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  1. KpopLover127

    Top 5 Biases

    I can't pick honestly but what about you guys?
  2. renejayde

    Seven O'Clock becomes 5 member group - Introducing new members Jang Rui and Eunkyeol

    I'm so excited to see Rui finally debut, he was a participant on Under19 and he's an incredible rapper! But at the same time I'm devistated that Hyun, 2Soul and Jeonggyu are leaving, I wish them the best in whatever comes next for them 😔
  3. aznmochibunny

    D1VERSE Fans

    Just a thread for the upcoming Vietnamese boy group under RBW Entertainment in Korea.
  4. Nt1naM12

    Fans being against the SuperM project

    After SuperM members did a livestream on instagram via Taemin's account, they were so happy about that-in my opinion-but they seemed a bit anxious about sth. That sth is what Baekhyun also said-Fanwars! 😔 I'm totally against it, but most exo-l's are sooooooo rude and selfish. I'm an exo-l...
  5. LizzieCornZ__

    Who is your.........bias? (Boy Group Edition)

    1. X1 Bias 2. BTS Bias 3. MONSTA X Bias 4. Stray Kids Bias 5. EXO Bias 6. ONEUS Bias 7. WINNER Bias 8. PENTAGON Bias 9. iKON Bias 10. NCT Bias 11. 1TEAM Bias 12. ATEEZ Bias 13. AB6IX Bias 14. CIX Bias 15. GOT7 Bias 16. HOTSHOT Bias 17. SEVENTEEN 18. NU'EST Bias 19. SF9 Bias 20. SUJU Bias 21...
  6. Park Jaemin

    BTS -marry -kiss -boyfriend -cheat -madness -crying -kill

    Example=> Marry ~ Jimin Kiss ~ V Boyfriend ~ Jungkook Cheat ~ Suga Madness ~ J-hope Crying ~ Jin Kill ~ RM
  7. Park Jaemin

    Your first group that got you into KPOP and the group that you love the most now!

    first group ~> BLACKPINK now ~> STRAY KIDS
  8. Disregarded

    Duet JBJ95 Official Thread

    rules: ✧ be respectful to the idols/other users ✧ no bashing/hateful comments allowed ✧ enjoy :love: Their latest comeback ❤ Their profile is here❤
  9. whhhwi

    Do We Have The Same Bias? (boy group edition)

    let me know if we the same bias!! ikon - bobby stray kids - woojin bts - jin astro - rocky seventeen - wonwoo monsta x - wonho exo - suho day6 - dowoon got7 - jinyoung sf9 - inseong speed - taeha the rose - hajoon ateez - yunho nflying - hweseung
  10. Kirstyaspenn

    Seventeen's Home or Getting Closer

    I prefer Getting Closer but I like both
  11. Kirstyaspenn

    Monsta X's Shoot Out or Alligator

    I prefer Shoot Out
  12. Kirstyaspenn

    BTS' Epiphany or Serendipity or Euphoria or Singularity

    I like all of them but my faves are Epiphany and Serendipity
  13. Kirstyaspenn

    Ateez's Pirate King or Hala Hala

    I prefer Pirate King
  14. Kirstyaspenn

    Winner's Ah Yeah or Fool

    I prefer Ah Yeah
  15. Kirstyaspenn

    Super Junior's Mamacitia or Mr. Simple

    I prefer Mamacitia
  16. Kirstyaspenn

    Stray Kids' Side Effects or I am You

    I like Side Effects
  17. Kirstyaspenn

    NCT 127's Touch or NCT Dream's Go

    I like Go slightly more
  18. Kirstyaspenn

    Astro's Crazy Sexy Cool or All Night

    I like both
  19. Kirstyaspenn

    BTS' Fire or Dope

    I like Dope