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Aug 29, 2019
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Okay but like, why's that whole interaction with Hyunjin lowkey hot tho? Like damn I might need me some Mafia X Yakuza (I think??) in here :love:
Lol, I re-read the last episode and legit got so fricking giddy.


ᴀʟɪᴢᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ, ᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ꜱᴇʀᴠɪᴄᴇ!
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Aug 29, 2019
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> You decided you might as well bring Yeonjun along for the ride.
> Lidia: Y'know what? Yea, I'm bringing you with me.
> Yeonjun: BET. Letz go!
> He grabbed the keys as you two grinned crazily at each other
> Soobin: Where the hell are you two going so happily?
> He knew better than to let you two go anywhere with each other
> Especially with smiles like those.
> You two got in huge trouble whenever you do.
> Like when you guys shoplifted at the dollar store and then went left the slushie machine in a gas station running.
> Yeonjun: *slowly controls his smile* No where.
> Lidia: It's "Bring Your Insane Cousin to Work" day.
> Soobin: Then why aren't you taking Gyu?
> Lidia: Cuz he can't drive.
> Soobin: *is suspicious* Well, alright. But remember our rules. BOTH of you.
> He said that last part at Yeonjun.
> Yeonjun: Shut up, Bin. I'm older than you.
> Soobin: And yet I'm more responsible and in Charge.
> You stepped out side and slid into the family car because you know Jun was going to play wrestle Soobin to maintain his brothers respect.
> Normally you'd be anxious to get to work and avoid being late
> Today? No. Not Today.
> A few moments later, Yeonjun walked in the car disheveled and had the biggest smirk on his face.
> Lidia: He tapped out?
> Yeonjun: Kinda, he's about to be late so I let him go to fix himself. We're continuing later... LOOK! There he goes. Hahaha!
> Soobin walked out of the house in his uniform for his job.
> Yeonjun: You mind if we give him a ride?
> Lidia: I don't care.
> Jun honked and made Soobin flinch.
> Yeonjun: Hop in! We'll drop you off!
> Soobin went in and laid in the back.
> Soobin: So, what're you plotting for your " Bring your Insane Cousin to work'' day, Li-Li?
> Lidia: Nothing much, just going to get paid and do something, I guess.
> You knew you can't tell Bin what you were planning.
> Soobin: Alright, but if you so much as destroy one thing in that garage, I swear to the fricking Olympian Gods it won't end pretty for you.
> You pulled up at the Baskin Robins that Soobin works at and let him out.
> Soobin: Thanks guys, bye.
> He walked towards the ice cream shop.
> You felt like he was in a bad mood, so why not try to cheer him up a bit?
> Lidia: Make a lot of Banana Splits today!!
> He flipped you off without turning around but you seen a slight smile on his face.
> Yeonjun: *laughs* I love my brother.
> Lidia: And I love my cousins
> You lightly punch his arm as he pulls out of the parking lot.
> Yeonjun: So what are you plotting today?
> Lidia: Don't worry about it. Just stay by me and don't talk to those a*sholes
> Yeonjun: Only if they try some sh!t (y)
> You smiled and felt happy that Yeonjun is with you.

> You two arrived 5 minutes later than when you're supposed to. (it's 9:05am right now and you're supposed to be there at/before 9:00 am)
> Yeonjun stayed close next to you as you two entered the garage.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: You good-for-nothing snake!
> Lidia: Oh deary me, what did I now?
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: Don't you get smart with me! You're late!!
> Lidia: By 5 minutes. 5 minutes of me not being here isn't going to kill you.
> Yeonjun stayed silently behind you but you felt him getting mad.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: And who the hell is this?? We're bringing strangers in now!?!
> Lidia: This is my cousin.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: I thought we discussed when you were hired no family offers.
> Lidia: He's only here to keep me company and help me, since you guys don't.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: What gives you the right to talk to me like that?!?
> Lidia: How about all those car deal I did for you? Not just you but ALL of you.
> You pointed at all the other workers there.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: Okay, and?
> Lidia: And I haven't gotten a single penny from any of them! You said I'd get at most $70 for each.
> Lidia: I did 15 different cars for you guys all I've gotten is $10. You owe me $1,040!
> Yeonjun: What?! You haven't gotten paid for them?!
> Lidia: Jun, not now. The employees are talking.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: I have your money in the office.
> He's lying, you know that face anywhere. He's just trying to get you to shut up.
> Lidia: Then give it to me.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: Finish your work today and I'll give it to you at closing.
> You're beyond mad.
> Lidia: Fine! If I don't get it you can bet there'll be consequences.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: Did you just threaten me?? I have half a mind to fire you.
> Lidia: Oh? Then who'll do your work for you?
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: Get to work.

> You made your way to the Beetle in the corner and started working.
> The garage was big enough that you and Jun were able to talk without being heard
> Lidia: I know you're pissed but don't even think about doing anything right now. It'll ruin the fun for later
> The thought of what you have in mind is so tempting you don't want to wait.
> Yeonjun: So, you haven't been paid.
> Lidia: No, I haven't. I ask day by day and they never give me anything.
> Yeonjun: So what do you have in mind?
> Lidia: We're going to set their mini-fridge on fire and then spread it to the futon.
> Yeonjun: What about the cars?
> Lidia: We're full right now so no one is allowed to leave their car here.
> Lidia: The Camero will be picked up at 2 and everything else will be too eventually sometime today.
> Yeonjun: So, you're setting your job on fire. That sounds like you're not going to return...
> Lidia: Yep! I'm done with the disrespect.
> Yeonjun: So, does this mean that you're... y'know..
> You knew exactly what he's saying
> Lidia: Yup. I wanna be involved. Anything is better than this dump.
> Yeonjun: Hallelujah.

> You two spoke and worked until the clock struck 2 and the owner of the Camero came.
> Yeonjun was shocked and hid behind the Beetle and kept an eye on them in the mirror.
> Lidia: What is it?
> Yeonjun: Nothing good. It's another member.
> Lidia: Of the North?
> Yeonjun: No, East.
> Lidia: Should I help them? Then they'd leave quicker.
> Yeonjun: I mean only if you want to. But just know that I won't hesitate to light it up.
> Yeonjun: I kinda want to know who it is. It'll help keeping track of people.

Do you:
Go help the customer and have them leave quicker, and get info. ((y))
Stay 'working' and stay by Yeonjun. ( 😲 )

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Aug 29, 2019
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> You wanted to help Jun.
> You walked over to the customer. Your pistol felt heavy in your pocket
> He had another boy with him.
> They both were dressed elegantly, like there was a dress-code they had to adhere to.
> Even so they were dressed very differently
> The Northerners were dressed neatly but not as high-class, they mixed street wear and elegance in their clothes
> The other boy froze and blush slowly flooded his cheeks when he saw you.
> *Crap* you thought *I don't need another one flirting with me*
> Luckily, the other workers were still on the futon and ignoring everything that was happening
> Lidia: Hello, may I help you?
> ??: Yes, I'm here to pick up my car.
> Lidia: Of course.
> You guided the customers to the desk.
> Lidia: Which car is it?
> ??: The Camero.
> Lidia: Ah, yes. I worked on it myself.
> ??: Really? I left it to another, he said he'd do it himself.
> Lidia: Sorry there's not much they do here.
> You gestured to the others on the couch
> Lidia: May I have your name and some sort of identification?
> ??: Yes my name is Yeosang. Here's my ID
> You took the ID and sure enough it had Yeosang on it.
> Lidia: Okay, here's your key, and your ID card.
> Yeosang: Thank you. Oh! And this is my brother San
> The other flinched when he was mentioned.
> Lidia: I haven't seen you two here before. Did you barely move here?
> Yeosang: No, we're from the other side of the city.
> Lidia: Oh, really? What brings you two here?
> Yeosang: Not much, we wanted to see more of Chicago.
> San: We don't really leave the East Side, we have no idea what it's like over here.
> Lidia: Oh that's horrible. I hope you two find the west side interesting. There's so much to do.
> Yeosang: How would you like to show my brother around, then?
> You stood there shocked and your eye slowly wandered to the Beetle where Yeonjun was shaking his head.
> The message was clear, 'No'
> Lidia: Um..
> San: Yes, I see you're probably swamped with work, of course.
> He started to pull his brother away
> Lidia: Um, Excuse me! Your payment??
> Yeosang: Of course, I apologize, my brother is anxious today.
> Yeosang: What was the total?
> You checked the receipt.
> Lidia: $1,040....
> Old Crusty Co-Worker: Yes! And I'll take my pay, now.
> He shoved you aside as the customer was about to hand you the money.
> Yeosang: I do believe I was paying you for the service but considering you're doing nothing and this girl is the only one who is working.
> San helped you up.
> Yeosang: I'll be paying her.
> Yeosang handed you the money.
> Yeosang: Let's go San
> San: Okay.
> Before walking away he took your hand and left a piece of paper.
> He smiled at you and got in his brothers car and got in
> They drove away.

> You slipped the paper in your pocket.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: I hope you're happy with yourself.
> Lidia: Well, since this exactly the amount you owe me... Yes. I am.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: Whatever, get back to work.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: We're checking out early, the only thing that still needs to be done is your Beetle.
> Lidia: I'm done with the Beetle, we're waiting for the pick-up.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: *ignores* One of us will stay to make sure you don't cause anymore trouble.
> Lidia: And pay me, I hope.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker: Yeah, that too I guess.
> Four of the five co-workers left and one stayed behind.
> Crusty Old Co-Worker #5: I'm sleeping in the Office, your pay check is on the toolbox over there.
> Yeonjun ran up to you and hug-lifted you from behind after the co-worker was out of sight for a couple of minutes
> Kinda like this 👉
How to Crack Your Back: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

> Lidia: Jun. It's still open.
> Yeonjun: So?? C'mon!! Let's do iTTTT!!
> Lidia: Wait until the last car is gone.
> Yeonjun: But that could take foreverrr~
> Lidia: Not really. Look, there's the owner of the Beetle now.
> You went and helped the customer and took your 40% of the money, and taped the rest on the door.
> You also taped a piece of paper with a message.
> "I QUIT 💜 -the wretched snake who did your jobs for you"
> You checked out and turned to your cousin.
> Lidia: Let's burn this sh!t hole to the ground.

> Yeonjun: Wait, would you get suspected if we do this?
> Lidia: Hell no. This fridge this has been smoking H E A V I L Y, since I was hired.
> Yeonjun: You've been at this job for three months...
> Lidia: Exactly. Besides, the worker that they left here is too proud to deny he left me alone.
> Yeonjun: Would you like to do the honors or shall I?
> Lidia: Let me do it.
> Yeonjun: Of course~
> You nudged the fridge in the back and stuck two of the wires in the other socket.
> Sparks flew and you quickly shoved the fridge back to normal in it's non-suspicious position.
> Lidia: C'mon Jun!
> You two fanned the sparks a bit until the fridge burst into flames and spread them to the hated futon.
> You two ran and went to the car.

> After driving away, you two burst into laughter
> Yeonjun: I can't believe we just did that!!!
> Lidia: ME NEITHER!! I've been dreaming of doing that since forever!!!
> Yeonjun: that guy will be okay though right?
> Lidia: Of course, there's another door that leads outside in there. He'll be fine.
> You two went home and burst through the door
> Your aunt heard you.
> Aunt: You DID!??
> Beomgyu: Good JOB, Lidi!
> Kai bounced down the stairs and congratulated you.
> Soobin came into the room smiling
> Soobin: So that's what you were plotting.
> Lidia: Yup!
> Kai: We should celebrate!
> Auntie: I'm staying in bed guys okay? Have fun! But not too much, don't go forming gangs, haha~
> You and your cousins stared at each other confused.
> Kai: She's been watching the news today, the Northerners are making trouble... OKAY MA!
> You imagined what trouble Hyunjin and Felix could do and imagined the rest of their family helping them
> Soobin: Me and some *ahem* co-workers are heading out for a drink.
> Yeonjun: I wanna go!
> Soobin: Okay, I don't see why not. I can't miss this though they're pretty big at WorK.
> The way he said it made you think he didn't mean Baskin Robins.
> You thought maybe this would where they'd meet with the other members of their Mafia.
> Kai: Aww, I wanted to take her to the theme park and blow off some cash at the candy shop that just opened.
> Beomgyu: OooooOOh that sounds like fun~ I wanna go! I heard they took off their metal detectors after protests last week went far
> After being held up as an adult for a while, being a kid sounded tempting...
> Taehyun: I'm down to go wherever Li-Li goes.

Will you
Go to the Theme Park with Kai, Beomgyu, and Taehyun. (react with (y))
Go have a drink with Soobin, Yeonjun, and Taehyun. ( react with😲 )

.Voting ENDED.
(y)- 3 votes
( 😲)- 2 votes
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Aug 29, 2019
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> You decided since you're devoting yourself to the mafia, you're not going to miss much from one meeting.
> Lidia: I'm gonna go with Kai, Gyu, and of course Taehyun
> Kai: Alright!!
> He jumped for joy with Gyu as they went outside.
> Lidia: Where are you guys going??
> Beomgyu: To the Theme Park?
> Lidia: I need to shower, I'm still covered in oil and grime. Also, use it's name. 'Navy Pier'
> Soobin: *laughing* I hope you guys have fun. We'll take the bus so you guys can drive there. C'mon Jun.
> Soobin and Yeonjun start to leave.
> You grab Yeonjun before he can go.
> Lidia: *whispering* Will he get mad if he finds out about the thing we did today?
> He smiled.
> Yeonjun: *whispering* haha yeah.
> He turned and left to catch up with his brother.
> Lidia: I won't take long guys, wait for me in the car.
> They nodded and went to the car, as you turned to your room.
> You took a short shower and brought out an outfit that's perfect for the summer weather.
> A baby blue spaghetti-strap with a denim jacket, jeans, and navy blue Checkered Vans.
> As you were going to grab your small backpack, you seen something in your walk-in again.
> Lidia: Seriously? Is this going to be a regular thing??
> The figure came out and started to chuckle.
> Hyunjin: You never texted me.
> Lidia: I didn't want to.
> Hyunjin: I wanted to see if you were alright.
> Lidia: Of Course I'm alright. Why wouldn't I be?
> Hyunjin: You were visited by Easterners today.
> Lidia: You Stalker!
> Hyunijn: I didn't follow you, I followed them. Easterners always know the best places for a good haul.
> Lidia: Well, you see me now. Happy? Leave.
> Hyunjin: Okay, But just know that I'll be watching you when you're at the Park.
> Lidia: Stalker
> Hyunjin: An Easterner showed interest in you. You're not safe.
> Lidia: I have my cousins.
> Hyunjin: HA! Love, Westerners threaten and very rarely shoot. Easterners shoot without hesitation.
> Lidia: Oh please, they don't look threatening
> Hyunjin: They're the most dangerous. They kill and then ask questions
> Lidia: Yeah? What about Northerners? When do you guys shoot?
> Hyunjin: *smirk* We threaten and shoot when we have advantage
> Lidia: Which explains why you two didn't shoot yesterday?
> Hyunjin: *eyeroll* Yes...
> Lidia: Whatever, I gotta go, they're waiting.
> Hyunjin: Fine, but remember...
> Lidia: Yeah, Yeah. You're 'Watching'
> Hyunjin: I'm serious, love.
> You pull out your gun and touch it onto his chest
> Lidia: You realize I'm not helpless.
> He stared at you, and licked his bottom lip.
> You just didn't know if it was because of nervousness or attraction.
> Hyunjin: You're a Westerner, you won't dare.
> Lidia: I am not defined by your labels. I define your labels, this is a warning.
> Lidia: If you dare break into my room again I won't hesitate b!tch.
> You silently kick yourself for saying that as soon as it left your mouth
> He didn't move, he just stared at you
> Hyunjin: Noted. Have fun love~
> You put the gun away.
> Lidia: Why do you care anyway?
> Hyunjin: Good Question.
> Lidia: Make sure you close the window behind you.
> You leave as Hyunjin watches you carefully.

> You step outside and lock the door behind you.
> Kai: Ah, finally!! We were about to go in and drag you out by force.
> Lidia: Shut up, Kai.
> You tried to sound threatening but you were too happy to be mad.
> Not because of your intruder, no that was annoying. You were happy because of your break-away from that horrid prison of a garage
> Taehyun took the wheel and you three blare music while you go on your way to the park.
> Kai: I'm excited. All we gotta do is get through the gate, purchase the bracelets and have fun
> Lidia: Well Einstein. How do we get past the gate? Even if there's no metal detectors there'll still be security.
> Kai: I know one of the guys who're working as a security guard. He knows an angel like me won't bring anything into the park.
> Taehyun: An angel? Not the word I'd choose.
> Kai: Shut up Taehyun.
> Lidia: Okay, what do we do if there's a run-in with another mafia?
> Kai: We all made an agreement. We don't engage unless something is not right.
> Lidia: So we're not going to get all bang bang unless they do?
> Taehyun: Or if something is suspicious, like we're being followed or if we get cornered.
> Lidia: Tell me about the Easterners. Yeonjun and I seen two at work today.
> Taehyun: Oh?
> Lidia: Yeah, they were weird.
> Taehyun: Names?
> Lidia: Umm... San and ... Yeo-....seon...? Ah! Yeosang.
> Beomgyu: Ew, you met San? He's the biggest lady-killer around.
> Kia: I heard he just grabs a mildy attractive girl and y'know they do THAT.
> Lidia: Kai, You're in one of the five most feared mafias in Chicago, and you're too chicken to say s*x?
> Kai: Ew, yes. I'm a child.
> Lidia: *laughing* A six foot child.
> Taehyun: *laughs* Sounds just about right
> Kai: You two better stop or I'll tell my friend you two committed a felony.
> Lidia: Okay, okay I'll stop.
> You three pull into the parking lot and head to the front.
> ??: Hey! KAI!!
> Kai: Hey, Dino!!
> Dino: You said it'd be rare to see you here.
> Kai: My sister, Lidia, quit her job today, she was being treated horribly and she had enough.
> Dino: Sister? You told me you only had brothers.
> Beomgyu: Well she's really our cousin but she's been living with us since she was 2, so it really feels like she's our sister.
> Dino turned to you
> Dino: Pleased to meet you, Lidia.
> Lidia: The pleasure is mine.

> He gave you three your bracelets and allowed you in.
> Lidia: He'll lose his job if he does that often.
> Kai: I know but like I'm not one to shy away from a way into a theme park without a pat-down.
> Beomgyu: Neither am I.
> You chuckled as you guys made your way to a strength game.
> Lidia: Oh my lord guys.
> Taehyun: What? There's nothing wrong with a little competition.
> Kai: I second this.
> You all laughed at each other as you watched them try to ring the bell.
> Lidia: Oh my god. Move, give me that hammer.
> Kai: Why? You won't be able to ring the bell. You're tiny compared to me
> Lidia: I'm 5'6"
> You were about to say something back when you seen someone far behind him
> Behind a ride you seen Hyunjin watching you.
> You've forgotten about him but the fact you see him now made you mad.
> You slammed the hammer onto the pad and the bell rang with a loud "BING"
> Taehyun: Oh, DAmN.
> The Vendor chuckled as he handed you the prize panda you won.
> Vendor: Not really one to be labeled into stereotypes, are you?
> Lidia: No, No I'm not.
> You walked away with your cousins, glaring over your shoulder.
> He was still there, staring at you with a smug look.
> A look that said "I'm bothering you? Too bad. I don't care"
> You wanted more than anything to turn around and slap him with a stuffed animal.
> You knew better than that though. You wanted to stay with your cousins.
> You walked closer to your cousins and continued your celebration.

> The day is coming to an end and you all went to the car.
> You smiled to your cousins as you double checked your pockets for everything.
> You seemed to have lost the panda you won earlier.
> Knowing you, you probably left it on a ride before you left.
> It's not that important...
> But you kinda thought it was cute...
> What do you do?

Do you...
Stay quiet cuz it's not that big a deal. (y)
Tell your cousins so you can go look for it (😲)