1. Lihua.Ztar

    Favorite Song from Your Ult Group

    VIXX-Hyde You guys?
  2. Taehyung

    Guess the person's signature above u

    I am bored Guess the person's signature above u and the next person does he same until it goes on & on
  3. theiconicriri

    Official MBLAQ Thread

    I made this to say happy birthday to G.O :D
  4. theiconicriri

    Official D-CRUNCH Thread

    (I dont know if this has been made, if so credits to the original creator) Happy birthday Minhyuk!
  5. Jichu4

    What Idols Do you guys think have Fiercest/Cold Gazes?

    What Idols in your opinion do you see has that glare..Yikes sometimes it's scary..Plus Creepy.. ANY GENRE IDOL!!! 😐🙄.... EXAMPLE:
  6. Rosieposie__

    Join my kpop class

    t27vfwg is the link Rules Don’t be inappropriate People of all ages are aloud No toxic people
  7. Rosieposie__

    Make a kpop group out of my biases

    My biases are Rosé blackpink Nayeon twice Soyeon Gidle nancy momoland Umji gfriend
  8. Jichu4

    Which Kpop Group logo is your Favorite?

    Mines is Twice & Everglow. Plus even Loona & EXO! What about you guys?
  9. Jichu4

    2020 MAMA Asian Music Awards Nominees

    There's coming! They're here! Vote for your favorite Artist! Here are the Categories... Best New Male Artist CRAVITY MCND TOO TREASURE WEi Best New Female Artist cignature Natty SECRET NUMBER Weeekly woo!ah! Best Male Artist Kang Daniel Park Jin Young Baekhyun Zico Taemin Best Female...
  10. IZ*ONE

    Name the Debut Song by the Group

    Rules: One person says a Group & the other person would have to guess the Debut song. Example: Person 1: Stray Kids? Person 2: "District 9" Person 1: Mamamoo? Person: Mr Ambiguous And so on... I'll start Wanna One?
  11. IZ*ONE

    Underrated Groups that should get their First Win

    Here's Mine KNK A.C.E Dia Fromis_9 April Kard Weki Meki D-Crunch Dreamcatcher ONF VAV 3YE OnlyOneOf
  12. IZ*ONE

    Rank all of MONSTA X Title Tracks

    Here's Mine Shoot Out Follow Jealousy Beautiful Alligator Dramarama Fantasia Shine Forever Trespass Stuck Fighter All In Rush Newton What About you guys? Just my Opinion
  13. _YourAverageFanboy_

    What do you put in a Kpop Journal?

    I have this bullet journal hobby that I've been falling out of, but occasionally I put Kpop-related spreads in it, so I've been thinking of converting it into a Kpop journal. Though I'm not sure what I would put in there besides birthdays, comebacks, and anniversaries 😔 Does anyone have any...
  14. OppaIsTrash

    Webinar series on Kpop being held

    The Indiana University Institute for Korean Studies is holding a series of online talks on the subject of The Impact of Korean Popular Culture on North America. It is co-sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the USA. The talks will be held through zoom, and are free to attend...
  15. Jichu4

    Who are your favorite Kpop Group Oldest/Leaders?

    Mine are: Jihyo (Twice) Jisoo (Blackpink) Eunbi (IZ*ONE) Yeji (ITZY) Bang Chan (SKZ) E:U(EVERGLOW) Seungyeon (CLC) Shownu (MONSTA X) J.Seph (Kard) Jin Jin (Astro) JiU (Dreamcatcher)
  16. Jichu4

    What Kpop Group Position do you want?

    Positions: Leader Center MN Vocal LD Vocal Vocalist MD Dancer LD Dancer FOTG (Face of the Group) MN Rapper LD Rapper Rapper Maknae Visuel Other: Producer Composer Songwritter Choreographer (Playing instruments) This is me: MN Vocal, LD dancer, Choreographer What about you guys??
  17. ncity

    Is there a song that reminds you of a K-Pop or Asian idol?

    'Coffee for Your Head' by Beabadoobee and Powfu and 'ily (I love you baby)' by Emilee Flood both remind me of 😳😳 I have NO clue why, they just do! Okay I mean, 'Coffee for Your Head' reminds me of his cover of Lauv's 'I like me better', because of the lines "I'll make a cup of coffee for...
  18. Jichu4

    All Hallow's Eve (Halloween Thread)

    Welcome to the Halloween Party! This a Thread for any ideas or talks you guys can talk about Halloween. Halloween is Full of Horror, Scary, Fun, Adventurous things to happen! Trick or Treating: Costumes, Candy, Pumpkins, Halloween Parties, Horror Movies, Decorations, etc. It's...
  19. monokyo_world

    Edit Shop✨

    Hello! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but...... never did but now I’m doing it!! If you want an edit please leave the following..... Photo ( please try to refrain from using links...... also I’m on a school IPad so sometimes i can not see photos! Sorry ) Edit ”theme” ( idk wat to call...
  20. I

    Fistbump (Band)

    Fistbump Member Profiles and Facts Fistbump is a 4 member boy band. The current line-up consists of Jangbin, Joo Hyun Woo, Lee Jun Hui, and An Chi Hoon. Fistbump Official Sites: Instagram: @band_fistbump Twitter: @Band_FistBump Youtube: FIST BUMP (피스트범프) Facebook: @bandfistbump Member’s...