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Ahyoon’s Playlist (Queenz Eye)

Ahyoon’s Playlist (Queenz Eye)

#아윤_플레이리스트(#Ahyoon_Playlist) on Twitter is a tag made by Ahyoon where she posts songs she recommends to fans. Here’s a list of all of the songs (All Tweets linked).

[November 1, 2023] “Move! (Prod. Slom)” by pH-1
[October 5, 2023] “Mosquito” by PinkPantheress
[September 27, 2023] “E.T.A.” by Justin Bieber
[September 16, 2023] “Take Back” by REDDY
[June 17, 2023] “What you Wanna Try” by Masego
[June 8, 2023] “Color” by GroovyRoom
[June 8, 2023] “Once in a Summer” by Infinity
[May 23, 2023] “L.U.S.H” by New Hope Club
[May 13, 2023] “Lingo” by aespa
[May 1, 2023] “Buck” by Coogie
[April 19, 2023] “I Wanna Be Down” by Brandy
[March 30, 2023] “SNS” by ASTRO
[March 25, 2023] “Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)” by FLO
[March 16, 2023] “What Makes you Beautiful” by One Direction
[March 15, 2023] “BA BUMPIN” by Kalisway
[February 13, 2023] “Gotta Move On” by Diddy
[Janurary 25, 2023] “Born Singer” by BTS
[January 19, 2023] “Make It Shine” by the Victorious Cast
[January 19, 2023] “Leave It All To Me” by Miranda Cosgrove, Drake Bell
[January 12, 2023] “Daybreak” by Dreamcatcher
[Janurary 12, 2023] “Losing You” by FLO
[March 18, 2024] “What U Want?” by Dina Ayada
[March 18, 2024] “작업 (feat. Loopy, pH-1)” by OWEN

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Do you like Ahyoon’s playlist? Please feel free to comment any songs I may have missed down below!

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