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Kim Min Gyu Profile and Facts

Kim MinKyu Profile: Minkyu Facts: Minkyu’s Ideal Type

Kim Min-kyu is a actor, singer, MC and model under Jellyfish Entertainment. He had debuted as an actor in the Playlist‘s web drama “Pop Out Boy!” as the male lead “Chun Nam-Wook” in June 25, 2020.

Kim Min Gyu Fandom Name: Moomindan (무민단)

Kim MinKyu Official Accounts
Twitter: 김민규 KIM MIN KYU
Instagram: kimminkyu_0312
FanCafe: Kim Min-kyu’s Official Fan Cafe

Name: Kim Min Gyu (김민규)
Chinese Name: 金旻奎
Birthday: March 12, 2001
Company: Jellyfish Entertainment
Nationality: Korean
Height: 183cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Ulsan, South Korea

Kim MinKyu Facts:
– He was born in Ulsan, South Korea.
– Education: Munhyeon Elementary School, Hwaam Middle School, and Moonhyeon High School. But, because of his work, he got transferred to Youngdong High School.
– Minkyu ranked first in Produce x 101 episode 1.
– Kim MinKyu is the very first male model of the cosmetic brand, BANILA CO.
– Minkyu has a beauty mark/mole on his right side of the face.
– He relief stress by playing drums.
– He was chosen as a model for the global clothes brand “GUESS, On September 23.
– He passed Jellyfish Ent. Audition in 11th grade.
– The most interesting thing he saw in LA was the school buses.
– He said he is tall because his mom is tall.
– When he was 5, he told his younger sister that Santa wasn’t real.
– After being eliminated in PDX 101, Minkyu received many advertisement offers.
– He Endorses BANILA CO product ‘Clean It Zero’ that is known for its cleansing properties.
– Minkyu had first made his appearance on Mnet “Produce X 101” as a trainee.
– He was voted on top by netizens as a trainee with a good personality.
– He joined many magazines like DAZED, NYLON, and Grazia.
– His dream job is a historian, businessman, singer.
– On December 7, he held his first fan-sign for Banila Co.
– In PDX 101 the most voted trainee was none other than MinKyu.
– He was known to look-like Nu’est’s Minhyun, Bae Jinyoung, Cha Eunwoo, etc.
– He was voted by Produce X 101 trainees as 1st Visual-Center trainee.
– He is known for having a positive attitude, smart, caring, and handsome.
– He was cast to host MBC Music’s new program Pink Festa, On December 5.
– After elimination Minkyu Attended X1 Debut Premier Show-Con.
– He is a good friend with Choi Hyun Wook.
– During PDX 101 he had some friends such as Yohan, Minhee, hyeongjun, Lee Jinhyuk, Lee Sejin, etc.
– Minkyu has a younger sister who is 2 years younger than him.
– Minkyu 1st Fanmeeting Tour is “Nineteen, Minkyu”.
– On September 23, 2019, he visited LA, California for the photoshoot.
– On February 7, 2020, Minkyu was chosen as a new MC for SBS MTV’s music program The Show alongside The Boyz’s Juyeon and EVERGLOW’s Sihyun.
– During pdx101 Minkyu was closest to Song Hyeongjun.
– Minkyu has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador for the Miral Welfare Foundation, In 2020.
– His name Minkyu means “star in the sky”.
– In High School, Minkyu was part of a band called ‘No Plan’.
– Role Model: Parents.
– Shoe size: 280mm.
– Talents: Drums, Ping-pong, Acting.
– His Re-evaluation Grade Was ‘D’.
– Minkyu Original Grade was ‘X’ in produce x 101.
– He Ranked #12 in the final (Pdx101).
– His eyelashes are really long.
– Charming points: eyelashes, lips, eyes.
– He can hold up to eight pieces of mechanical pencil lead on his eyelashes.
– He really wants to go traveling alone once he turns 20.
– He said that he wants to go to Jeju
Island by himself and try horseback riding.
– He’s a little sad that he wasn’t able to make many memories with his classmates during high school (due to being a trainee).
– On August 25, he held his first fan-meeting ‘Nineteen, Minkyu‘ at Kwangwoon University’s Donghae Culture and Art Center. Then, On November 9, he started his first fan-meeting tourNineteen, Minkyu‘ in Bangkok, Thailand. Then, hold it in Taipei, Taiwan, On November 16. He held in Japan.
– He had continually ranked in the top 3 for the first 5 votings.– He was famous as one of the top visuals on the show.

– He won the “Hot Rookie Award” on First Brand Awards 2020, On December 17, 2019.

TV Shows:
– Friendship Tour: Like It
– Pink Festa
(2019) (Main Host)
– Produce X 101
(2019) (Contestant)
– The Show
 (2020-present) (Main Host)

– Pop-Out Boy! (2020)

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