1. myheartizomg

    Wheein 1st Mini Album "REDD" Comeback Thread

    Welcome to the official Wheein "Redd" comeback thread with 1st mini album ❣ Release date: 2021.04.13 at 6PM!! Teaser Photo:

    Day6 *Official <The Book of Us> Comeback Thread*

    Welcome to the Day6 "The Book of Us" Comeback Thread All information and teasers for Day6's comeback album, which will be released April 19, 2021, will be posted here 1. Comeback Poster
  3. Naomi

    Weeekly 3rd Mini Album " We Play " Comeback Thread

    Weeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] 2021. 03. 17 WED 6PM
  4. namjingle

    DEMIAN « A Blue not Blues » [Official Comeback Thread]

    Demian will be coming back on March 3rd with his 4th single album "A ____ not _____". TEASER 1:
  5. Naomi

    WEEEKLY gears up for a Comeback in March

    Group Weeekly has confirmed its comeback in March.✨ According to a news report on the 22nd, Weekly will release a new album in March and begin its activities. In particular, the title song of Weeekly's new album is expected to be worked on by "K-pop hit maker" Ryan Jeon. Ryan's performance...
  6. Saythename17

    SEVENTEEN | "Not Alone" | Official Comeback Thread

    To SEVENTEEN's Official Comeback thread of “Not Alone”! (3rd Japan Single) SEVENTEEN is getting ready for a comeback! The single is titled as "Not Alone" and it will be released on 2021.04.21 6PM KST. The track comes as SEVENTEEN's latest Japanese comeback, following their 2020 mini-album 24H...
  7. Saythename17

    KANG DANIEL | "PARANOIA" | Official Comeback Thread

    To KANG DANIEL's Official Comeback Thread! Kang Daniel is getting ready for a comeback! The album is titled as "PARANOIA" and it will be released on 16, February at 6PM KST. You can find any information about Kang Daniel's comeback in this thread! <3 01. Comeback Teaser Video February 1, 2021...
  8. Saythename17

    ATEEZ | “ZERO : FEVER Part.2” | Official Comeback Thread

    To ATEEZ's Official Comeback thread of “ZERO : FEVER Part.2” ! ATEEZ is getting ready for a comeback! The album is titled as "ZERO : FEVER Part.2" and it will be released on 2021.03.01 6PM KST. On February 5th, KQ Entertainment announced that Mingi will continue hiatus during the comeback...
  9. IZ*ONE

    ONF to make a Comeback with 1st Full length Album

    FUSEs get ready for another hit from ONF! The Group has confirmed to make an February Comeback! No date has been announced but It's most likely going to be aimed for late February. Not only that but, it will be ONF's First Full Album! Are U excited to see what ONF has in mind? Full Page: ONF...
  10. Jichu4

    IU to make a Comeback in 2021 but Release one song for January

    IU Marks her spot again for UAENAs During her speech at the Grand Prize Speech at the 35th Golden Disc Awards, IU stated “I am planning to release a new album,” Which as well stated it could be a Full Album, Then she went on to say she is hoping to release a song for Januray as well. Here's the...
  11. Jichu4


    NOTE: (I'll be on a 1 week Hitus after Wednesday due No Internet Week & spending Christmas..Well Maybe I might go on it but who knows (J.I.C if I'm not active on this like I was with the IZ*ONE Comeback thread) *J.I.C (Just in Case) ANYWAYS.. #1: As said in the Cravity Comeback Thread...
  12. Jichu4

    CRAVITY to a make a January Comeback

    CRAVITY has announced thier 3rd Comeback! Starship Ent. has released a teaser post of the Group's comeback which will take place in January 19 of 2021! The Next album is called "SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE" Here's the Full Post: Cravity Comeback in January
  13. Saythename17

    Taeyeon (SNSD) Confirmed To Be Preparing For A Comeback

    Xportsnews reported that Taeyeon will be releasing a new solo album in December. In response to that report, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Taeyeon is preparing a new album aimed for a December release. Please look forward to it.” This is her first comeback after releasing "Happy" in May.
  14. Angelazed

    E'LAST 2nd comeback (Won Hyuk and Wonjun)

    Hi! I don't know if there are people who still remember Won Hyuk and Wonjun from Produce X 101. Well, they recently released their first comeback and I was disappointed that they haven't gained much followers because I love their songs and, after seeing them in the TV show above mentioned, I...

    GOT7 *Official <Breath of Love : Last Piece> Comeback Thread*

    Welcome to the GOT7 "Breath of Love : Last Piece" Comeback Thread All information and teasers for GOT7's comeback album, which will be released on November 30, 2020, will be posted here. 1. Comeback Teaser
  16. Naomi

    VICTON 3rd Comeback Date Announced !

    This will mark VICTON's first new music release in approximately 6 months, also signaling the group's third comeback of the year. The comeback is also expected to serve as a special gift for VICTON's fans in light of the group's 4th anniversary. More information on AKP here
  17. Saythename17

    GFRIEND Announces New Album “回:Walpurgis Night”

    It will be released on the 9th November. “回:Walpurgis Night” will be their third full album. Let's party Buddies!!
  18. Saythename17

    MAMAMOO Confirmed To Be Preparing For Comeback

    TEN Asia reported that MAMAMOO is getting ready to make their comeback, and a source from MAMAMOO’s agency confirmed to Xportsnews, “They are preparing for a comeback in early November. We will announce the schedule once it is confirmed.” Source: Soompi
  19. acat

    CL +POST UP+

    CL is releasing a video +Post Up+ on the 14th of September please support CL
  20. Lost_in_the_Dream

    Lovelyz "Obliviate" M/V

    This is their first comeback in about a year, and a big change in concept. I really like it! What do you all think?