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Mimi Lucelle Profile and Facts

Mimi Lucelle Profile and Facts

Mimi Lucelle (pronounced Me-me Loo-chell), also known as Julia, is a kaigai idol, author, VTuber, illustrator and designer based in Florida, US. She is a former member of RESO! and Stellure.

Stage Names: Mimi, Mimi Lucelle, Meotashi, Julia
Birthday: September 17, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 154.9 cm (5’1″)
Website: meotashi.com
Twitter: meotashie
Instagram: meotashi
YouTube: meotashi / Mimi Lucelle Ch.

Mimi Lucelle Facts:
– Her image colour is purple.
– She debuted solo on September 17, 2021 with the EP “Stardust!!”.
– She has an original character named Spectra Veille, who she will use for future original content and song covers.
– Her charm point is her round eyes.
– Her personality is energetic, creative, passionate, feisty, ambitious and brave.
– Her trope is “the genius ditz”.
– She is graceful and flexible, but clumsy.
– She was the youngest member of RESO!, being 18-19 when she formed the group.
– Lucelle is a French surname meaning “(bringer of) light”.
– She is also a full-time freelance creator. She does things like creating manga-style comics, illustration works and photography.
– Mimi created all of RESO!’s VTuber models. She also often puts models up for sale.
– Mimi did the illustrations for RESO!
– She likes fruits, cats, idols, magical girls and manga.
– She dislikes Math, coffee, dirt, eggs and strobe lights.
– She can come up with all sorts of creative solutions to any problem by using whatever random supplies that are around her.
– Mimi has been creating art and content for over 10 years.
– Her MBTI Type is ISTJ.
– Her top 5 anime are Madoka MagicaShow by Rock!!Natsume YuujinchouSnow White with the Red Hair and Shadow House.
– She is currently creating a manga called Pink Willows which is set to release in early 2024.
– Pink Willows synopsis: “Leila Willows is a princess… and a magical girl?! Her world is turned upside down when an assassin comes to eliminate her. As her loyal knight fights to protect her, something unexpected happens! Now, this unpredictable team will have to figure out the truth behind the magical mysteries of their world.”
– Mimi has also written a multi-book manga series named The Fruit Bunch with Book 1 set to release in early 2025.
– The Fruit Bunch synopsis: “Fruitopia is often regarded as the ‘center of the universe’. Many odd occurences happen here because it’s so lively. For generations, the six Fruit Fighters have acted as heroes, protecting humans from these anomalies. With their magic, wits, and teamwork, they will have to learn to work with each other to defeat their foes.”
– Her favorite games include Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Chilla’s Art Games, and House Flipper.
– She streams 3-5 times a week, with the streams typically starting between 9am EST and 6pm EST on her YouTube channel.
– She has a mascot named Hoshi.

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