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‘Filmlet’ (Bolbbalgan4) Album Info

‘Filmlet’ (Bolbbalgan4) Album Info

‘Filmlet’ is the first single album by Bolbbalgan4. It was released on November 4th, 2020 with the song ‘Dancing Cartoon’ serving as the title track. It was released under Shofar Music 2020. This physical album only comes in 1 version: Physical.

Artist: Bolbbalgan4
Release Date: November 4th, 2020
Recorded: 2020
Genre: Kpop
Length: 6:28
Label: Shofar Music
Distributor: Kakao M
Writers: Jiyoung, and many more
Producers: Jiyoung, Vanilla Man, and many more
Arrangers: Vanilla Man

Track List:
1. Red Lipstick – 3:13
2. Dancing Cartoon (Title Track) – 3:15
3. Love the shore (Cd Only)

Red Lipstick MV
Dancing Cartoon MV

Made by: Axroraliea
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