1. Dejunjun

    Kpop (Stage/Airport) Outfit Wishes

    Okay idk where this is supposed to go but uh yeah-- ATEEZ: Hongjoong: A full skirt or a pink crop top, specifically pink (lol Mingi: One of those ab strap things- like- Yunho: Kai (EXO) style crop top, yk? like obsession/love shot type San: Chocker and like idk like mans looks good in...
  2. Dejunjun

    Who r ur ults and y?

    Who is everyone's ult and like- w a i? Like top 2+ ults-- and like- idk what I'm doing Mine are: 1: Xiaojun, WayV,, he just makes me happy-- 2: Jacob, VAV,, he was the first VAV member I learned the face of 3: Seungmin, Stray Kids,, smol bean 4: Chanhee, The Boyz,, i- tbh idk- he just- he just-...
  3. _areum ₰

    NCT U_ Work It [M/V]

  4. _areum ₰

    NCT U_ Work It [M/V Teaser]

  5. myheartizomg


    Okay let's forget about the Wakey Wakey tragic wig and focus on the real good stuff. Everybody you have been warned.
  6. Mussmellow

    NCTZENS and WAYZENNIES WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!???? So as the link suggests, someone, I don't know who, thought it would be nice to see what the boys look like with beards. I mean nothing's wrong with being curious but after seeing the actual pics I busted a lung, . Maybe...
  7. _xx_Jenn_xx_

    I Need Help.....

    ...... I have NOT stopped listening to this since it was released..... Yuta...Ten...Haechan....all of them....this is just...pure...freakin...heaven SM did not fail with the voices in this song...they compliment each other, you can just feel this song like help
  8. jenosimp

    how well do u know me? (i copied this as usual🤡🤡)

    if this flops johnny made me do it 🥰 1. my ult bias? 2. when’s my birthday? 3. what’s my first name? 4. my ult group? 5. what state am i from? 6. how many brothers do i have? 7. how many sisters do i have? 8. how many dogs do i have? 9. which cult am i from?🤡 10. where was i before johnny moved...
  9. jenosimp

    johnny x ronald mcdonald fanfiction ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    @SpaceQueen800 dared me to write this, dont cancel me🤡🤡 johnny x ronald mcdonald 🥵🥵🥵 one day johnny decided to go to start a riot at mcdonalds which he thought was gonna be easy since he was like 9 feet tall so he walked in and started blasting kick it and default dancing on the tables and the...
  10. jenosimp

    how to get kidnapped by johnny in a white van

    one day you were home alone and all of a sudden u started to hear screaming and the sound of a vehicle pulling up to ur house??? "wtf" u looekd out ur window and saw a white van pulling up to ur driveway u were soo confused and scared because u heard screaming too....was the screaming coming...
  11. jaeminhee

    NCT Johnny Wallapapers / Lockscreens

    Credits to owners
  12. jaeminhee

    Your favorite NCT sub-unit?

    mine is dream idk if wayv is still considered nct but anyways
  13. Kirstyaspenn

    NCT Rants and Stuff

    I haven't found something like this yet for NCT so... I wanted to open one for NCTizens to rant or talk idk
  14. B

    Official NCT thread! (All units)

    This thread is dedicated to NCT! Feel welcomed to comment and ask questions about the group : ) RULES - Don't bash eachother - Keep this thread respectful - Have Fun
  15. M

    ~ JohnMark ~

    i'm convinced mark's the younger brother johnny never got to biologically have, i love their interactions😅 (+BONUS)