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  1. vivianna

    Whitelist (fake kpop group) *a boy group this time*

    Hi everyone. Im back. I'm making a boy group called Whitelist. It's a sibling group to my other group Blacklist (LINK). Whitelist is a six member boy group with the concept spies/guardians. They're kind of like spies in plain sight. They are under the company Moonlight Entertainment...
  2. sanasideup

    Ranking Groups in Different Categories

    you can rank whatever grp you want in different categories, like vocal, rap, dance, stage presence, etc. i'm gonna start w blackpink as an example: vocal 4. lisa 3. jisoo 2. jennie 1. rose dance 4. jisoo 3. jennie 2. rose 1. lisa rap 4. rose 3. jisoo 2. lisa 1. jennie stage presence 4. rose...
  3. Taehyun

    NCT Johnny Father

    Hello, does Johnny from NCT actually have a father because I only ever see him with his mother or talk about his mother?
  4. yoon

    Which Kpop Song Do You Like More?

    Hello this is my second thread that I’ve made and I’m still trying to learn how to use forums so please bare with me if my first few threads are okay looking ☻ How To Play 1. You’ll comment two songs from any kpop group/soloist 2. Answer with the song that you like more from the person’s...
  5. MiyukiTsukino

    U-KISS is back

    On January 24th, U-KISS members Soohyun, Kiseop and Hoon signed an exclusive contract withe the new label Tango Music. They are the firs artist from Tango Music. They also have new social media accounts: Twitter Instagram I'm crying, screaming and laughing! Please send some help...
  6. 𝕄𝕦𝕝𝕥𝕚𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑛Dͩrͬeͤaͣmͫs͛

    🄶🅄🄴🅂🅂 🄼🅈 🄱🄸🄰🅂 🄸🄽 🄴🄰🄲🄷 🄶🅁🄾🅄🄿 ((ʙᴏʏ ᴀɴᴅ ɢɪʀʟ ɢʀᴏᴜᴘs))

    ----------------------Okay guys. I don't know if someone has done this already, and if so I'm just a ⁱᵈⁱᵒᵗ‧ Anyways~ I will demonstrate for you fellow peoples. (also everyone's bias's i just couln't word it right ig in the title) ---------------------------- Person A: Okay... Ateez? Person B...
  7. yunaisms

    Kpop things that don't feel real but are.

    What are some kpop things that don't feel real but somehow are? I'll start: 1. Both Hyunjin and Jeongin have nearly joined cults 2. Johnny once told Chenle his sandwich was too hot so Chenle put it in ice 3. Renjun has been arrested twice
  8. P

    Need an explanation

    Why is Hyunjin from Stray Kids (and Seventeen's Mingyu, his is now removed) the only idol on here to have listed his alleged accusations against him listed on his profile? I haven't seen those on any of the other members profiles that have been actually caught in controversial situations? And...
  9. anmybeloved

    DJU Ent. Boyz (Fake Trainee Auditions)

    DJU Entertainment Boyz will be a predebut 5-20 trainees that will debut in (name to be announced). The submissions will end either April 1st or when 20 people have put in submissions. Form: Face Claim: Age: Has to be 14-20 Birthday: Talents: Ethnicity: Height: Preferred Position in (name to be...
  10. yoyoyeol

    How many Kpop song names can you make using only these words?

    (Note: You can repeat words) My Love You/You're Hello Why Call Very Me It Don't/Can't I/I'm For And Say Forever Friend Baby Mister/Mr The A From Run Go Name So Up Pretty Touch First Kick This Fill Hot Never Away See Edit: Guys I just realized that y'all are just using the beginning of the...
  11. bearxsannie

    Who Owned ENHYPEN "Given-Taken" era?

    Who Owned ENHYPEN "Given-Taken" era? answer below <3
  12. yoyoyeol

    ❤️Appreciation for Bobby❤️

    An appreciation thread for Booby of IKon. He's literally such an angel and people are hating on him and calling him ugly I recently even watched one of his lives where he talked about people shaming his face and it just hurt really bad So even if you don't stan it would be really nice of you...
  13. KpopLover127

    What Kpop groups do you think aren't all that?

    Remember no hate and respectfully state your opinion. Don't hate on someone else's opinion. It's ok to disagree but NO HATE! For me personally it's iTZY, BTS, Blackpink, and Loona
  14. vocals.clean.souls


    form your very own boy group ! the amount of members depends on your answers. disclaimer :: this is for fun so don’t go lying about your answers and also i wasn’t able to include every male idol so please don’t be upset. (this will be posted in parts so if you somehow get here before i...
  15. inphoria

    PC Wallpapers from [ BTS's - We are Bulletproof : the Eternal MV ]

    MV: Enjoy these! Let me know if you actually use them TT + wallpaper requests go on my profile uwu ( Part 1 )
  16. jenosimp

    What Is Your Favorite Underrated Kpop Group?

    hi pls tell me ur underrated faves and i will check them out! im pretty bored with all of this stuff going on and i am curious to find out about some unknown kpop groups
  17. KpopLover127

    Favorite Boy Group Concept

    My favorite is the dark or sexy concepts I love the look and sound or dark concepts they are so aggressive and for sexy concepts I love the outfits and Choreography because they are so smooth. What are you guys favorite?
  18. LostInTheDream

    Your Favorite and Least Favorite Title Track by Your Ult Boy and Girl Groups

    Which title tracks from your ult boy and girl groups are your favorite and least favorite. Ult boy group: Seventeen Favorite: Don't Wanna Cry Least Favorite: Mansae Ult girl group: Twice Favorite: What is Love? Least Favorite: Signal
  19. SkalTaz

    Best Kpop Playlist 10H+ 200songs+

    Hi everyone, I am SkalTaz, I listen kpop since many years and love it so much. I have just created a K-pop Playlist on Spotify. It's my personal Playlist, I listen it every day for go to work, play video game... And now I want share it with other passionate of kpop song. You will find more than...
  20. Mikasa Ackerman

    Top 25 biases:. Me vs my friends

    Girl Groups: Twice - Blackpink - ITZY - Dreamcatcher - Red Velvet - GFriend - IZ*ONE - Girls Generation - Everglow - Lovelyz - BVNDIT - Loona - (G)-idle - Mamamoo Momoland Apink Miss A I.O.I Sistar Weki Meki Gugudan AOA EXID WJSN F(x) Boy Groups 1. Seventeen - 2 . NCT - 3. Ateez...