1. EGB

    Ahahaha >.<

    'ello, my name's well, EGB, and I'm egb-musiclover on akp and hc, and been a guest here for a while, and joined coz I am curious about a few users :P anyways, hope we become close friend, yea! oh and I basically like every kpop group I know, so don't ask me who I stan too much, can't give you...
  2. SmolBeanAsh

    Who wants to be friends?

    i have been on k-profiles for a month or two now, and i just made my forum account today (October 27, 2020) and I was wondering if anybody would like to be friends with me? i'm open to meeting new people, feel free to message me : ) ~Just A Little Bit About me~...
  3. ❀ your kpop multistan ❀

    Hello I'm new ^^

    hi I literally just joined so I don't really know how things work here but I'm sure I'll figure it out while I go Also I'm really lonely I don't have a single friend that likes kpop so feel free to message me :D
  4. ykhar


    Hello, I'm new here. I'm shy, so I hope you guys can teach me how to use this forum. I like Seventeen, Blackpink and BTS, but I'm always open to new groups
  5. monokyo_world

    Hello! 안녕하세요 여러분!!

    Hello! My name is....김재리 (I’ll say my Korean Name since I don’t want to say my real name) My birthday is August 8 (it wasn’t to long ago) I love K-pop My Ult Groups Stray Kids / Stays ( Official Color : Red?) BTS / Army ( Official Color : Silver-grayish ) TXT / MOA ( Official Color ...
  6. kai ♡

    Hi UWU

    Hi everyone! My name is Kai and I'm new to the forums and I stan a lot of groups and thats about it!😅
  7. Nadi


    I'm not new to this site but i decided to make an account now. My real name is Nadi and i'm comming from Germany, i started Listing to Kpop when i was like 12/13 years old, now i' 19 going to be 20 this year and i should say That Kpop really changed my life and i'm so thankful for that. Also i'm...
  8. kittykat

    nice to meet you!

    hi all! nice to meet you. i've been a kpop fan for a... long time. (im pretty old, for an internet forum. lol. kpop is for all ages right?) i've loved everything from TVXQ to Wonder Girls to EXO. ("vintage" kpop lmao) these days im super into MAMAMOO (hwasa I LOVE YOU:love:), ITZY, Monsta X...
  9. Yseki

    Hey, Just An Intro

    Some of you all prob know me, but if you don't it is Yseki. Right now my UB group is 2nd gen group Supernova, but I also like tons of other groups such as SS501, TVXQ, Beast/Highlight, BTOB, Infinite, Teen Top, 100%, NU'EST, VIXX, B1A4, 2PM etc.
  10. vocals.clean.souls

    Introducing Myself

    An introduction cause I never did one when I joined. Hello, my name is Makayla! Nice to meet you! I’ve been into kpop for the past 2 years (a bit more). And stan so many groups cause I can’t seem to stop. I’m mainly a boy group stan, but I still listen to girl groups and have a select few...
  11. Craneprincess

    CRANE PRINCE & PRINCESS official A L E X fandom

    We are the Cranes and Rooster ! Please learn about us on Kpop singer ALEX (칸첸알렉스) official wikia community; LEARN ABOUT THE WEALTHY CRANES Here to lead the fandom ; CRANEPRINCE & CRANEPRINCESS. We are here for the future of Kpop!
  12. svtsasa

    Introduction + groups I stan

    About me: I’m salomé (please call me sasa) and 16 years old. I’ve been a kpop fan since 2017 and my ultimate group is seventeen. I live in germany since 2005 and yeah that was it Groups I stan: Seventeen Stray kids Twice Izone Monsta x Fromis_9 Got7 Wjsn Clc Day6 Shinee 1the9...
  13. IceQueen


    Hi, guys. I'm new I joined like yesterday and already have like 5 cards. I'm wiling to get all of Stray Kids. I love a lot of Kpop groups so tbh I don't just stan one group. I don't like answering who is your favorite group or favorite bias question because they are all amazing. I guess you...
  14. twicexonation_9

    Good day folks!

    Hello folks, it's an amazing Tuesday right now and I hoep we should be getting know closer right now both here in Kprofiles Forum and possibly meet-in-person if ever a chance!
  15. nctinthehouse

    INTRODUCTION + a little poll of sorts ;)

    hello everyone! my name is annika, im 15, i live in new zealand, and i'm chinese, what about you?! i'd love to know more about my fellow kpoppies in this amazing community :) my ult groups are nct and blackpink. i love nct for their amazing concept of unlimited members, but their music is top...
  16. breezy

    hi!! my intro thread <3

    if anyone is reading this, it's nice to meet you! i've never used a social media platform like this before (the layout looks like reddit to me, but i've never used that either), but i'm excited to meet other lovers of kpop!! let's be friends <3 MY GROUPS (biases in parentheses) - ults: got7...
  17. uwustraykids

    New here, idk if im doing this right lol

    Hi hello, my name is Keen and I'm from Thailand 😊 My current ult group is Stray Kids, but I also stan Astro, Got7, Mamamoo, ITZY, Day6, N.Flying, and a lot more ^^ Welp, bye I guess ❤ P.s. stan SKZ stan talent Okay, imma yeet myself outta here now, hope you have a nice day, bye dearies 💕💕💕
  18. Forgotten Wonderland

    Hello!!~ A Kinda Long Introduction of Myself, Sorry~

    Helloooooooooooo~~~~ I'm new here! This might be the only thread I write about myself, so please bear with it :). I was first introduced to EXO when I was... what? 6 or 7? I can't recall. Well, it was introduced to me by one of my friends. That means that I've been introduced to K-Pop officially...