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Takabatake Momoka Profile

Takabatake Momoka Profile

Takabatake Momoka (髙畠百加) is a Japanese trainee and model who was a finalist on the survival show Produce 101 Japan The Girls.

Birth Name: Takabatake Momoka (髙畠百加)
Birthday: April 27, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 169.6 cm (5’6.8)
Weight: –
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Japanese

Takabatake Momoka Facts:
– She is from Tokyo, Japan.
– Some of her hobbies are sleeping, collecting songs, walking.
– She auditioned for Girls Planet 999 under her former dance studio along with Fujimoto Ayaka but didn’t make it past auditions.
– She has a brother.
– Her specialties are sleeping, doing the ‘mie’ pose, and bending her ankles 230°.
– She took dance classes at STUDIO MARU during her trainee years.
– She is allergic to both dogs and cats.
– She prefers dogs over cats, outdoors over indoors, and is more of an optimist than someone who worries.
– Her current favorite song is “Gila Gila” by Awich.

Produce 101 Japan The Girls Information:
– Ranking by Episode: EP1 #14, EP2 #36, EP3 #33, EP5 #32
Signal Song Fancam
1 Minute PR
Eye Contact
– In episode 1 she was ranked 14th in the contestant voted evaluation.
– She was introduced with the keyword ‘EYE Catcher’
– In Episode 2 she was ranked in Grade C after her introduction stage.
Takabatake Momoka vs Mogi Shion Challenge.
– In episode 4 she performed Tokyo Girl by Perfume.
Tokyo Girl Fancam
– In Episode 5 she ranked 32th place in the first elimination, moving her into the next round. She was described with “her unique husky voice is their charm point”.

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