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Joohyoung (NINE.i) Profile and Facts

Joohyoung (NINE.i) Profile and Facts

Joohyoung is a member of NINE.i under FirstOne Entertainment

Stage Name: Joohyoung (주형)
Birth Name: Kim Joohyoung (김주형)
Birthday: March 15, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: B
Representative Emoji: 🐯
Nationality: Korean

Joohyoung Facts:
– His i data number is 3661112.
– He is credited as a lyricist and composer for several songs on NINE.i’s discography.
– He trained under First One Entertainment for one and a half years before debuting.
– His favorite color is black.
– Joohyoung is not really picky, he can eat anything except for cheese.
–  His role model is ATEEZ.
– He shares a room with Taehun (NINE.i member).
– He has wanted to be an idol ever since he was in middle school after doing a cover of BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE” at a festival and hearing people’s cheers.
– He admires BTS because despite their long time as a group together, and how they tend to show good performance as a group without any troubles together. Also, he admires how the messages of their songs are delivered well to the audience as well.
– He’d like to collaborate with Justin Bieber if he had the chance.
– His favorite thing to do while relaxing is to hang out with friends outside.
– He likes to stay inside as well, but not for long, so he tries to get some fresh air whenever he has a chance.
– If he could describe himself in one word, it would be ‘Brave’.
– He loves fashion, among the members, he’s quite fond of clothes and fashion.

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