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METAMUSE Members Profile

METAMUSE Members Profile

METAMUSE (formerly known as ZOC) currently consists of 6 members: Aizome Karen, Nishii Marina, Kannagi Maro, Yachia Riko, Shizume Nodoka and Oomori Seiko. They were formed with 7 members under the name ZOC in September 2018 and debuted with 6 members on April 20 2019. They have a sub-unit called METAMUSE μ (formerly zoc), which consists of every member except Yachia Riko and Oomori Seiko. They changed their name to METAMUSE on July 7 2022.

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Twitter: @__METAMUSE__
Official Site: METAMUSE

METAMUSE Members Profile:
Aizome Karen

Name: Aizome Karen (藍染カレン)
Nickname: Karen-sama (カレン様)
Birth Date: September 29 1997
Birthplace: Kumamoto, Japan
ZOC Number: #001
Position (unofficial): Main Vocalist
Color: Fighter Red
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Twitter: @aizome_karen
Instagram: @karen_aizome

Aizome Karen facts:
– She was a semi-finalist in Miss iD 2018.
– She’s a former member of Kindan no Tasuketsu.

Nishii Marina

Birth Name: Nishii Marina (西井万理那)
Nickname: Nicchan (にっちやん)
Birth Date: August 22 1997
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
ZOC Number: #004
Position (unofficial): Vocalist
Color: Party Orange
Height: 156 cm (5’1″)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Twitter: @namahamu0822
Instagram: @namahamu0822

Nishii Marina facts:
– She’s also a member of APOKALIPPPS and a former member of Nama Hamu to Yaki Udon.

Kannagi Maro

Stage Name: Kannagi Maro (巫まろ)
Birth Name: Fukuda Kanon (福田花音)
Nickname: Maro (まろ)
ZOC Number: #007
Position (unofficial): Main Vocalist
Birth Date: March 12 1995
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 155 cm (5’1″)
Blood Type: A
Color: Marron Cream
Instagram: @kanon_fukuda
Twitter: @maro_kannagi

Kannagi Maro Facts:
– She’s a former member of ANGERME under her birth name.
– She joined ZOC on March 27 2020.

Yachia Riko

Stage Name: Yachia Riko (雅雀り子)
Birth Name: Yamanokuchi Rikako (山之口理香子)
Nickname: Riko-chan (りこちゃん)
Birth Date: November 7 1995
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
ZOC Number: #008
Position (unofficial): Choreographer, Vocalist, Main Dancer
Color: Midnight
Height: 150 cm (4’9″)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Twitter: @0oWatashi00
Instagram: @riko0o_0o

Yachia Riko facts:
– She was the group’s choreographer since their formation but joined ZOC on October 1 2020.
– She participated in Miss iD 2017.

Shizume Nodoka

Name: Shizume Nodoka (鎮目のどか)
Birth Date: October 12 2005
Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
ZOC Number: #009
Position (unofficial): Vocalist
Color: Neverland Green
Height: –
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Twitter: @shizume_nodoka
Instagram: @nodoka__shizume

Shizume Nodoka facts:
– She unofficially joined ZOC on April 22 2021, without revealing her face. Her Twitter account was created on May 10 2021, and she officially joined and revealed her face and name on May 13 2021.
– She’s the youngest member.

Oomori Seiko

Stage Name: Oomori Seiko (大森靖子)
Birth Name:
Birth Date: September 18 1987
Birthplace: Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan
ZOC Number: #000
Position (unofficial): Producer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Color: Tokyo Pink
Height: –
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Twitter: @oomoriseiko
Instagram: @omorimori

Oomori Seiko facts:
– She married Ling tosite sigure‘s drummer Pierre Nakano in July 2014 and their first son was born on October 10 2015.
– She’s also a soloist and a former member of Oomori Seiko & THE Pink Tokarev.
– She’s the oldest member.

Former Members:
Kitoki Fin

Stage Name: Kitoki Fin (葵時フィン)
Birth Name:
Birth Date: October 1 2001
Birthplace: Japan
ZOC Number: #005
Position (unofficial): Vocalist
Color: Yellow
Height: 151 cm (5’0″)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Twitter: @Touka_nonfic
Instagram: @touka_nonfic

Kitoki Fin facts:
– She left ZOC in October 2018.
– She’s currently a member of Non¬Fiction under the name Nagatsuki Touka (永月十華).

Unagi Sayaka

Stage Name: Unagi Sayaka (兎凪さやか)
Birth Name:
Nickname: Sayapi (さやぴ)
Birth Date: December 16 1999
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
ZOC Number: #002
Position (unofficial): Vocalist
Color: White
Height: 155 cm (5’1″)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Twitter: @sss_ri_3_e__
Instagram: @chuuu_12168

Unagi Sayaka facts:
– She was withdrawn from ZOC on December 23 2019.
– She was a semi-finalist in Miss iD 2018 under the name Sayaka (さやか).
– She was a member of Monoclone from December 2020 to August 2022, going by the name Uzuki Sayaka (兎月さやか).

Senritsu Kanano

Stage Name: Senritsu Kanano (戦慄かなの)
Birth Name: Shinji Kanano (新地佳奈乃)
Nickname: Kanano (かなの)
Birth Date: September 8 1998
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
ZOC Number: #006
Position (unofficial): Vocalist
Color: Light Blue
Height: 154 cm (5’0″)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Twitter: @FABkanano

Senritsu Kanano facts:
– She graduated from ZOC on July 8 2020.
– She’s currently a soloist and a member of duo femme fatale, along with her sister.
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Kashii Katy

Name: Kashii Katy (香椎かてぃ)
Nickname: Katy (かてぃ)
Birth Date: October 10 1998
Birthplace: Miura, Kanagawa, Japan
ZOC Number: #003
Position (unofficial): Vocalist
Color: Smoke Violet
Height: 153 cm (5’0″)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Twitter: @KatyHanpen
Instagram: @pantykaty

Kashii Katy facts:
– She’s a former member of meltia under the name Tanbo Caty (田んぼかてぃ).
– She graduated from ZOC on February 8 2021.
– She was a semi-finalist in Miss iD 2017.
– She’s currently the guitarist and vocalist of HAZE.
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Kirano Jonah

Name: Kirano Jonah (吉良乃ジョナ)
Birth Date: November 26 1999
Birthplace: Italy
ZOC Number: #010
Position (unofficial): Lead Vocalist
Color: Baby Blue Drive
Height: 158 cm (5’2.2″)
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius
Instagram: @tomomint_giorgia

Kirano Jonah facts:
– She is Japanese Italian.
– She owns two cars.
– She’s currently the vocalist of Twingowind under the name Tojo Jonah (東条ジョナ).
– She left on May 28 2022, citing power harassment by Oomori Seiko as the reason.

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