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1soyun Profile & Facts

1soyun Profile & Facts

1soyun (원소윤) is an independent R&B and Soul solo singer and dancer. She made her debut with “Sweet Time” in 2020.

Stage Name: 1soyun
Real Name: Won So Yoon (원소윤)
Birthday: April 26, –
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type:
SoundCloud: Yunny
Facebook: 1soyuN
Instagram: 1soyun
YouTube: 1soyun

1soyun Facts:
– She joined a dance competition and won some money.
– She is a choreographer and dance teacher of a dance school named BeatMix.
– She is a member of dance team Aight9 under the stage name Yunny.
– She is also doing modeling.
– She wrote and composed her own song “Sweet Time”
– She is also a YouTuber.

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Latest Korean Comeback:

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