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Yuku (DKB) Profile & Facts

Yuku Profile & Facts

Yuku (유쿠) is a member of the boy group DKB under Brave Entertainment who debuted on February 3, 2020 with the mini album Youth and its title track Sorry Mama.

Stage Name: Yuku (유쿠)
Birth Name: Amanuma Yuku (天沼ゆく)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer, DJ
Birthday: May 12, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese

Yuku Facts:
— He was the second last member to be revealed. He was revealed on November 21, 2019
— He’s good at dancing and exercising
— He can do kendama
— He can play basketball
— He can speak some basic English
— His eyesight is quite bad, although he doesn’t know what it is exactly
— Shoe size: ~265-270 mm
— Nickname: Soft Sun (as he calls himself like that)
— He likes watching animated cartoons
— He enjoys going to cafés in his free time
— His favorite color is purple
— His favorite snack is 별뽀빠이 (Byeolpopeye, a Popeye Ramen snack)
— His favorite ice-cream flavor is Lotus Cookie
— His favorite emojis are the purple (💜) and yellow (💛) hearts
— He prefers the beach to the mountains
— When he was younger, he dreamt of being a stage personality
— When asked if he has a secret no-one else knows, he didn’t answer
— If he had to go to an uninhabited island, he’d bring a phone, his friend and a knife with him
— He said that, if he won the lottery, he’d let everyone buy what they want and save what’s left
— He sees himself as a member of worldwide DKB and a well-recognized artist
— He’s the first Japanese artist to debut under Brave Entertainment
— His motto: “If you try hard, you can see the blue sky”
— He shares a room with D1, Teo, Lune and Junseo

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