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A.C.E : Who is Who?

A.C.E : Who is Who

[May 22, 2017] CACTUS

[October 18, 2017] Callin’

[June 7, 2018] TAKE ME HIGHER

Chan was promoting with UNB at the time and therefore was not in this MV.

[May 1, 2019] IF YOU HEARD

[May 17, 2019] UNDER COVER

[October 29, 2019] SAVAGE

[June 29, 2020] Stand By You

[September 1, 2020] Favorite Boys

[January 7, 2021] Favorite Boys (Steve Aoki Remix)

[April 15, 2021] Down

Wow was on hiatus during this time and was therefore not in the MV.

[June 22, 2021] Higher

[September 2, 2021] Changer

Note: Sorry if some of the screenshots are weird or bad quality. It is hard to get good ones for every member.

Made by: yaversetwo

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