boy group

  1. Kirstyaspenn

    Big Bang's Loser or Sober

    Both are equally good in my opinion
  2. Kirstyaspenn

    SF9 O Sole Mio or Mamma Mia

    Both are equally good in my opinion
  3. Kirstyaspenn

    Stray Kids' My Pace or Miroh

    Both are equally good in my opinion
  4. Kirstyaspenn

    The Rose or N.Flying

    Both are equally good in my opinion
  5. Kirstyaspenn

    Nu'est's Face or Bet Bet

    I like both
  6. Kirstyaspenn

    Highlight's Loved or Beast's Fiction

    I like both
  7. Kirstyaspenn

    B.A.P's Wake Me Up or Honeymoon

    I like Wake Me Up
  8. Kirstyaspenn

    BTS' Boy with Luv or Heartbeat

    I like both
  9. Kirstyaspenn

    UNB's Black Heart or Feeling

    I like both
  10. Kirstyaspenn

    Gd's Crooked or Untitled 2014

    I like both but there are feelings when I listen to Untitled 2014 that makes it one of my favourite songs
  11. Kirstyaspenn

    EXO's Power or Ko Ko Bop

    I like both
  12. Kirstyaspenn

    Monsta X Jealousy or Dramarama

    I like both
  13. Kirstyaspenn

    Your favourite Produce X 101 performance

    There are so many good ones but my fave is probably Move 1. Because it was a great performance but 2. I'm biased towards Hangyul :)
  14. Kirstyaspenn

    EXO's Universe or Lotto

    I like Both
  15. Kirstyaspenn

    What is your favourite 2nd Gen song?

    It's probably a Shinee song but idk there are so many good 2nd Gen songs.
  16. Kirstyaspenn

    BTS' No More Dream or Mic Drop

    I like Mic Drop
  17. Kirstyaspenn

    Seventeen's Thanks or Oh My!

    I like both
  18. Kirstyaspenn

    EXO's Monster or Growl

    I like both
  19. Kirstyaspenn

    Big Bang's Fantastic Baby or Bang Bang Bang

    I like both
  20. Kirstyaspenn

    Pentagon's Naughty Boy or Sha La La

    I prefer Sha La La