1. myheartizomg

    Sihyeon & Yiren Re-Test Negative for COVID-19 / EVERGLOW Resumes Activities

    The two EVERGLOW members had tested positive for COVID-19 in December of last year and on January 9, 2021, Yuehua Entertainment stated: "On December 1, 2020, Sihyeon and Yiren tested positive for COVID-19, and they were admitted to a hospital in accordance with the health authorities'...
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    The only trainee revealed so far to be in BigHit x Source Music's New Girl Group

    Big Hit Entertainment & Source Music's collaborative and highly anticipated girl group is set to debut this year, and so far they have not revealed any trainees...except one. PLUS Global Auditions were held in 2019 in 16 cities worldwide, and it was reported that the members were selected from...
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    Gugudan Will Officially Disband On Dec. 31, 2020

    Jellyfish Entertainment announced that their girl group Gugudan will officially disband tomorrow on December 31, 2020. (Translation) Hello. This is Jellyfish Entertainment. First, we would like to thank all of the fans who have sent their love and support to gugudan. We are writing to inform...
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    Elkie Leaves CLC & Terminates Contract With Cube Entertainment

    On December 30, 2020, Elkie confirmed her departure from CLC and the termination of her contract with Cube Entertainment. She personally announced the news to Cheshires with letters written in all three languages: Korean, English and Chinese posted on her instagram. Hopefully Elkie will be...
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    Former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin Apologizes For Smoking & Spitting On The Road

    Taiwanese idol and former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin issued an official apology to his fans after being spotted smoking and spitting on the road. He is currently expanding his career in China and this incident was reported by Chinese media. "I'm sorry, I did not properly control my actions...
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    TXT Undergo Testing For COVID-19 & Come Back Negative

    According to inside sources of Big Hit Entertainment, TXT underwent COVID-19 testing and are currently waiting for their results after they appeared in a live children's program where a staff member was confirmed to be a positive carrier of the virus. Wishing the best for the boys...
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    Big Hit Acquires KOZ Entertainment

    According to media outlets Zico's management KOZ Entertainment has been merged with Big Hit Entertainment. KOZ Entertainment is a hip hop label that was found back in 2018 as a one man agency by Zico and also manages rookie idol Dvwn. Apart from KOZ Entertainment , Big Hit Labels also include...
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    SF9 Zuho To Act In Web Drama!

    Zuho will be joining the cast of an upcoming web drama series titled 'Meal Kid', a drama centered around team members of a food distribution start-up company. Zuho's character Jaekyung is a former idol group leader, who still pursues his passion for music and believes his career isn't over just...
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    [PICS] 13112020 - Girls' Generation Yoona Opens Her Instagram Account!

    Isn't she the cutest 🥺🥺🥺
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    Upcoming soloist LØREN revealed to be son of Naver's owner

    According to media outlets, upcoming new solo artist LØREN (Lee Seung Joo) is said to be the son of Naver's founder and global chief investment officer (GIO), Lee Hae Jin. Seung Joo is a producer and upcoming solo artist under YG Entertainment's The Black Label (although he is housed under...
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    Gfriend Eunha To Take A Break Due To Health Issues

    On November 10, Source Music announced on Weverse community that Gfriend Eunha would be taking a short break from latest comeback promotion activities due to health issues. More specifically: "Hello, this is Source Music. This a notice to fans about GFRIEND member Eunha’s health. While...
  12. myheartizomg

    TWICE Jihyo & Kang Daniel Have Officially Ended Their Relationship

    JYP Entertainment & KONNECT Entertainment confirmed that TWICE Jihyo & Kang Daniel have officially ended their relationship due to their busy schedules as they had less and less time seeing each other with their idol lives in action. The two had publicly dated for a year and 3 months (since...
  13. myheartizomg

    TWICE Chaeyoung Dating Rumors

    TWICE Chaeyoung has recently started facing dating rumors after netizens discovered she might be in a relationship with her tattoo artist, a guy in his 30's known as Chimhwasa (Jung Sung Hyun). According to netizens the two are suspected to be dating after the discovery of some various photos...
  14. M

    51K Confirms 2PM's Taecyeon Is In A Relationship!

    Honestly I live for such announcements, this year is definitely meant to be ideal for idols publicly getting married/dating! :D 51K, the new agency of Taecyeon (member of legendary second generation kpop boygroup 2PM formed by JYP Entertainment) reported that he has been in a relationship with...
  15. aznmochibunny

    D1VERSE Fans

    Just a thread for the upcoming Vietnamese boy group under RBW Entertainment in Korea.