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Qiaoyu (Pink Fun) Profile and Facts

Qiaoyu Profile & Facts
Xu Qiaoyu
Qiaoyu is a Taiwanese singer and dancer who competed in DD52, in the group
PINK FUN, she was eliminated in episode 13, but her group won the popular vote and she debuted in the group PINK FUN.

Qiaoyu Official Accounts:
Instagram: chiaoyu_95
Tik Tok: chiaoyu_h
Facebook: 許巧瑜

Stage Name: Qiaoyu (巧瑜)
English Stage Name: Erin
Birth Name: Xu Qiaoyu (許巧瑜)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: September 5, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 155cm (5’1)
Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
Nationality: Taiwanese
Blood Type: N/A

Qiaoyu Facts:
– Her birthplace is Taipei City, Taiwan
– She is a fan of KPOP
– Her hobbies are singing, dancing and watching movies
– Qiaoyu has always wanted to be famous, she had dreamed of being a performer since she was a child
– She likes appluading and cheering from crowds
– During Highschool, she joined a dance group who specialized in KPOP
– She felt a lot of pressure after joining PINK FUN, as she had just secured the center position
– During episode 5, she became very explosive as she wanted to show her performance
– Qiaoyu was in the JOKER position until episode 4,as she was rescued
– She loves acting
– She is nicknamed Chihuahua

DD52 Information:
On Episode 3 her position was JOKER – Secret (Did not participate)
On Episode 4 she was Rescued – Robot Girl (Did not participate)
On Episode 5 her playing card was 2 – Game Start
On Episode 6 her playing card was 2 – Panic
On Episode 7 her playing card was 8 – SUPER 
On Episode 8 her playing card was 8 – My prom (not part of the group)
On Episode 9 her playing card was 8 – Crush Fake (not part of the group)
On Episode 10 her playing card was Q – Girl or Women?
On Episode 11 her playing card was Q – Girl or Women?
On Episode 12 her playing card 7 – CAROUSEL
On Episode 13 her playing card was A – PINK BOMB
In the finals PINK FUN came in 3rd place, but they won the
popular vote with 1,406,062 votes, and Qiaoyu debut in PINK FUN

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