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“To the Future” (YOOMEI) Album Info

“To the Future” (YOOMEI) Album Info

To the Future is the debut digital single by YOOMEI. It was released on January 4, 2022, with “My Mirai” serving as the title track.

Artist: YOOMEI
Released: January 4, 2022
Type: Digital Single
Recorded: 2021
Length: 13:25
Genre: J-Rock, J-Pop
Writer: YOOMEI
Composer: Yuugen Vinny

1. To the Future (未来へ) – 1:45
2. My Mirai (マイ・ミライ) – 3:53
3. Until the End (最後まで) – 3:53
4. My Mirai (Instrumental) – 3:53

made by cutieyoomei

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