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Grizzly Profile

Grizzly (그리즐리) Profile and Facts:

Grizzly (그리즐리) is an South Korean singer songwriter and composer under the company EGO. He debuted on September 5th 2014 with his first single ‘D.S‘. He is most known for his songs, ‘Beige Coat’, Even if we fight can you remember this?, Come Back To Me, Story of My Friend and RUN.

Stage Name: Grizzly (그리즐리)
Birth Name: Go Young-ho (고영호)
Birthday: March 28th, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: gomgrizzly
Twitter: grizzly_ego
YouTube: 그리즐리 Grizzly
YouTube Music: Grizzly
TikTok: @gomgrizzly
Spotify: Grizzly
Melon: 그리즐리 Grizzly

Grizzly Facts:
– Born in Busan, South Korea.
– According to his official Spotify Page, he describes himself as: “An artist who draws music in his own colors, vividly delivers inspiration from his daily lives by presenting comfortable and sympathetic songs such as ‘Phone’ and ‘Bench’. Grizzly wants to invite listeners to his own music universe, a musician who will continue to paint various music with his own emotions.
– Grizzly has various writing, arranging and composing credits some include, WITH U, I&I, So High, Insomnia, Lucid Dream, Theo, Week by Chung Ha and more.
– He has written and composed for artists such as Chung Ha, Kidd King, TOYCOIN, Limit, Rosy and most recently NCT DREAM for writing for their song ‘ANL‘.
– Since opening his YouTube Channel in 2019, the artist has announced a concert focused on the theme of summer and flower’s, even listing himself as a ‘florist’ on his Instagram.
– Fans can clearly see his interests in designing and flower arrangement, as it is often on the set’s of his live clips!

– Back in February 2024 Grizzly would be seemingly deactivated his Instagram SNS Account but it appears to be in order to clear his posts to prepare for his latest release ‘Pretty Lady’, on April 23rd 2024 Grizzly would intrigue fans with new pictorial profile images in black and white and his stylish and well known and well loved beige outfits. Teasing the idea of a new release before coming back to social media where his fans showcased loving comments and opening arms.

– Grizzly has released an alternative and r&b collaboration alongside ‘Nan Goldin, All the Beauty and The Bloodshed. Which is a documentary/ drama released in 2022 and features the Academy Award Winner Laura Poitras as the director and is a profoundly emotional portait of the artist Nan Goldin. The song is entitled ‘Pretty Lady’ and was released on May 14th 2024. 

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