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Aesther Members Profile

Aesther Members Profile & Facts

Aesther (에스더) is a 5-member South Korean virtual girl group under Charon Universe. The group consists of Arisa, KarinEris, Mika, and Ellie. They debuted on July 31, 2023 with their digital single “Hands Up.”

Fandom Name: —
Official Colors: —

Aesther Official Accounts:
Twitter: @AestherOfficial
YouTube: 에스더 AESTHER
TikTok: @aesther_official
Fan Cafe: vkpopstar
Twitch: aesther_official

Aesther Members Profile:

Stage Name: Arisa (아리사)
Birth Name:
Birthday: January 8
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type:
MBTI Type: ?N??
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: Aesther_Arisa / Arisa_Archive
Twitter: Aesther_Arisa
Twitch: aesther_arisa
Representative Color: Purple
Representative Emoji: 😈(Devil)

Arisa Facts:
– Arisa likes to post song covers on her YouTube channel.
– She posts online streams of games on her YouTube.
– She has a hard time falling asleep and has nightmares.
– Arisa likes roasted chestnuts and cola.
– One of her favorite foods is watermelon.
– She has separation anxiety.
– Arisa is presumably the oldest (?) and second tallest of the group (similar height to Mika).
– She uses the seal emoji a lot.
– She is Aesther’s witch/warlock.
– Arisa likes to play Minecraft.
– Her fans are called Muyong-i (무용이).
– She wants to live a good, well-planned life and be a smart adult who can take of herself.
– She feels tired after eating.


Stage Name: Karin (카린)
Birth Name:
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: Aesther_Karin / Karin_Archive
Twitter: aesther_karin
Twitch: aesther_karin
Representative Color: Red
Representative Emoji: 🦇(Bat)

Karin Facts:
– Her fans are called Berries/Berry (베리).
– She likes to be called Princess.
– She likes travelling and is pretty adventurous.
– Karin likes birds.
– She is some type of bat/demon.
– She wakes up early.
– Karin is the next tallest member after Mika and Arisa.
– She posts online streams of games on her YouTube channel.
– She likes singing karaoke.


Stage Name: Eris (에리스)
Birth Name:
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: Aesther_Eris / Eris_Archive
Twitter: Aesther_Eris
Twitch: aesther_eris
Representative Color: Blue
Representative Emoji: (Light blue heart)

Eris Facts:
– She posts online game streams on her archive YouTube channel.
– Eris posts song covers and ASMR on her channel.
– Her fans are called Pang-i (팡이).
– She likes raw fish salad and seaweed soup.
– She likes the songs ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga and ‘Our Future’ by Marcy.
– Eris said that she has cold hands.
– She is Aesther’s pure and healing voice.
– She is thought to be in the middle in terms of age.
– Eris likes posting about food.
– Some of the songs Eris is listening to lately are ‘Rewrite The Stars,’ ‘Bite Me’ by Enhypen, ‘Play with Fire’,  and ‘I Hate U’ by SZA.


Stage Name: Mika (미카)
Birth Name:
Birthday: October 4
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: Aesther_Mika / Mika_Archive
Twitter: Aesther_Mika
Twitch: aesther_mika
Representative Color: Yellow
Representative Emoji: 🐕(Dog)

Mika Facts:
– She posts ASMR, game streams, and song covers on her YouTube channel.
– Her fans are called Injeolmi (인절미).
– She is an angel.
– She takes singing lessons from Aesther’s vocal trainer.
– Mika doesn’t like spinach or seafood.
– She is good at drawing.
– She used to work the night shift part-time at a convenience store.
– Mika talks a lot after becoming drunk.
– She likes exercising early in the morning.
– Mika is the tallest (around the same height as Arisa).
– She loves coconut.
– After clicking on a scary website, she got traumatized and had to sleep with the light on.


Stage Name: Ellie (엘리)
Birth Name:
Position: Maknae (?)
Birthday: December 4
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: Aesther_Ellie / Ellie_Archive
Twitter: bestwizardellie
Twitch: aesther_ellie
Representative Color: Pink
Representative Emoji: 🦠(Microbe)

Ellie Facts:
– She posts online streams on her YouTube channel.
– Her fans are called Slime (슬라임).
– She can play the electric guitar.
– Ellie started learning acoustic guitar in school by practicing with an old one.
– Ellie has ADHD.
– She is Aesther’s baby girl.
– Her favorite food is Lotteria’s Deli Burger.
– Ellie has played video games in elementary school.
– She started going to a kendo gym after watching Demon Slayer.
– She has a dog named Welkie.
– Ellie can be really jealous.
– She is the youngest (?) and the shortest of the members.
– She watches horror movies and animations.
– One of her talents is drawing.
– Her favorite anime is “Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica”.

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