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Churry Profile and Facts

Churry Profile & Facts

Churry (처리) is a South Korean rapper who officially debuted on October 22, 2019 with 같은 세상 속에 살아도.

Stage Name: Churry (처리)
Birth Name: Lee Gyucheol (이규철 )
Birthday: June 27, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type:
Instagram: via_va_
Soundcloud: 처리(Churry) 
YouTube: 처리처리

Churry Facts:
– Churry is a member of TRIPLE-H (츄플) of Seoul National University Vocal & Hip-Hop club
– He majoring in Department of Physics Education
– He has a cat named meonji (먼지)
– His favorite hobby is making music
– Churry appeared on My Major Is Hip Hop
He joined the Seoul National University Civil War Season 1 : Bounce Factory ‘New Meta’  VS TRIPLE H ‘새벽 두시 2AM’ released by Wonderwood in 2021.
– He joined the Korean College rap battle: (수도전 시즌 1) Season 1st battle of  Seoul National University (TRIPLE H) VS Hanyang University (SHOWDOWN) released in 2018.

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