1. v_ante97

    whats ur favorite BTS ship and why?? (non-toxic ships !!!!)

    i like taekook lol i think theyre so cuteeee (did you watch their instagram live???) sope is also rlly cute toooooo idk tho hahaha, whats yours??
  2. jang_wonyoung

    What was the first group you stanned and how did you hear about them?

    If i remember correctly the first group i stanned was gidle. Im pretty sure i found them because my little cousin was showing me wengie music videos when we watched the one for empire. I remember really liking Minnies voice so i searched up gidle on youtube that night and i really liked their...
  3. DarkWolf9131

    Can Non-Kpop Fans Guess BTS in Age Order

    So, go find someone who doesn’t stan kpop/doesn’t know BTS’s ages. Show them this picture: Let me know what they say! I did this with my mom. The most she knows about them is that the one that speaks English is RM Her Guesses (from oldest to youngest): 1. RM 2. Jimin 3. J-Hope 4. Jin 5...
  4. cookiejar

    BTS Jin shows new haircut before military enlistment

    On December 11, Jin shared the selfie below with fans on WeVerse along with the caption, "Kekeke. Cuter than I thought." According to reports, he'll be enlisting as an active-duty soldier on the 13th in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, where he'll undergo 5 weeks of basic training before serving. He...
  5. SkylexLoona

    Fangs (for @JJ+J1117)

    I will get started on this soon, just gotta get some ideas!
  6. nightdazed

    4pink members introduction (predebut)

    4pink is a 4 group member, they are a mixed gender group that will debut on November 12 The members are MJ (ASTRO), Yves (LOONA), Moonbin (ASTRO) & Chuu (LOONA). Fandom Name: N/A Color: Purple & Pink Stage name: MJ Birth name: Kim Myung-Jun Birthday: March 5, 1994 Position: Main...
  7. loonayoongi

    rythm hive flopped

    I loved playing rythm hive before, I logged in everyday to get the rewards and stuff but I got interested in other things and eventually deinstalled the app. About a year after this, I downloaded the game again and it just looked nothing like the original game? So many useless features, like the...
  8. loonayoongi

    BTS starts a new project

    Armies have probably seen this beautiful picture of Jeon Jungkook circulating on social media: It was posted today on BTS' official twitter account, @bts_bighit, with the caption "Me, Myself, and Jungkook #Photo_Folio #Editor_JK" It's important to note that BTS have two twitter accounts...
  9. loonayoongi

    Run BTS! is officially back

    BTS' variety show, Run BTS!, is confirmed to be back with new teaser published on their official channel, BANGTANTV. What do you think? Are ARMY excited or happy about this new? Do you like the new intro?
  10. Xionplus+

    New Kpop MVs

    Bad Decisions - Benny Blanco, Snoop Dogg, BTS (Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin) Bad Decisions Forever 1 - Snsd (Girls Generation) Forever 1 Guerrilla - ATEEZ Guerrilla Hit That Bass - BLITZERS Hit That Bass Pop - Nayeon Pop Sneakers - ITZY Sneakers Villain - PIXY Villain Cookie - New Jeans...
  11. D

    V (Taehyung) exhibition _ Love is HERE to STAY

    DATE: 21.07.2022 ~ 24.07.2022 NUNA V's 2nd Exhibition in Seoul, ARA artcenter The "V (Taehyung)" exhibition will be held from this Thursday. We have prepared various events and photo booths, so please come and enjoy them. We prepared a virtual exhibition for fans who couldn't come. First one...
  12. cookiejar

    BTS Reaction Of You Being A Fellow Trending Artist/Their Secret Crush [REVIVAL IMAGINE]

    So I've decided to revive some of my early fics here, hope you like 'em... ^^ Fanfiction: Stories involving popular (existing or not) characters that are written by fans & often posted on the Internet. The product is of completely fictional material & does not respond to any real facts or...
  13. cookiejar

    BTS's V breaks Guinness World Records for fastest to gain both 1 million and 10 million followers on Instagram

    Earlier this month all 7 BTS members opened their individual Instagram accounts. On December 13, it was officially announced that V's Instagram account had not only become the fastest to reach 1 million followers (43 minutes), but the fastest to reach 10 million (4 hours, 52 minutes) followers...
  14. sanasideup

    Jennie (Blackpink) and V (BTS) Both Receive Hate over Simple Mistake

    All 7 members of BTS recently opened up personal Instagram accounts, creating quite a stir. However, fans and antis alike are rioting over a simple mistake. BTS's lead dancer and visual, V, accidentally followed Jennie, main rapper and lead vocalist of Blackpink. Both have been flooded with hate...
  15. cookiejar

    BTS members open individual Instagram accounts

    As of December 6th, all 7 of BTS members have opened individual Instagram accounts surprising ARMY following their holiday break news. All of them have currently surpassed 2.6 million followers while the numbers keep increasing drastically.
  16. Seobaby


    So this was originally for school so it's soft I DO NOT SHIP! INTRO TO THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS Y/N Full Name: Bae Y/N Age: 20 Nicknames: Y/Nie~, bunny, cutie, dimple girl, and more Friends: Lisa, Jisoo, Rose, Jin, J-Hope, Yeonjun, Soobin, Solar, Hwasa, JiHan, Chuu, Jihyo, Sana (and more)...
  17. cookiejar

    Jin - Yours (JIRISAN OST)

    He did it again 💜


    I 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜