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EXP Edition Profile

EXP Edition Profile 2018: EXP Edition Facts
EXP Edition american Kpop band
EXP EDITION (이엑스피 에디션) is the first all non-Korean K-pop band. The band consists of 4 members. They met in New York and traveled out to Korea to start an entertainment career. They debuted on April 17, 2017, under IMMABB (I’m Making a Boy Band).

EXP Edition Fandom Name: BB
EXP Edition Official Fan Color:

EXP Edition Official Accounts:
Twitter: @exp_edition
Facebook: expedition.immabb
Instagram: @expedition.official
Youtube: EXP Edidtion

EXP Edition Members Profile:
Frankie Kpop EXP Edition 2018
Stage Name: Frankie (프랭키)
Real Name: Frankie DaPonte
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Birthday: 1990
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)

Frankie facts:
– He’s Portuguese but was born in Bristol, Rhode Island.
– He then moved to New York.
– Education: Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.
– His nickname is Franksta.
– He has dark green eyes.
– He is the self-proclaimed clumsiest of the group.
– He had an older brother who died of cancer in 2013.
– He was in the movie “Box of Forgiveness”
– He likes Samgyeopsal (Pork belly).
– He shares a room with Hunter.
Frankie’s ideal type: Someone who has great eyes, lots of confidence, and can make him laugh.

Hunter Kpop EXP Edition 2018
Stage Name: Hunter (헌터)
Real Name: Hunter Kohl
Position: Rapper
Birthday: 1988
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs)

Hunter facts:
– He’s American.
– He was born in New York, USA.
– His rapper name is “Larry the Accountant”.
– He was a model for Bella Agency while in New York.
– He has a 4D personality.
– His favorite movie is “Jaws”.
– He shares a room with Frankie.
Hunter’s ideal type: A girl with a great personality, who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has a unique sense of style.

Sime Kpop EXP Edition 2018
Stage Name: Sime (시메)
Real Name: Šime Košta
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: 1991
Height: 190 cm (6’3″)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)

Sime facts:
– He was born in Zadar, Croatia.
– He immigrated from Croatia to Scottsdale, Arizona, and then later moved to New York.
– Education: Chaparral High School (class of 2008), Arizona State University with a major in Music Theatre.
– He was a contestant on the show “Phantom Singer 2”.
– When he was younger, he recorded an EP of Catholic hymns and a track for a Croatian compilation album.
– When he lived in Croatia, he watched many Korean movies.
– He’s funny and charismatic.
– When he was younger, he had hip problems and because of this it’s hard for him to learn dance moves.
– His favorite K-Pop song is “Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG.
– Fans usually ship him with Frankie, and their couple name is Franme.
– Sime’s arms have the same length like Frankie’s legs (he has really long arms).
– He shares a room with Koki.
Sime’s ideal type: Someone who is driven and passionate, and makes him laugh.

Koki Kpop EXP Edition 2018
Stage Name: Koki (코키)
Real Name: Koki Tomlinson
Position: Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual, Maknae
Birthday: February 4, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)

Koki facts:
– He’s half Japanese and half German.
– His mother is Japanese and his father is German.
– He was born in Hong Kong.
– Education: Plano East High School, in Plano, Texas.
– He became interested in K-Pop during high school.
– He can play the guitar.
– His favorite K-Pop artist is Zion T.
– He is the member who eats the most.
– In 2016 he was in a commercial for Airheads Bites.
– He shares a room with Sime.
– He was a contestant on the show “The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project” but he didn’t make it past the first round.-
Kohi’s ideal type: Someone older, with lots of confidence.

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Who is your EXP Edition bias?

Latest Korean comeback:

Who is your EXP Edition bias? Do you know more facts about them? Feel free to comment below. It can help new fans find more info about them. 🙂

  • Parmita Vasuthevan

    1. everyone should support them and stop being racism towards like saying non- korean are not welcomed into kpop world
    2. lisa (blackpink) is from thailand. bambam(got7) from thailand also. jackson (got7) is from china.
    3. why cant exp edition debut just like them? they can be a sucessful and unique boyband

  • gia

    I love them ~
    way to go!

  • gia

    totally agree! ~

  • Melissa Ang

    Lol i think it is because of their band doesn’t have any korean member .. Use logic lol If you’re going to mention about GOT7 or EXO or Blackpink .. You can see the reason why they dissing this group .. Just my opinion tho😂

  • cool cool

    The entire thing is offensive. First of all, none of them have even worked half as hard as any real idols. Event the foreign idols spend years training and learning Korean. These guys saw a money grab and immediately debuted like 3 months after forming. They only want to be kpop stars because it’s trendy and they’re looking for money. Second of all, there are so many Korean/Asian people in general who are offended by this entire thing because it’s cultural appropriation. For one, their pronunciation is terrible. Not even Koreans can understand what they’re saying. Another thing is that the main reason Asians can debut in kpop but white people can’t is because it’s their safe place. There is literally no big Asian names in the Western industry so a lot of Asians who aspire to be artists go to the Korean music industry. If these guys really enjoyed making music then they could’ve easily become successful in america.

  • Moshiiie

    Look, I totally understand what you mean. Some maybe are being racists because they don´t look asain or whatever. But they aren`t that good, if you compare them to other kpop groups.
    Sure maybe, their beat in their songs are good. But as an korean speaker and a korean person, I can clearly hear the pronounciation is completely off. Sometimes I don`t even can hear what they are saying because it`s so bad.
    Their vocals aren´t as good as other groups, for example Got7 now. Their dancing is not that good compared to many other groups.
    It´s not that some of us are being racist, they are just not good to other people.
    I truly respect your opinion because I understand it ^^

  • crystal

    YES!!!!!!!! PREACH

  • crystal

    lol, u can’t be racist towards white people


    And Kriesha (KPOP STAR6 former contestant and now a soloist) Is from the Philippines…

  • Anna

    girl there are waaaay more idols who aren’t Korean but you’re right

  • Parmita Vasuthevan


  • Parmita Vasuthevan

    ya thats what i meant

  • Parmita Vasuthevan

    i agree to yr opinion in some ways

  • Parmita Vasuthevan

    ya it make sense in some ways.

  • Chanyeol’s

    It’s not the fact that they’re a bunch of crackers it’s the fact that they can hardly even speak Korean like really you’re trying to be a K-Pop idol when you don’t know the language, history, and culture? Furthermore K-pop idols train for years and years to debut and they train under really awful conditions some eat out of the garbage, some sleep on the practice room floor, and some even run away before they debut and even after they debut they still train to get better, exp has done none of that whatsoever they have received no training whatsoever which is 1. honestly insulting to K-Pop idols who have gone through training and have lived in those conditions before and 2. is probably why they dance like they have two left feet and also the reason why they can’t hold a note to save their lives. The only defense people who like them have is “If Korean artists sing in English why can’t western artists sing in Korean” First of all exp are not western artists so that fact alone makes that defense invalid second of all yes Korean artists might sing in English but they don’t try to be something they aren’t. I really hope they have fun being attacked by netizens.

  • Zia H


  • absolute trash

    It’s not really the fact that they’re not Korean. I mean yeah it’s weird seeing a bunch of white guys singing a generic sounding song in Korean when they probably have no idea what they’re really saying, but that’s not the main problem that most people have with them. You can tell that they don’t really know Korean well and it sounds like they’re uncomfortable with the pronunciation of the words when you hear them sing/speak in Korean. Most people, including myself, hate the fact that they didn’t have to work hard at all to be able to debut. They were formed, and then like 3 months later they debuted, unlike most groups, who have to train for years and years before they can even think about their debut. The reason people have a problem with this group is that while other groups worked hard to get to where they are now and earned it, this group had everything handed to them on a silver platter and didn’t have to go through even half the hardships that all other kpop groups go through. Sure, I feel kinda bad for them what with all the hate they must get on a daily basis, but it’s completely unfair to other groups that have worked so hard. So it’s not that non-Koreans shouldn’t be in the kpop industry obviously because of the countless idols who aren’t originally from Korea (although they’re all from Asian countries might I add), and it’s not about racism. EXP can’t debut like other successful groups and shouldn’t even be able to because they basically didn’t do anything to get to their debut.

  • tea drinking bastard

    I personally do not like the idea of this group. (not saying I don’t like the people, just the concept brought to life)
    Yes, I do find the concept of “K-pop group made of only white people” interesting, but I think of it merely as a joke, and am actually surprised that they were actually being serious.
    To me, only Asians (or half-Asians such as Somi and Kyla) should be in K-pop. I’m not discriminating against anyone, but K-pop is Korean, a part of East Asian culture. It makes sense to have people from that culture exclusively in the industry. I believe you need to be at least half-Asian to be in something like K-pop because anything else looks like culture appropriation.

  • 超攻撃 Hidden K♠RD

    Yes!!! Thank you for Spittin them FACTS!!

  • 超攻撃 Hidden K♠RD

    The White globalization of K-Pop begins…*sigh*

  • Franklina Amponsah

    I personally think that they thought since we have a half Asian guy we can just become a kpop group.They only debuted in 3 months while some people ,for example exo Suho, had to train for 7 years. They also have to go through the hardship of debuting and in that time they have to bond with each other and make their music better as a group.They are getting most of the hate for that but there are also some people being racist because they aren’t korean and I think that they just want to make money since kpop is popular.It doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to do this.

    p.s they properly saw BTS at the billboard awards so they think they could make it.
    p.p.s One of them is called Frankie and he’s Portuguese and his nickname is Franksta that’s basically a copyright of me.

  • jiya


  • jiya_s

    for all of you that think we are being *racist* read this. It’s not that we are saying “oh white people suck these crackers are terrible” no what we’re saying is that these people shouldn’t become kpop “idols” for other reasons. For one, they haven’t gone through being a trainee which could be basically the hardest part about being an idol. There’s so much competion and lots of hard work needed and what, they just get a free pass out of it? Being a trainee is basically part of the kpop culture. They are changing the Korean pop culture by this. Another reason is that they aren’t under a real company. These boys “debuted” as a social experiment only, just to see how they would do. No one knew if would come as far to this as dancing “sorry sorry” right INFRONT of suju on a popular Korean pop show. Another reason is that they do not know the Korean culture themselves. They don’t know about the nation of South Korea about the traditions or regular pop culture. They were just some guys from New York that decided it would be cool to be an idol. Maybe they did it for the money or the experience but come on I bet every fan of kpop would love to be an idol but we don’t just go ahead and do it hoping to get rich and famous. They can barely speak fluently or much in Korean as well as singing. If the group was debuting as a Korean pop group there should be a Korean or full East Asian in there. These guys are similar and different to Alex drom b.p rania. They are similar because both the boys and Alex are non-Korean (or non full Asian). They are different in many ways. First Alex did go through being a trainee. She also went through the hard work of being the first non-Korean to be in a kpop group, that which was with all Koreans but her. She worked very hard but with the amount of hate she got she sometimes doesn’t even perform with them. That’s the difference. Now I hope your opinion has changed about this matter thanks.

  • Rainah


  • liza


  • ume

    why? they are basically a kpop group. they sing kpop.

  • im a whalien :))

    honestly , why didn’t they at least try to learn how to speak korean fluently ? like when i listened to them , its sounded like how i sing korean , straight up mumbling. not to be rude and all but , they should’ve just started in the american pop industries and stayed there. its for the best .

  • Fleischer Rikan

    tbh saying, I hate them.. Srsly, why bother in kpop industries tho?? u guys cn do better in us i think.. Plus, none of u r korean :/


    I like your performance brothers cheer up you all. I just got to know about you. I’m very happy that you never think about bad comments. Do your great. Wishing you to see in music bank. Love you all. Because of you I will never give up my dream. I wish to meet you all. Wish you all to be bright in future. Kalhari from Sri Lanka

  • chiara

    Watch their episode of “My Neighbour Charles”, and see how hard they work for it 🙂

  • xhaopa

    Its not about them not being Korean, look at most groups having at least 1 non-Korean member (Blackpink,Pentagon,Exo,H.U.B,Seventeen,Ladies’ Code etc.) Its about the fact that these white men want to break Asian standards in music when Asian people are underappreciated in society and k pop is one of the things that Asian people can express themselves without being judged in western society. Yes, I do think they would do better in the US, and yes, I dont think these people are bad people. But I do think its a big shameful that they just got to debut without seeing the harsh side of becoming an idol (Jinho from pentagon was in sm’s dungeon for ages and trained for 8 years before he got to debut). Trainee’s have to learn to dance,sing and rap and be judged for almost everything they do, some have to learn 3 new languages just to appeal to international fans and build their fanbases, some idols have to get part time jobs because they dont earn enough money. Also the chance the group might not even be that popular. I

  • xhaopa

    Also Alex for Rania, she got crap for being Black and then got played by her agency because she wanted to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer/rapper, but her agency just wanted her for fame and now she gets like 1 rap and 0.5 lines singing and is on/off the stage in the performances.

  • Christina Mulloy

    You do realize they debuted before BTS got that award, right?

  • TerezZ

    It’s good idea which was made wrong. It would be okay to have non-asians to start doing korean music … but … The company should keep them train way longer. They should learn korean and everything about Korea. I know that language is really difficult, but other non-korean idols learnt it too. Maybe they should train and wait longer and in two or three years debut as kpop group which people would accept and like. But like this, they’re just getting hate. And I have to say it’s not fault of these guys but it’s the company which should train them longer and better. Just my opinion…

    Edit: I think they should go through the ,,trainee era,, in kpop industry. They debuted right away. They don’t know what is it sleeping on floor with twenty other trainees and eating almost nothing just ramen for years. They should experience the hardship of trainees who are told that they’re not good enough and some of them get stuck for 7-9 years as trainee (NCT Johnny, PTG Jinho, EXO Suho … ). … They didn’t go through the most important part I think. This hard things learn you how to be stronger, be okay with almost nothing, be glad for little something and get better in rap, singing, dancing during this time … I think, being trainee prepares you a lot … So they should know this side of kpop too. How Jackson said: In the begining it seems hard, but as you achieve something, all your hard work comes back as success.

  • We-i

    You just spoke my mind!

  • Parmita Vasuthevan


  • Hosh

    Koki is so cute, he could give me an heart attack. They need more respect. There voices are also powerful which is great. There like the none Korean Vromance.

  • Jessica

    I dont know if its true but I read that they auditioned for the group, that they have trained for 3 years because the first song wasn’t really a debut, they study korean and korean culture and that this is a social experiment~

  • RandomGuy 71

    They trained for 3 years

  • RandomGuy 71

    You obviously haven’t done your research. They trained for 3 years. Please don’t just assume.

  • RandomGuy 71

    This isn’t offensive at all. They trained for 3 years and sacrificed a lot of things to be in this group.

  • Chanyeol’s

    Umm yes I have and no they didn’t. It’s pretty much common knowledge that the group is a college experiment and that they have no training. I’m not assuming anything these are common facts that everyone knows about them.

  • RandomGuy 71

    Watch the episode of them on My Neighbor Charles. And they did have training. If you actually researched, you would know that.

  • Chanyeol’s

    I did do my research and I’m not about to argue over this, this is my opinion and I’m not going to change it when I did my research and know the facts, so go off sis.

  • RandomGuy 71

    I know it’s your opinion but they trained and you can’t deny that. They experienced 3 years of training. If you know your facts than you would know that they did train. If you watch their first video, she said that she trained the members.

  • Chanyeol’s

    Right “experienced” they didn’t go through any formal training like what real idols go through. And that woman was in no way qualified to train them. If they were serious about being idols they would have found a company and had formal training

  • RandomGuy 71

    They were under a company. And they auditioned for the group just like other idols. They were very hardworking and dedicated for this project. You should watch them on My Neighbor Charles. It showed how dedicated they were.

  • RandomGuy 71

    Please do your research. Don’t just assume that they didn’t work hard. Watch their appearance on My Neighbor Charles

  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    If you think about it, this could just be them trying to use kpop because they see how popular it has become. Like “Look at us, we’re also kpop idol’s, love us” kinda. Like, they’re using the label “kpop idol” to get fame. Seriously, this was a stupid idea. One non Asian member, sure, I get it, but 3 of them being absolutely non-asian and the fourth one being half Japanese is just wrong. And they look way too old for this. Like, they’re just gonna get hate, and that’s it. Kpop idol’s who are old (Leeteuk, Heechul, Eric, Andy, etc.), they are old, yes, but they don’t look old. I mean, they’re just a few years younger than my parents, but they look like they’re 20 years younger. I don’t know how old these guys are, but if you look older than 25 international age, I personally, don’t think you should become a kpop idol. Take Shinhwa for example, they’re old yes, but when they debuted they were like 20. Idk how this comment ended up being about age, but congrats if you’ve read this far. I’m just trying to say, they look old and they shouldn’t try and break the beautiful bands kpop idol’s and kpop fans have with each other. Like, who would want to be a fan of old American guys trying to be Korean? They’re basically Koreaboos, and nobody likes Koreaboos. I’m just stating my opinion (so it probably doesn’t make much sense).

  • RandomGuy 71

    They auditioned and trained for 3 years. They didn’t debut right away.

  • RandomGuy 71

    You obviously don’t know what a Koreaboo means. And they don’t even look that old. It’s because Korea and other Asian countries tend to have younger looking people than other countries. Take for example, NCT Dream. In America, a lot of people the same age as them would look way older. It’s not a stupid idea at all. It’s just that some people aren’t used to change. They are trying to break boundaries in the music industry which is a very good thing. It’s just that you guys can’t at least appreciate it.

  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    But we like how it’s a different world. We don’t want non asians here. It’s a way to get away from our own society and culture. We don’t want it to follow us here!

  • RandomGuy 71

    That’s a very ignorant statement. You’re basically saying that BTS shouldn’t have won a Billboard Music Award and that they shouldn’t perform at the AMAs. Their race shouldn’t matter. Music is universal.

  • Cookiedough

    Kinda proud of One of their members being portuguese since I am portuguese myself haha wonder if Frankie knows How to speak portuguese tbh lol

  • RandomGuy 71

    What the heck? Koreans are completely fine with this. It’s you International fans that are being petty. This group is appreciated by Koreans. Even a lot of Korean people said that a lot of other Koreans like EXP Edition. I just have one question: If this is so “offensive” and if this is “cultural appropriation”, then why are actual Koreans fine with this?

  • Tobias Hawthorne

    that is true! the creator of the group was amazed by kpop stans and how they’d do anything for their idols, so she put together a group to try to recreate that. the original name of the group was EXP (or experiment) !!

  • seulseul

    so i am korean and korea really appreciates this group. they think it’s really interesting and feel glad that they are interested in their language and culture. also they trained for 3 years and learn korean in all their free time. the only people that hate them are international fans so get your facts straight

  • Iqbal Ghifari

    i don’t understand why people dislike this group because they’re non korean while they do use korean lyrics even if they like bts going into american music show and use korean lyrics

  • Yuta <3

    Hunter is 28 and is Rapper http://exp-the-band.wikia.com/wiki/Hunter
    Frankie is 26 and is Leader, Main Vocalist (Main Daner) http://exp-the-band.wikia.com/wiki/Frankie
    Sime is 25 and is voalist http://exp-the-band.wikia.com/wiki/Sime
    Kokie is 23 and is maknae, rapper, vocalist (visual) http://exp-the-band.wikia.com/wiki/Koki

  • Karakoto Pereira

    Pls Update this

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    The profile has been updated with additional info. 🙂

  • ToloTwin

    So proud that this group is improving and working hard.

  • Karakoto Pereira

    Can you update the photos too? thank you

  • KProfiles

    We couldn’t find the photo teasers for the newest comeback, if you found them, can you please provide a link? Thanks! 🙂

  • Karakoto Pereira
  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the help, the pics have been updated! 🙂

  • Karakoto Pereira


  • Smh

    BTS had fans before they came to the US.

  • Anonymous

    Well kpop is originally KOREAN pop and people who represent that music genre HAVE to be asian or half asian because otherwise this doesn’t make sense.Like-those are just ,,talented’’ koreaboos and honestly this doesn’t make sense.I’m not hating tho I’m just pointing out the facts.You can’t be asian if you aren’t-that’s really simple.You can be koreaboo but that’s just a big cringe.Just stick to your race and don’t make a fool of yourself.I personally listen to kpop but I’ve never wanted to be asian or something like that and people should know more about it and be aware.

  • No wonder why Koki has such unique visuals. He’s really exceptionally handsome! Ah, I hope he made it on The Unit!

  • yo


  • Karakoto Pereira

    Anonymous originally korean pop ????? Are you kidding me ???? Are yoy sirious ???? Kpop born of american pop , so kpop is a copy of amrican pop just with korean fashion style … just , so stop talking omg , when you guys talk this shit , i laugh .

  • Dirbelwind

    I like them. Please update! —> New Information: Kokis birthday is the 4th February, the Fandomname is BB, and Funfact: Simes arms have the same lenght like Frankies legs (he has really long arms xD) I don’t know when the orthers birthday is, but in the last livestream on Kokis birthday they said that Frankies birthday will be the next and it sounds like it’s also in February.

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

  • Dirbelwind

    New Update xD
    Hunters eyes are light blue. (Sime and Kokis are not so easy to define from the pictures. Sime could have hazel-blue and Koki hazel with green? but not sure but Hunters eyes are totally blue ;))
    Koki appears in “Sunday Moon (선데이문) – Million Miles” music video. (hightly recommended)
    Also the band has a homepage -> http://www.exptheband.com but you can only see a show of their current profil photos and not able to select a menu or something else. Only watching and no informations about themselfs.
    Sime’s birthday was already this year. It was on the 17th January. (It was the day when they were on “Benji’s talk” after Show Champion)

  • Christina Mulloy

    EXP trained for three years. I know many idols who trained for that long, or even less than that. They’re working hard to learn Korean culture, and everyday for them is a struggle. Kpop idols don’t even get paid that much, so how can you say they’re doing this for money? They’ve said before they’re only doing this because they like Kpop music better than American music, and would like to become a part of it. In America, every race is allowed to try to make music. Is it because Koreans are only allowed to be one race that people hate this group? There are many citizens of Korea who don’t look Asian.

  • Christina Mulloy

    They prefer Korean music over American music. You do too, that’s why you listen to Kpop. So why cant they make music for us to love in the style that they love?

  • Christina Mulloy

    Half the haters haven’t even done proper research into them. :/ They worked for 3 years to debut, work their butts off to learn Korean, and everyday is a struggle that theyre going through so they can do what they love.

  • Isabelle

    Sime is (jokingly) in charge of chins

  • Truth!!

    They shouldn’t be considered as a Kpop group because they trying to break the Asian standards as one of the other comments below said truthfully ( thank u ). Kpop or any Asian-pop is for Asians to express themselves without being judged by the Westerners. EXP should be American since it all began there, and anyway they’re basically spreading American culture everywhere. Let the Kpop industry be and let them be themselves without having to compare them with the so called ‘superior’ white men. It’s logic and honesty, you all have to admit.

  • pootito


  • bananaallergymonkey

    But the thing is KPOP is a genre and the music they sing IS KPOP. This isn’t a thing about nationality because if it were, GOT7 would only have 4 members since 3 of them aren’t Korean. While I hate the ideology of the guy who made this, the members’ wishes of REALLY becoming an idol is fine with me.

  • hAHAHA

    See , kpop is a genre like ”pop” and ”ballad” ”solo” etc … even pop is in all around the world by now similarly kpop is from pop which came from western countries nd european so should we say that kpop is a cheating of pop or anything like that but we dont say similarly these guys are singing in korean just like other idols so i dont think so there should be any problem i should not say but many other groups have non korean too if you are saying wrong about EXP you should say about everyone else too then

  • hAHAHA

    when you like something you don’t think about the outcomes but you just go for it they must have liked the genre ” kpop” everyone has the right to do what they like so please stop these things and if you can’t support then just don’t hate or say bad things about them
    the eq of kpop is korean + pop so kpop has pop and western people can join too and secondly except china thai japan if any other asian country’s singer get a chance ik people will again say these things even they say that asians can join but ..

  • disqus_ID0JavWmPL

    One of them is actually half asian so he’s okay but the rest shouldnt be allowed

  • Elizabeth Williams

    Okay, so I had posted something a while back about agreeing with someone that they should not be considered a group. However, I realize this just goes against the fact I had told myself not to be judgemental 😅 So, I personally might not listen to them, but I have no right to judge them. Besides, they will always be better at singing and dancing than I am 😂 But I am not Korean, so I have no say in what Kpop is or how it is supposed to go. That is not my say and I am glad they are making an effort at least. So regardless of whether or not I actually listen to music, Good luck to you guys and I hope you do well!

  • Justice Watashi

    Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web, you say. But you copy-pasted half of this from my Wiki. >:(

  • T Nakamoto

    I don’t think that making kpop group with all white members is a good idea. I mean, kpop idols must train since their young age, then they must wait for their debut and suddenly there appear some white guys, who can’t even speak korean or can hit that high notes and they think they would be loved.

  • i wanna kms

    the whole point of kpop is to express korean culture. so having literally none of the members being korean or full any type of asain defeats the entire point of kpop. kpop stands for ‘korean pop’ not ‘white pop’. the one who is half asian is ok bc he is asian but the rest shouldnt be in this business. if you aren’t korean and you are a k idol thats fine because we have plenty of non korean idols (jun, the8, mark tuan, jackson wang, yuta, lucas, bambam, amber, nickhyun, etc). but those groups still have korean idols in them to make it kpop. there are even idols who are not even full korean like vernon and somi but they were raised in korea and know plenty about the korean culture. this group is just 4 wannabe kpop idols who shouldn’t be allowed into the industry. having them be a kpop group defeats the entire point of kpop.

  • i wanna kms


  • i wanna kms

    i agree. having them in the kpop industry defeats the entire point of kpop which is about korean and asian culture, not a bunch of white guys trying to sing in korean

  • Marcela Arias

    Some k-idols debuted after just 2 months of training (NCT Chenle), ya know? These boys debuted after 3 years of training. Also, the fact that they didn’t train at some sick military-like agency doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard. Asians tend to be more strict but Westerners can go as hard as them, also you don’t know under which conditions they trained (if you think they debuted right away you must know nothing about them) so you can’t really point that out. I understand if you’re not in love with this whole project (I’m not either) but you shouldn’t judge them if you’re not well informed about it.

  • Mia

    Hi racist! Look i don’t know why are u soo rude to international stars but u should stop hating on them. Also i bet that they are more talented than u.

  • I am not a fan of the group but I am annoyed at how people – God, International Fans! – react to the group’s existence. The more I hear from you, the more I am interested in listening to this band’s music. Okay, here goes my questions:

    1. Why can’t whites join Kpop when Chinese, Thais and Japanese can do Kpop? Because they’re white? Should they disband and inject themselves in a majorly-Korean member boy band so they can do Kpop? I thought Kpop is a genre.

    2. So Kpop is exclusive for Koreans only? I see Lisa, Jackson, Henry, Zhoumi, Cao Lu and Takuya in Kpop groups. Can’t we accept that Kpop culture is escalating and that international bands is capable of entering this genre? If we don’t allow an all-American male band to do Kpop, is it okay to say that all-Korean male band CANNOT do American Pop music?

    3. And why are international Kpop fans are too disgusted with this idea? Are we even Koreans? Do Koreans support our ideas? Aren’t we just the same? International fans stanning Kpop idols and singers? Who are we to say that a group of white men can’t do Kpop?

    I know it is not usual for an all-American boy band to get into Kpop. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good. It doesn’t mean they are ruining the Korean culture. I mean, if you don’t want them, don’t support them BUT DON’T BE A DAMN RACIST.

  • Oh, my God. Thank you! Thank you so much for making sense! That’s the point!

  • Hmmm…even if you don’t realize it yet. You’re a damn racist. “Spreading American” culture? What the hell are you babbling about? They are supporting Korean culture…not contaminating it. “Let the Kpop industry be”? Whadahell? International fans do a lot to support their Korean idols and they have an impact to their Kpop idols’ careers. With our diverse cultures, our Kpop idols adapt to our culture when they visit us. So Kpop industry is now infused with different cultures. They are Koreans but they still put a bit of their fans’ cultures in their work as their respect to their fans. Now, get the logic?

  • So let’s tell the American Kpop fans to stan their own race then. If fans can stan foreign groups, can’t foreign groups immerse themselves in other culture? Try searching for Asians who have found their success in America, London or somewhere even in Africa. You’ll see lots of them. Yet, despite the critics, they made it. Why can’t it be different from this group?

    This is stereotyping.

    “I’ve never wanted to be asian or something like that”. “I’m not hating tho I’m just pointing out the facts”. Hear yourself? I think you’re still a kiddo. Don’t worry, when you grow up (if you’re still that young), you’ll realize that you can do beyond the standard thinking. You’ll learn to accept the “real facts”. Good luck to you.

  • Elizabeth Williams

    You are right, they are supposed to be expressing Korean culture. But are they not doing that by working their asses off to be fluent in korean? Working to understand the culture? Because last I checked the K is for Korean, so it could be anything. Korean culture, Korean language, it could mean any of those, so why not let them have their chance? They are singing in Korean and doing everything a kpop group does.

  • Mirae

    don’t get why this group is bad but bp rania is praised for having a non asian member….

  • Desert

    Omg I have the same birthday as sime lol, I think they should be able to do what they want Kpop is just a genre get over it

  • bboom bboom

    Im sorry, but the whole point of kpop is to express korean culture, and this isn’t really showing that. They already can just do regular pop, and whatnot, but i think this is to much. sorry. And America isn’t in Asia now is it? YEAH I HAVE A GOOD IDEA, let’s express korean/Asian culture by using “Caucasian” people. OK… I think they would go way further if they just stuck to POP!!! (And no offence, but they don’t look that good. Who has a beard?) If they want to make kpop covers, then ok, but their singing is no that amazing. Then, when more caucasian people see this, they will want to become a kpop star also, then kpop will be taken over by caucasian people. And it’s not like magazines and movies already have billions of people already flooding them, when do you see an asain model in a magazine, now compare that to the number of caucasian. I did a project on this, and let me tell, you, caucasian people already have much popularity taking over commercials, tv and magazines. Ok? I am half white half asain, and I still don’t agree with this. Just a bit too far. Sorry if this offended anyone, but just so u know, you are probably way better than me, and a good person, but hey, I can have an opinion too. and in my opinion, THIS IS NOTTTTTTTT RIGHT!!!!!!!! IM LIKE TT!! (True kpop reference). But I still wish you best of luck? EXP. sorry if i don’t listen to you, or stan you, but i can’t even hear an accent when it comes to singing. Sorry once again if this offends anyone, just trying to prove a point. Sorry. You can hate on me, but I have an opinion, and I am not afraid to defend it. Thank you. case closed.

  • bboom bboom

    Guess what Mia, no. one. cares. TT. sorry… i just strongly disagree. And what if They really are more talented then them? so be it. but they are indeed alowed to have and opinion.

  • Starry night


  • Ka-Ching Ka-ching! CBXXXXXXXXX

    DISAGREE 110%. It’s a darn cultere. What do you have against it? What if for once, asian people were actually in a magazine for a commercial? HUH? GASP! NO REALLY?! (sarcasm) CAUCASIAN PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE SOOO MUCH, LIKE MAGAZINES, TV COMMERCIALS! JUST GET WITH THE PROGRAM DUDE! (with all due respect, you’re all bootiful), AND NOW THEY ARE DECIDING TO TAKE OVER KKKKKKKKKKKK-POP? KK (Korean) You didn’t know?? Let’s use some “real facts” shall we? They can have POP. In fact, they can invent their own pop. A-pop, b-pop, c-pop, but kpop is taken by korean. To show the asian cultere. WOW! SUPRISE! (READ THIS NEXT PART PLEASE, ITS A VERY TRUE FACT) Stereotyping? really? What am I supposed to expect? KPOP KOREAN-POP!!! WOW STEREOTYPING. thats like walking into a pet store, and people are suprised to see computers. WOW STEREOTYPING! ITS A STEREOTYPE TO EXPECT THAT THERE WILL BE PET PRODUCTS. Kpop. Like the pet store, what do you expect? Hats? WAIT NO, SORRY, THATS STEREOTYPING!! GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! I think YOU need to grow up, and FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE K STANDS FOR IN KKKKPPPPOOOOPPPP!!! I am a half asain myself, and i still disagree.But wait no. Is that stereotyping too? SORRY MAN/WOMAN (gender equality) BUT U R GETTIN NO WHERE WITH YOUR LIFE WITH WHT YOU ARE BELIVING. I just can;t stand you. Even if they were half asian, it might just make sense. Because is cultere. MIC DROP! (real kpop reference) (Does anyone else luvvvvvvv Bts, twice, mamamoo, MAMAMOO, MAMAMOOOOOOO, nct, exo, got7, winner, blackpink, bigbang, pristin, wekimeki, AOA, IOI, Gfriend, Red Velvet, Lovelyz, TVXQ, VIXX, Myname, JJCC, PENTAGON shinnnneeeeeee, VICTON, MOMOLAND, etc. and anymore real kpop bands? sorry EXP, y’all are probably really nice and good and singing and dancing, and are awesome, but just let kpop be.)

  • Ka-Ching Ka-ching! CBXXXXXXXXX

    It settles me that this is only a social exp. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CALMING ME DOWWWWNNNNN. I feel good inside. u rock

  • Ka-Ching Ka-ching! CBXXXXXXXXX

    I think they would be absalotly amazing if they debuted in America. Like awesome

  • Hyuna Queen

    I don’t really get why people let this happen. Like you never see an asian pop singer, because it’s culture. Like if an asian did regular pop singing, they would probably get hate, and a lot of comments. But this is ok. Oh well. But now, all caucasian people will want to be kpop stars, and have tons of hope, only to realize, they are invading korean culture. This one band is ok, but i swear if i see one more caucasian person as a kpop star… half asian… ok. but this may be to far. But good luck. I know how hard y’all try, and you all actually put lots of effort, but just not my cup of tea. Sorry. But still wish you the best of luck! :). If annyone found this comment offenceive, sorry. i didnt mean to ofend anyone. you all probably have an amazing life. I am mixed myself. So maybe I am offeded my my own comment as well. Bye

  • Wow…so much hate in you. If it is culture, then why can’t we allow them to cross borders and do Kpop then? Yeah, KPop is for Koreans. And these guys are in Korea, adopting to Korean culture and trying to blend in. Their song is in Korean. SO NOW THERE’S A KOREAN CULTURE IN THERE, RIGHT? GOODNESS! And what the hell are you babbling about? Pet products? What? And who the hell are you to tell me to grow up? Have you looked at this situation in every person’s point of view? In the real Koreans’ point of view? And in these people’s point of view? The point here is ACCEPTANCE. Kpop is a music genre that is general in Korea but the fact that it is not legally exclusive in Korea makes it something that even people from across the world can do. PS. I can’t stand you, too. Don’t just shatter other’s dreams because you stick with the norm.

  • disqus_2KfuiHQfwd

    They can do whatever they want, but it’s so strange to see that in their bios they have no Korean background and they decide to speak in Korean for their songs. They could speak in one of the members’s native tongues but they don’t, which is why it’s so off-putting. It raises questions like, “Are they comfortable with their history?” or “Are they basically Koreaboos that tried to step their foot in?” In the end, though, all of it doesn’t matter because they’re just doing music, speaking a language, and engrossing themselves into a culture that they enjoy and we can’t really change that.

  • disqus_2KfuiHQfwd

    I definitely do not think that an asian person would be excluded from and bashed for doing regular pop. At all. I will say that it’s strange what this group is doing, breaking so many of the rules of kpop at once.

  • disqus_2KfuiHQfwd

    I completely agree. It’s kind of like, “Why are they not doing things in America? Why did the opt to promote in the KPop market?”

  • disqus_2KfuiHQfwd

    It’s because not all the members of BP Rania are not of Korean descent. Alex was actually discriminated against quite a bit during her time in the group, which is a speculated reason that she’s left the scene.

  • Dirbelwind

    I totally agree with you.

  • Raine

    I’m not gonna get into any convo about EXP Edition’s justification in the kpop industry. We’re so tired from all the shit that haters throw on us just because we support a group for their music. The only thing we wanna ask is to stop being ill-mannered. We accept you all have varying opinions and you can express it. The problem is when that opinion has death threats and wishes, and/or telling them to kill themselves, body shaming, nasty jokes, etc. They’re human too. The fans are human beings as well. You like EE? Then, good welcome to the family. You hate EE? Fine also, then don’t listen to them. You can express your dislike or disapproval over them without being a monster who wishes someone’s death on a daily basis.

    On a lighter note, I wish you try and watch their episode in “My neighbor, Charles”. Watch it to overcome judgments and if you wish to see their sincere intentions.

    To the creator/s of this site, I’ll try to comeback here to share some updates with their profiles. Have a good day everyone!~~

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the intention, any update is much appreciated! 🙂

  • Let’s leave just leave this kids in their own world. Let’s wait for them to grow up and realize the real stuff in life. These kids are stereotyping.

  • Picture what you are saying: Let the Korean Idols find fame overseas, in Caucasian countries. But let’s stop Caucasians from crossing the world to Korea to do Kpop. Also, let’s allow Kpop idols to do covers of American Songs/English Songs in live and stage performances but let’s not allow the Caucasians to do any stage performances of Kpop music. Our basis: we don’t want non-asians here. There, a logical illustration of your statement. See if it sounds ok. Here’s a lesson: someone is trying to break the standards. Some people are doing activities beyond what we usually see and believe. They are making things possible. If some people are okay with that and if that someone or those people aren’t hurting anyone else’s pockets – or hearts, then maybe we should give our support.

  • That’s a general idea. Some KPop idols debuted early with only months of training because of their abilities (e.g. Kyuhyun (SUJU), Ryeowook (SUJU), Suzy, Eunji (A Pink), etc.) EE debuted after three years of training and will have to more trainings even after their debut. It will take more years for them to be accepted, to polish their Koreans and to gain more fans.

  • I have watched countless of Hello Counselor and saw many foreigners who try to blend in the community. They are not Kpop idols but people in Korea find it weird that these people can speak Korean and do Korean stuff. One man from Africa said no one wanted to seat beside him in buses and trains because they think they are dirty. One woman who came from the East said people love touching her hair because they are curly. Sam, Fabian, Sayuri and foreign entertainers in Korea had a hard time at first because people find it “weird” that they speak the language and they are, in fact, there in Korea. (If you watch My Neighbor Charles, you’d find how frustrated Fabian and Sayuri are after learning that many international Kpop fans gave rude comments to the group). So yes, even if you don’t think it is, racism is still a factor.

    About the fact that they did not train…be it known that many Kpop idols went through weeks and months only of training before their debut. EXP may have trained by a non-professional before their debut and that they started as an experimental group but in a logical sense, they are not with an agency – so there’s no agency who can train them. Nor did the non-professional who created them had the intention to make the group permanent. Their creation was so different from the usual.

    Now for the last part, yes, it might be unfair for other Koreans who have trained so long before their debut. But we are not in Korea and we don’t really have any say in that. Some Koreans give their support to the group and are proud that their culture have a massive impact in other countries. EXP is not conquering Kpop. They are blending in without taking away Kpop from the Koreans. They are learning the language, they are performing in Korea and they are just doing Kpop – not trying to be Koreans.

  • Cindy huynh

    Okay, why so much hate on EE?
    Think about it, Stray kids has 2 Aussie members and theres are idols that are Chinese, Japanese, Thai members that are in a Kpop group???

  • Zpicykimchi

    Yes but Felix and Bang Chan are still korean just raised in Australia. And Chinese, Japanese, and Thai count as Asian. I think kpop is kpop for the language, not the ethnicity of the idols. (Meaning I’m not hating, as long as these guys know how to sing in korean and have traits to korean music I’ll consider it Kpop). I think it’s cause people are stupid and rude when it comes to new things. (Or maybe they’re upset that four American guys got to be kpop idols and they didn’t)

  • 黎丹Kirinda

    Other asian people can join kpop because they have almond eyes and because their cultures are so similar

  • tbangtan

    what would happen if they were something like nepalese or indian? would they get as much hate because they still count as asian just they dont have mongoloid features, this is a genuine question 🙂 ty

  • tbangtan

    so would everyone accept non east or southeast asians? would people accept south asians as well even though they have darker skin?

  • Valerie

    The two Australians are 100% Korean they are just born in

  • Valerie

    They would get a lot of hate in Korea because of there skin color because Asian like very pale skin tones and they would think that they are dirty

  • Valerie

    Aren’t they just Koreaboos?

  • Pitra Agung

    Oh great, the comment section is getting hotter 😮

  • lea

    why, because he is half Asian ? isn’t fetichism wrong too ?

  • Jungkookie-ah♡🌼

    um no?

  • Jungkookie-ah♡🌼

    I almost went blind from reading this lmao HONEY kpop IS NOT korean culture if you actually look into kpop and compare it to korean culture you’ll see that it is not based off of it. Also um there are asian people doing pop? there actually kpop idols doing pop? like Dean or CL..and they ain’t getting any hate…Oh and kpop is actually based off of american pop music and style lol #facts also no they are not invading korean culture

  • 집사여자 이름

    can people maybe understand that they are kpop idols and the allthough the k in kpop stands for korean which means its korean pop idol that does not mean they have too be korean. even if caucasians “ruin” kpop by trying to become idols, that wont groups that have all asian members from debuting so you can have youre own opinion but you dont need to actually tell the idols this by sending death threats and stuff

  • kummerspeck

    Uh nooope. NCT has members from China who were always Chinese, never Korean like Chenle, Winwin, Lucas, Kun, etc. Yuta is a Japanese member. Nobody hates them bec of their nationality though.

  • Koda B

    Kpop is literally just pop music sung in korean, this shit is produced by international, mostly not asian people, and then pretty faces are slapped on. Kpop is a product not a culture.

  • boop

    Yes I believe that they are koreaboos but Koki is the only asian member. I agree that their is nothing traditional about KPOP and that its okay for foreigners to become idols, but the industry just started to start scouting from southeast asian countries ( I am from the philippines ). I dont really agree with them wanting to be Kpop Idols. It is my opinion but they are koreaboos.

  • boop

    Kpop companies scouted mosty in China and Japan because they have similar traits to Koreans, Thailand and southeast asian countires just recently started getting more and more scouts looking for talents. And for Stray Kids, Chan and Felix are both Korean. This group only has one member that is actually asian. The others are caucasian. Kpop is a big industry for all asian countires to participate in.

  • boop

    In India there is Bollywood, and that is pretty successful. Kpop is for every other asian coutnries to participate in.

  • boop

    Kpop isn’t really traditional Korean Culture. Kpop borrows things from the west.

  • boop

    They could’ve debuted over there in America but put some kpop taste in their music, subtlety.

  • boop

    Kpop is a genre of music spoken in Korean for all asian coutnries (except India because there is Bollywood) to participate in.

  • Erin Fernandez

    They may not be Korean, but that doesn’t make them koreaboos. You guys just take the term ‘koreaboo’ out of hand. ‘Acting Korean’ doesn’t necessarily make you a koreaboo. This is the way I see it, though. If you have a different perspective, that’s fine. Anyway, all the hate is unnecessary. Just chill out with the hate because they’re doing well with their careers anyway.

  • Jennifer Harrell

    To all of the haters, there are other kpop idols that are WHITE that are famous, but no when there is a group that has no korean members you all lose your shit. I’m talking about idols like Sam of Lunafly, Jae of Day6, BamBam of Got7, and Kenta of JBJ. Why don’t y’all just accept that any genre of music is universal, and anyone has a right to go into any type of music if they want to and work hard enough. If they want to become kpop idols, they have a right to become said kpop idol. also they aren’t Koreaboos if they are have a passion for kpop and are happy with their lives.

  • charlie

    they?? aren’t?? white???

  • owh

    but at least they are korean too. exp is full on WHITE. kpop is korean pop. they’re basically just breaking into the system on how its supposted to be rn.

  • Jay

    BamBam isn’t white and neither is Kenta… white race =/= white skin, or else you could call some Korean idols white.

  • Alexa

    I’m a Kpop fan for a long time, and I admit I was quite surprise when I found about the first Kpop band that doesn’t have any Korean member, furthermore, the majority of the members aren’t even Asians.

    But… they have my appreciation for their effort and for what they released! So yeah, I became a fan, and I’m proud of them! Guys, keep going!

  • Zuzu

    if you don’t like them, you don’t have to. Don’t give them hate that they don’t deserve. It’s not up to you to decide what can happen and not in Kpop when most of the ppl hating on them are not Korean. Just too hating on every new thing. Leave them alone

  • Zuzu

    Why does everyone here think that’s its up to them to decide what can happen in kpop and what is accepted as kpop? If you are a Korean person arguing I get it but if you’re not you aren’t the one to judge.

  • Neutral one

    To be honest, I think that they are okay. But I do sometimes find them really cringey like that cheering and other things because I’m not used to it. Basically when they do that I cringe because I find it like …hm how to say it fake is harsh word but I feel like they are doing that on purpose just to fit in.i know it’s hard for them due to lots of more things….idk that Croatian guy has really nice voice…I’ve never thought I would see someone “close to me” to be in KPOP group. I said close because I’m from Serbia and Šime is from Croatia which is basically one beside the other.

  • Zizi

    1. I think their too old
    2. They don’t speak the language which really isn’t a problem, but it might be since ALL of them don’t speak korean
    3. They never had to go through real hard Kpop training or experience what everyone else did.
    4. White people always tryna claim something
    As a white person I don’t think it’s fair that they can debut with such lack of skill but people who deserve to debut and have put in the work can’t

  • T D

    I’m from Bosnia but croatian Nationality, I almost cried when i read about Šime..like wtf

  • l

    Ok! So, from what I have observed, your point, and/or reasoning makes very little sense.
    You began by stating that.” there are other K-pop idol that are WHITE that are famous” And followed with ” but no, when there is a group that has no Korean members you all lose your shit.”

    The first thing that you are wrong about is Park Jae Hyung( Jae), Kunpimook Bhuwakul ( BamBam), Kenta Takada (Kenta).
    These individuals are not white( Caucasian). BamBam is Thai, from Thailand; Kenta is Japanese, From Japan; and Jae is Korean- American, but was born in Argentina and grew up in Korea and California. Sams’ group had other members who are Korean.

    People are upset because there are no Asians what so ever in this so called group. Yes, not all K-pop groups consist of strictly Korean members, but all members are Asian; whether it be Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, etc.

  • l

    If you want to make a point, next time double check to make sure that what you are placing on the internet makes sense.
    It frustrates me when individuals make statements that consist of little to no fact and are just produced out of pure defensiveness.
    The group consists of only Caucasians from a visual and ethnic standpoint.

    The fact that they want to pursue a musical career in the Asian music industry is fine, and most definitely does not mean they are obsessed with being and acting like Koreans.

    On the other-hand the last statement you made “Also, they are not Korea-boos if they have a passion for K-pop and are happy with their lives.” If that is all it takes then does that mean that Rapists and murders are not Rapists and murders just because they have a “passion” for what they do and are happy with their lives.

    Learn to phrase your words better to avoid making a fool out of yourself.


  • haddi

    What does it even matter, it’s not like they are coming in and singing in all English. And not all members of some Kpop groups are Korean so does that mean that they are in the wrong too by being in a KOREAN pop group, no. If the KPop industry did not want a group with all white people then they would not have made one.

  • N Johns

    There is a video on youtube by VICE about this group.
    I would advise people to have a look at it. It gives you a bit of insight from their point of view.
    They also mention that they expected people to take it differently but not to the extreme at what they were witnessing online.
    But I digress, I won’t listen to their music. Its just not my style. But, I won’t call them out on it.
    If they are able to make it in the KPOP business, then they have my applause. They would have accomplish something that NO ONE HAS EVER TRIED.

    If you don’t like them, then that’s okay. Why throw shade because it’s only showing how jealous you are that they are doing something that you will never be able or get to do. No to mention they have met, BTS and other artists while performing on Music Shows. (Aw yes…did you know that?) I was a bit shocked but I was like: “Damn, they are so lucky.” I even saw them at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. They performed at the Gangneung Kpop Festa. It still wasn’t my cup of tea but the Koreans around me, enjoyed it and were saying how cool the guys were and how handsome. ( Which I can’t see either but okay.)

    Anyways, Like I said before. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don’t like them. You don’t like them. Leave it as that.

    I’m gonna catch a lot of hate on this but….if you do leave your satrical comments or hate, just so you know ahead of time: in the late words of 2NE1: I DON’T CARE.

    Have a nice life.

  • RandomGuy 71

    They’re not Koreaboos. They took the time to learn the language and are respecting the culture.

  • RandomGuy 71

    Express Korean culture? Almost nothing about Kpop is actually traditional. About everything in Kpop is taken from Western culture so you already ended your argument in the first sentence.

  • hana

    Oh shush. Why is it always mostly non-Korean K-Pop fans that complain about this kinda stuff. If they’re too old then a LOT of other K-Pop artists should be considered old in your point of view. They speak the language and they keep practicing hard EVERY DAY. They practiced dancing and singing before they even met and they have above average to very good vocals. Their dancing skills still need some practice but they’re getting there. Also if it’s about the training, there’re people from EXO and other groups that happened to be spotted on the street and joined the groups so don’t give us that lame excuse.
    Last but not least they’re not trying to claim anything. Please watch their documentary on Youtube on the VINE channel when you don’t know how hard working they are. K-Pop is not a race, it’s not a fashion style. It’s a music genre and nothing else.

  • hana

    No but seems like YOU are.

  • hana

    Oh shush. K-Pop is not a race, it’s not a fashion style. It’s a music genre and nothing else. Also heavily influenced by non-Korean music styles.

  • Valerie

    And how would you know that

  • Accel Stratos

    this post has so much hidden shade fkslfajkjfd

  • Hanny

    if you put it like that, it should also be considered weird when kpop groups like bts, got7 or exo make a japanese debut when none of the members is japanese.

  • Cindy Clark

    Not hating but I don’t think they have the kpop “idol” look.they may not be old but they look old,asian people look younger.I know that they are trying hard to learn,work hard and blend in ,but somtimes it just won’t work,and this is the case.I am half asian and even I can’t blend in with asian people with my look.so it’s not about races it’s just about the ‘look’.THEY DON’T HAVE IT.

  • kokioppa

    im a solo koki stan

  • sTiLl A bEtTeR dAd tHaN eNjI

    whose uncles?

  • ginnywolf

    how are you going to compare artists to rapists and murderers? are you ok?

  • Jennifer Harrell

    I’m sorry for posting in those exact words, but what I was trying to say is that there are multiple groups with members that aren’t even half Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc that are famous K-Pop artist. also with the “koreaboo” thing, I was trying to say that if you love a certain type of music or culture you have a right to enjoy it without being judged. The K-Pop fandom is open to anyone from every walks of life. So why should we be judging a group on nationality or ethnicity alone, when they all have a passion for K-Pop and have a lot of talent to back it up? I mean yeah they aren’t perfect and have made some mistakes, but what group hasn’t made any mistakes since debut? To my knowledge every group has made at least a handful of mistakes in their careers since debut, because no human is perfect. we need to love and accept one another for who we are as human beings and not judge because of where we are from. Also, Koki is half Japanese and was born in Hong Kong. Sime is actually Croatian since he was born and spent a lot of his childhood in his hometown of Zadar, Croatia.


    sis u want a smack? vernon is still ASIAN SIS LMAO SJHDUNJISML,



    meant bambam but vernon is pure white we love a talented

  • Spoon

    Koki could have signed with a mainstream agency since he’s half Asian an all, I wonder why he joined such a controversial group?

  • Spoon

    Vernon is half Asian though I don’t get your point

  • Octavian Adams

    ikr? he’s the only one out of the group that can fit the idol image.

  • Stephen

    There’s no such thing as “their too old” when making music, if you think too old is one of the reason why they shouldn’t make, then you should look at Super Junior, BigBang, TVXQ and Shinhwa. They’re pretty old too, so why should they still make music and EXP shouldn’t? Just be honest here you guys are just being bias

  • woah koki 72% damn

  • Nara Park

    I don’t Stan them, but I don’t get the point.
    The k in kpop stands for Korean. That simply means that it’s songs in Korean language. Jpop are pop songs in Japanese and cpop are in Chinese language.

    And they’re trying hard.
    Just stop making such a big drama and let them be. Nobody forces you to like them.

  • lol

    Koki is not full on white. He is half-Japanese, half-German.

  • EdelRoseLee

    Just a head’s up! They were originally formed as a 6 member group. The former members are:

    David Alan Wallace. Main Rapper. He’s African-American and a NYC Native. He left the group to focus on acting.

    Tarion Taylor-Anderson. He was the Main Vocalist and was also African-American. It’s unknown why he left the group but he left right before they started training in Korea. Tarion is also gay.

  • Khumaira Zhadyra NCTZEN

    Watch your words! Talent says everything not appearance.

  • Khumaira Zhadyra NCTZEN

    They appeared on the show My Neighbor’s Charles

  • Namjoon apreciation hours: 24/

    Its not a kpop group if it has no Korean members. I know that some groups have some non-Korean memebrs but there is a difference between a few from mid-east asia and members who are American

  • The-amazingness

    It’s a Kpop group if they sing Korean Pop. ‘Kpop’ stands for ‘Korean Pop’ not for ‘Korean members’!

  • 707

    they do have talent but i think they need to look feminine to be accepted as a kpop group

  • bigboitex

    zero_7 what

  • Alexis

    haha when u live in the same state as the leader and you’ve never heard of him before

  • Khumaira Zhadyra

    Gosh would kinda tanned skin Arabic+Indian+Javanese+Buginese+Malay like me get hate?

  • autumnseokgi

    the main thing that makes me mad is that they were all just compiled into a group. no wait , no auditions , no training times , none of the ass-busting hard work that you have to go through if you’re a normal kpop idol. regular kpop idols have to work their asses off to get where they are , and these people think they can come in with no problem ? no , i dont think so.

  • Lillupie

    People liked the addition of Alex into Rania despite the fact that she didn’t go through the idol training and had no Asian blood in her.
    So why the different treatment? Because they’re White guys?

  • frass44

    I’m sorry for posting in those exact words, but what I was trying to say is that there are multiple groups with members that aren’t even half Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc that are famous K-Pop artist. also with the “koreaboo” thing, I was trying to say that if you love a certain type of music or culture you have a right to enjoy it without being judged. The K-Pop fandom is open to anyone from every walks of life. So why should we be judging a group on nationality or ethnicity alone, when they all have a passion for K-Pop and have a lot of talent to back it up? I mean yeah they aren’t perfect and have made some mistakes, but what group hasn’t made any mistakes since debut? To my knowledge every group has made at least a handful of mistakes in their careers since debut, because no human is perfect. we need to love and accept one another for who we are as human beings and not judge because of where we are from. Also, Koki is half Japanese and was born in Hong Kong. Sime is actually Croatian since he was born and spent a lot of his childhood in his hometown of Zadar, Croatia.

  • frass44

    That’s a very ignorant statement. You’re basically saying that BTS shouldn’t have won a Billboard Music Award and that they shouldn’t perform at the AMAs. Their race shouldn’t matter. Music is universal.

  • Percy Rain

    But perhaps that’s not a bad thing. I’ve always thought the trainee system sounded way too extreme. Their success can show that the KPOP genre shouldn’t be so tough and on aspiring artists. If these guys can make it on their own then maybe they can help rid the genre of some of the bureaucracy that it gets criticized for.

  • `~`

    okay but koki isnt that bad of a rapper… he has a lot of potential

  • Rea

    Whoah…a K-pop group with a different concept…American and Japanese members (i.e. Mina, Vernon, Joshua, Sana, Jessica) is not new to me but European members…this K-pop group is diverse!

  • emo soul

    yup. people love to hate on white people no matter what they do, it’s sad.

  • Ida

    I am curious about your opinion. If we follow that logic, that would mean that EXO K’s Wolf is K-pop but EXO M’s Wolf is C-Pop. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • Lauren

    After reading this cancerous comment section, I have realized most of you are fucking dumbasses. I get people can get defensive over some things but I don’t get the point of getting so angry over an opinion. Some of you guys disagree, some of you agree. There’s multiple opinions so let’s respect each other’s ok?
    Wanna hear mine? Then I’ll tell you. I don’t think EXP should be a kpop band. Kpop is for most Asians to express themselves (ie Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, etc) I think that it’s ok to have half Asians or non Korean members in a band as long as there ARE korean members in the band with them. I would be fine with having Koki in a band but the rest could very well be in an American pop band.
    Sorry if I offended anyone one but I have my opinion and I respect everyone else’s so return the favor please.

  • Arilee Huynh

    not really

  • Charleen Henck

    Exo-Ms Wolf is a chinese version of a kpop song. Hard to compare sis

  • Ida

    Not really – the original poster’s argument was that K-pop is songs in Korean, J-pop is songs in Japanese, and C-pop is songs in Chinese. By that logic, EXO M’s Wolf would be a C-pop song.

    – I fully agree with you, that it is a K-pop song in Chinese, though. The OP’s logic is what I questioned.

  • Bro

    i honestly don’t think they should be a kpop band, i mean they could be a pop band just not kpop

  • Malia Day

    Girl stfu.,if anything Asia loves white ppl but the y love blondes better. Ppl ain’t hating on white ppl..If anything kpop is mostly influenced by black ppl. So mainly that’s why Koreans are raising eyes cause a bunch of white guys in kpop just look weird . If anything a bunch of foreigners in a kpop group looks horrible.

  • BeeJayJae

    To be honest they can do whatever the hell they want. I’m not saying that there aren’t problems with them not having any Korean members but does that really matter? They’re pronunciation is good and they aren’t disrespecting kpop in anyway. They are simple creating songs in Korean instead of English which technically makes it kpop. So the hate towards them isn’t wanted. They have even learned to except the criticism but at this scale it isn’t needed. They are writing music and doing what they love and just because they’re american members and a Japanese member doesn’t mean they can’t be a kpop group. Seriously. Stop

    (Sorry if I sound rude. I just don’t see why there has to be so much hate and it isn’t all because of you I just thought your comment was the best one to comment on. I mean no harm. Please don’t hate me. Just look at it from different peoples perspectives and take everything into account.)

  • BeeJayJae

    The k in kpop does stand for Korean but it doesn’t always have to be native Koreans. It’s more to the genre of music. Like pop in america. the j in jpop represents the genre of Japanese pop. Don’t get it mixed up with the race of the people creating the music because that shouldn’t matter.

  • BeeJayJae

    Don’t be so rude to the other members.

  • BeeJayJae

    Taeyang of Big Bang, Doesn’t look like a girl! Gikwang of Highlight, Doesn’t look like a girl! Siwon of Super Junior, Doesn’t look like a girl! Jackson of Got7, Doesn’t look like a girl! Taecyeon of 2PM, Doesn’t look like a girl! T.O.P of Big Bang, Doesn’t look like a girl! There are plenty of idols that are just handsome men without that (feminine look). Seriously, leave EXP Edition alone.

  • BeeJayJae

    Thank you! Someone else who is open minded!

  • BeeJayJae

    You’re fabulously a secret shade hurler and I appreciate it.

  • Myka Madria

    i honestly dont know how i feel about this but i do know that i dont like it in any way shape or form

  • Myka Madria

    i agree like their just white men singing in korean. so its basically like saying “omg im singning in korean even tho im not korean. well i guess im a kpop singner now.” like no. i dont like that

  • Myka Madria

    and i feel like its not really a kpop band with out training and i also dont think its fair that all these kpop groups that are actually assigned to an official company, have to go through all of this training and hard diets to get to where they are, and this group just got formed by a college student. in my opinion i dont think this “group” is really official and its not fair to other groups. for me its just making it seem like they are in some form disrespecting the korean culture with this “”group””

  • BeeJayJae

    Please, watch this and then make a decision.


  • Devon

    I mean you could say the same thing to trainess who trained for a month or two compare to 2 or 3 years. Just because they didn’t train for a long period of time doesn’t mean we can just disregard them. They haven’t done or said anything disrespectful either. Just because they aren’t Korean they can’t do kpop. Many artists in kpop aren’t Korean but the audience still accepts them because they are talented. We should give them a fair chance and then judge them.

  • Lala

    I think it’s because he’s half-Asian. I think that’s kind of some racist ass bullshit, but whatever.

  • Lala

    ? Jae Park is Korean-American? What the fuck? BamBam is Thai? Kenta is Japanese? None of them are white (except for Sam). Like I get what you’re trying to say, but your first point is kind of false.

  • BlaketheDweeb

    I know this argument is a few months old, however, using that logic, certain members of popular groups wouldnt be considered to be part of kpop then (i.e Lay from EXO, Lisa from Blackpink, Huening Kai from TXT)

  • Nick

    Well you know .. I think that they can do what they want, K-pop represents no culture. Of course, i’s korean n stuff but they’re also singing in english or even spanish OR else? So why not let them just be? I know it may be different and confusing but lets be honest, if they like it, they can do it. It’s not their fault they haven’t been born ans asians or koreans. But that shouldn’t get in their dreams way, you know. I understand some of you, but still.

  • Sarah Unnie

    I really love Frankie oppa <33333 EXP Edition Fighting!!!!!!