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  1. cherrybomb

    KBS Under Fire For Alleged Mistreatment Towards Golden Child

    KBS is currently under fire from netizens after allegations of mistreatment for the K-Pop idol group Golden Child, following changes in their live stream schedule that impacted the Woollim artists. At the start of October, KBS announced that they would be broadcasting compilations of various...
  2. be my shine! ✨

    More Golden Child Icons!

    Note: These were made with PicsArt (desktop version); none of the stickers/designs used are mine. Note 2: All the icons are now different sizes due to me having to resize them. Daeyeol Y / Sungyoon Jangjun Tag / Youngtaek Seungmin Jaehyun Jibeom Donghyun Joochan...
  3. be my shine! ✨

    Dreamcatcher + Golden Child + Weki Meki Incorrect Quotes

    Note: I know there's already a K-pop incorrect quotes thread, but this is for Deukae and Golcha specifically. ~~~~~~~ Jiu: My kids eat organic snacks. Daeyeol: That's good. My kids eat candy off the floor. Jiu: Oh haha so does Yoohyeon! Yoohyeon: WAIT NO that was ONE time!-- ~~~ Daeyeol...
  4. be my shine! ✨

    💛 Golden Child Icons! 💛

    (Note: All the icons share the same hearts effect/sticker) [In age order] Daeyeol Y / Sungyoon Jangjun Tag / Youngtaek Seungmin Jaehyun Jibeom Donghyun Joochan Bomin If anyone wishes to use one of these icons, please let me know and also credit me. Thank you. Honorary...
  5. Mikasa Ackerman

    Bomin (Golden Child) for @star1 magazine

    @star1 magazine released a new pictorial of Bomin. The cute, charismatic and sweet vibe in this photoshoot really need to be appreciated! Check out the pic below!
  6. Mikasa Ackerman

    Golden Child Gets Their 1st Win For "Burn It"

    Congrats to Golden Child! It's their 3rd overall win!
  7. Naomi

    Flings at Convenience Store, an Idol Webdrama

    An Idol Webdrama called Flings at Convenience Store by dingo x U+ Idol Live starring VICTON Subin, AB6IX Donghyun , Golden Child Bongjae and Pentagon Wooseok Flings at Convenience Store Ep.01
  8. _areum ₰

    GOLDEN CHILD {Official 5th Mini Album [YES.] Comeback Thread}

    Welcome to the 골든차일드(Golden Child) 5th Mini Album Comeback Thread All information and teasers for GOLDEN CHILD 5th MINI ALBUM, which will be released on January 25, 2021 will be posted here. I |PROLOGUE VIDEO #GoldenChild #골든차일드
  9. Mikasa Ackerman

    Official GOLDEN CHILD *Pump It Up* Comeback Thread

    ~Welcome to the Official Comeback Thread Of Golden Child's "Pump It Up"~ Golden Child will be making their comeback on October 7 with their second single album “Pump It Up”! 01. Comeback Spoiler The video depicts a text conversation between the Golden Child members in which Jangjun asks, “When...
  10. _areum ₰

    ƧIᄂVΣЯ ΛDЦᄂƬƧ thread

    its totally messy around 🤭 I'll update it later on for each member roles
  11. Mikasa Ackerman

    GOLDEN CHILD "Take A Leap" Comeback Trailer

    On June 8 at midnight KST, Golden Child officially announced their comeback date. They will be returning with a new release on June 23 at 6 p.m. KST. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!
  12. _areum ₰

    What's your fav performance in ROAD TO KINGDOM ?

    PENTAGON - Shine + Spring Snow VERIVERY - Photo THE BOYZ - Danger ONEUS X THE BOYZ - Heroine What's about you ? VERIVERY Dongheon doesn't want to make any collaboration with TOO anymore in future, but I'll see is it true or not😉😉
  13. butterpuffs

    First Round of Road to Kingdom

    ONEUS [Warrior's Descendant - H.O.T] TOO [Rising Sun - TVXQ!] Verivery [Mansae - Seventeen] Golden Child [T.O.P - Shinhwa] ONF [Everybody - SHINee] Pentagon [Very Good - Block B] The Boyz [Danger - SHINee's Taemin]
  14. ONF

    Who are you rooting for in Road to Kingdom?

    Personally I'll only be rooting for my main but who are yall supporting in RTK?
  15. peltonia

    Mnet's "Road To Kingdom" - first stage rumors

    ONEUS - Warrior's Descendant by H.O.T school uniforms, stage uses desks and chairs TOO - Rising Sun by TVXQ red clothes, stage uses backup dancers and gold fabric(?) VERIVERY - Mansae by Seventeen white shirts w black pants, song has an "intro" portion, stage uses backup dancers and a...
  16. Mikasa Ackerman

    Golden Child's Wannabe or ITZY's Wannabe?

    For me, I can't choose one. I love both songs. What about u?
  17. Min Gaeul