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How To: Become An Author

How To: Become An Author

Do one of your favorite groups not have a profile yet? Or maybe your favorite album? If you want to help our website, you can join our team and become an official author!

What can authors do?
– Make posts about anything related to Asian music.
– Be able to edit their own posts.

Are there any requirements in order to become an author?
– Love for K-pop or Asian music (such as J-pop and C-pop).
– Read and write English.
– Must be at least 10 years of age.


I’d rather be an editor, how can I apply?
You must become an author first with at least one (1) post on the website, be able to read and write in English very well and will need to pass a small editing test.

Where Do I Apply?
If you are interested in applying, please send us an email at [email protected] telling us what you’d like your username and password to be and why you’d like to be part of KProfiles team.

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