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Lee Donghun & Park Jeup Profile

Lee Donghun & Park Jeup Profile & Facts

Lee Donghun & Park Jeup (이동훈 & 박제업) is a South Korean project duo, consisting of Lee Donghun and Park Jeup. They made their debut on July 13, 2024, with the single, “참아본다 (I STILL)”.

Group Name Meaning: The members’ birth names grouped together as a pairing.

Lee Donghun & Park Jeup Official Fandom Name: N/A
Lee Donghun & Park Jeup Official Fandom Color: N/A

Lee Donghun Official SNS:
Instagram: @dhl2e
SoundCloud: Billblue

Park Jeup Official SNS:
Instagram: @jeup327 / @parkjeup_official
YouTube: jeupload
TikTok: @seowool_
Twitch: up2up2

Lee Donghun & Park Jeup Member Profiles:
Lee Donghun

Stage / Birth Name: Lee Dong Hun (이동훈)
Position: N/A
Birthday: February 28th, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 176 cm (5’9”)
Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood Type: A
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Lee Donghun Facts:
– Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– Education: Changhyun High School
– Family: Parents, brother.
– Donghun is a member of A.C.E.
– Donghun was a contestant on Superstar K5, where he ranked within the Top 10.
– He was a contestant on Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor.
– His closest celebrity friend is the actor Kim Min Jae. (A.C.E Soulmate Challenge)
– Donghun’s mom received the grand prize on the program, Dojeon Jubu Gayo Star, which inspired him to become a singer.
– He has said that he has the saddest voice and eyes in A.C.E.
– A hobby of his is watching movies alone, he likes to watch romantic movies.
– His favorite color is purple.
– Donghun likes playing basketball and skateboarding. (QNA)
– He enlisted in the military as a public service worker on September 23, 2021, and was discharged on June 22, 2023.
– He previously only used his first name as his stage name, but changed his stage name to his full birth name on August 12, 2023.
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Park Jeup

Stage / Birth Name: Park Jeup (박제업)
Position: Maknae
Birthday: March 27th, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 169 cm (5’6”)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Company: KH Company

Park Jeup Facts:
– He is a former member of IMFACT.
– Jeup went under the stage name Seowool for a short while.
– He was previously under Star Empire Entertainment. He left the company in January 2022.
– Jeup debuted as a soloist on October 3, 2022, with the single “Daystar”.
– He was a contestant on the survival show The Unit, where his rank was #11.
– He participated on the show I Can See Your Voice Season 4.
– Jeup was a contestant on Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor.
– He likes to exercise and he enjoys Martial Arts and skiing.
– Jeup’s favourite nickname he has received is “vocal king”.
– He practiced Taekwondo for 10 years.
– Jeup instructed Taekwondo for kids for three months. (THE100 vLive episode)
– He enlisted in the military on July 27, 2020 and was discharged on January 26, 2022.
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