1. treasureluvr

    How to Become a Author?

    HI I'm treasure luvr and I've been reading and taking quiz kpop profile for quite some time now and I was interested to try myself too. I feel some of my ult groups don't gave that many attention though they are known. so I was looking for information from other authors but they didn't have...
  2. J

    Chan of TOO is just too beautiful

    his smile: That's all i have <3 to all the people who don't know him, that's Cho Chanhyuk, aka Chan of TOO, a rookie boy group under n.CH Entertainment. He's a Main Dancer, Rapper and a talented Producer. You can see more facts of him here.
  3. jooggie

    Ø₣₣ł₵ł₳Ⱡ ₳ⱠɆӾ₳ ₮ⱧⱤɆ₳Đ

    welcome to the official AleXa discussion thread! Hello, fellow A.I. Troopers! view her profile here: AleXa (알렉사) Profile ♥information♥ full name; Alexaundra Christine Schneiderman korean name; Kim Seri (김세리) birthday; December 9th, 1996 zodiac sign; Sagittarius blood type; A nationality...
  4. Jichu4


    NOTE: (I'll be on a 1 week Hitus after Wednesday due No Internet Week & spending Christmas..Well Maybe I might go on it but who knows (J.I.C if I'm not active on this like I was with the IZ*ONE Comeback thread) *J.I.C (Just in Case) ANYWAYS.. #1: As said in the Cravity Comeback Thread...
  5. Jichu4

    CRAVITY to a make a January Comeback

    CRAVITY has announced thier 3rd Comeback! Starship Ent. has released a teaser post of the Group's comeback which will take place in January 19 of 2021! The Next album is called "SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE" Here's the Full Post: Cravity Comeback in January
  6. Jichu4

    If You were to Work with Your Idol what would it be?

    I'll be thier Choreographer.. It'll be Nice to Spend some time with them.. EXAMPLES: Hair Stylists Manager Producer Clothes Designer ETC..
  7. Jichu4

    What Idols that have the Surname "Kim" is your favorite?

    KIM JISOO KIM DAHYUN KIM SEUNGMIN Kim Taehyung Kim Chaewon Kim Jong in (Kai) ETC.. YOURS?
  8. monokyo_world

    Kpop Rants ( Feel free to rant about Kpop here )

    Hi 🥰🙃 Soooo i don’t know if this is in the right place orrr if I can do this...... buttt if I’m not supposed to do this then I’m like really sorry mods and staff 😣 and I won’t be mad if you take this down 😁 Because I don’t know what I’m supposed and not supposed to post 🤷🏻‍♀️ ( at least like the...
  9. Dejunjun

    Random kpop thoughts/things

    Okay so like y'all know how Suju has each others nxd3s and like said they would release it if they ever disband? What if like they really do and then like everyone just like h a s their nxd3s like- idk where this is going but like yeah-- jdofogj Imagine HyunA and Dawn's c h i l d like omg...
  10. Jichu4

    Favorite Main/Lead Rappers?

    JENLISA DUBCHAENG Han Dami Chaeryeong Yeji I.M Soyeon Yena Suga Yeeun Moonbyul Jinsoul Yves CL Hyoyeon Dino Kai Chanyeol Sehun Taeyong Yuta Momo MY LIST!!!
  11. J

    My fanart

    These are the fanart i made while im bored! Enjoy! Btw i changed their hair to another color
  12. Lihua.Ztar

    What Kpop Lyrics are Catchy & Iconic?

    THERE's A HUGE LIST!!!! Like I am the Best Iconic Line or Girls Generation's Gee Iconic Line! OR Stray Kids' God's Menu Iconic Line! BTS' Fire Iconic from SUGA ROCKS!! What's your Favorite/Best/Iconic/Catchy Line?
  13. loonatheworld !

    Star Blossoms! (OC Female Survival Show)

    “We bloom our contestants into stars!”
  14. Jichu4

    NIZIU "Step & A Step" Debut MV

    NIZIU released the MV for their Debut Track " Step & A Step" On Nov 24. NIZIU Will Officially Debut on Dec.2.20 (I really like the Rapping Part of Make you Happy & Step & A Step during the Bridge..)
  15. Jichu4

    How would you react if you met your favorite Idol & you didn't expected?

    Me: (Ran into My favorite Idol) Me: Uh......(Please leave a Message after the Beep) BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP...
  16. J

    Favorite Jimin???

    Mines Jimin (BTS)
  17. Jichu4

    What is something you hate from Sasaengs?

    I personally hate when they invade idols & start to stalk without any personal space. GIVE THEM SPACE!!! I feel like Korea should do something about this, BUT who knows..
  18. Jichu4

    What's your favorite MAMA Performances ?

    I haven't watch but I'm curious to know some answers,Only a Bit 0f 2019. I'm planning to watch this year... SOME EXAMPLES
  19. Taehyung

    What concept would u do?

    What concept would u do if u were in a kpop group? Some concepts example: Teen crush Cute girl crush Hip hop Sexy Bubbly weird fantasy attractive outdoor mature bad *ss horror and there's more
  20. Jichu4

    What are some good Kpop Songs to listen to that are calm?

    You Never know: Blackpink Trust Me: Kard 21:29 Twice Melting TWICE Deja Vu: Dreamcatcher Eight: IU Stay Blackpink Merry & happy TWICE Airplane pt 2: BTS Psycho Red Velvet Love Precoius: TWICE Rumor Kard Starry Night MAMAMOO Eclipes: Kim Lip NBTM: Got7 Suki to Iwasetai: IZONE Welcome:IZONE...