasu_staff
AMEBLO Blog: @nijimasu26
YouTube: 26時のマスカレイド【公式】

Nijimasu Members:
Ejima Aeri

Stage Name: Ejima Aeri (江嶋綾恵梨)
Birth Name: Ejima Aeri (江嶋綾恵梨)
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: May 4, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: AB
Height: 154 cm (5’0″)
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @aeringoooo
Twitter: @nijimasu_aeri

Aeri Facts:
— Hobby: Reading self-enlightenment books, playing the guitar, camera (photography), touring dumpling shops.
— Specialty: Smiling 24/7, skipping rope.
— She is a former member of QunQun. She graduated from it on September 29, 2013.
— She’s the oldest member.
— She is from Fukuoka, Japan.
— Her nicknames are Eji (えじ), Aeri (あえり).

Nakammura Karen

Stage Name: Nakamura Karen (中村果蓮)
Birth Name: Nakamura Karen (中村果蓮)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: December 11, 2001
Birthplace: Shiga, Japan
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 160 cm
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type: O
Twitter: nakamura_karenn
Instagram: nakamura_karen_

Nakammura Karen Facts:
– Her hobbies include listening to music and doing hair/makeup
– Her skills include Tsugaru-jamisen
– She joined the group on June 21, 2020

Mori Miharu

Stage Name: Mori Miharu (森みはる)
Birth Name: Mori Miharu (森みはる)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: October 14, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @miharu_mori
Twitter: @nijimasu_paru

Miharu Facts:
— Hobby: Piano
— Specialty: Is able to say up to the 50th number in pi.
— She is from Hyogo, Japan.
— Her nickname is Paru-chan (ぱるちゃん).

Yoshii Miyu

Stage Name: Yoshii Miyu (吉井美優)
Birth Name: Yoshii Miyu (吉井美優)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: March 2, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Height: 159 cm (5’2″)
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @miyu_yoshii32
Twitter: @nijimasu_miyu

Miyu Facts:
— She loves going to ramen shops.
— Hobby: Collecting things that are pink.
— Specialty: Whistling with her teeth.
— She is from Kanagawa, Japan.
— Her nickname is Miichan (みぃーちゃん).
– She is currently signed to GAROU inc

Kurusu Rin

Stage Name: Kurusu Rin (来栖りん)
Birth Name: Kurusu Rin (来栖りん)
Position: Centre,Vocalist and Dancer
Birthday: November 8, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Height: 152 cm (5’0″)
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: @ringring_rin
Twitter: @nijimasu_rinrin

Rin Facts:
— She is the youngest member.
— Hobby: Touring planetariums.
— Specialty: Calligraphy.
— Skills: Reading.
— She is from Tokyo, Japan.
— Her nickname is RinRin (りんりん).
– She is aiming to be a voice actress

Former Members:
Shinohara Mikoto

Stage Name: Shinohara Mikoto (篠原美琴)
Birth Name: Shinohara Mikoto (篠原美琴)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: January 25, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Height: N/A
Nationality: Japanese

Mikoto Facts:
— She was the oldest member.
— She left the group in March 2017.

Daimon Karin

Stage Name: Daimon Karin (大門果琳)
Birth Name: Daimon Karin (大門果琳)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: January 25, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Height: N/A
Nationality: Japanese

Karin Facts:
— She graduated from the group on October 12, 2019.
— She retired from entertainment with her graduation from the group.
— Hobby: Collecting food samples.
— Specialty: Imitating goats.
— Her nickname is Karin (かりん).

Asakura Shion

Stage Name: Asakura Shion (亜桜しおん)
Birth Name: N/A
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: March 23, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Height: 151 cm (5’0”)
Nationality: Japanese

Shion Facts:
— She graduated from the group on March 23, 2018.
— She is also a former member of ReverseTokyo under the name Izumi Fumi.
— Currently, she is a member of the idol group Nijiiro no Hikou Shoujo under the name Izumi Fumi and her character name is Shito Akane.
— Hobbies: Anime appreciation.
— Another Hobby: Fieldwork.
— Specialty: Using obijime (the string used to tie up kimonos).
— Special Skills: Growing eryngii.
— Favorite Things: Salami, manga.
— Disliked Things: Thunder.

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