1. Saythename17

    Inkigayo New MCs' Special Performance

    Today, (March 7) the new MCs of Inkigayo (Yujin of IZ*ONE, Sungchan of NCT & Jihoon of TREASURE) made their MC debut and they performed "Give Love" by AKMU. All of their voices sounded so cute together! I enjoyed that performance! JinJiChan Hwaiting!! :hwaiting: What are your thoughts? Check...
  2. Saythename17

    NCT "gimme gimme" MV

  3. Saythename17

    NCT 127's "Kick It" Hits 100 Millions Views!

    "Kick It" becomes their fastest music video to reach 100 million views and it is their second music video to reach the milestone after "Cherry Bomb"! Congrats to NCT 127 and NCTzens for this achievement!
  4. bangchanseonyeondan

    Random Backgrounds/Wallpapers

    more random stuff I made but these are yk wallpapers - feel free to use!
  5. bangchanseonyeondan

    Random Icons

    I made these a while back - credit is appreciated but not necessary
  6. bangchanseonyeondan

    NCT Divergent!AU (moodboards)

    sorting the boys into Divergent factions! again, I made these a while back so they won't have all the current members but I might make more for the newer members eventually?
  7. bangchanseonyeondan

    NCT at Hogwarts (moodboards)

    these are from way back when so not all the current members are here (DREAM have their own thread) EDIT: I think it counted as spam? so they're all gonna be here :)
  8. bangchanseonyeondan

    Doppelgänger - NCT DREAM

    7 orphans, 1 family and one very big problem.
  9. Saythename17

    All Members Of SEVENTEEN and NCT have Tested For COVID-19

    The members of SEVENTEEN have tested for COVID-19 following a visit to a hair salon that was visited by a person who tested positive for Covid-19. The group was not advised by the health authorities to get tested, they decided to take the precaution anyway for the health and safety of their...
  10. Dejunjun

    Kpop (Stage/Airport) Outfit Wishes

    Okay idk where this is supposed to go but uh yeah-- ATEEZ: Hongjoong: A full skirt or a pink crop top, specifically pink (lol Mingi: One of those ab strap things- like- Yunho: Kai (EXO) style crop top, yk? like obsession/love shot type San: Chocker and like idk like mans looks good in...
  11. Dejunjun

    Where would you sit?

    Where would you sit? (BG Version)
  12. L

    Lidia and the Five Crews [Interactive Story]

    okay, I have to give credit where credit is due. @I.M._.lovely inspired this with her/his/their Halloween Fanfic Story Game ⚰ (it was great, no cap) And This thread started by @Saythename17 because those pics were the entire reason this idea came to mind- So yeah let's begin~ Groups used...
  13. GmanB365

    My Kpop Characters (Part 1)

    Hi there! I've been thinking about this for months now, so I think that now is the best time to reveal my Kpop family to you. More characters will be revealed soon! Just leave me some suggestions below. Anyways, here it is: BTS - Dad (born in 1972) (debuted in 2013) Twice - Mom (born in 1975)...
  14. myheartizomg


    Okay let's forget about the Wakey Wakey tragic wig and focus on the real good stuff. Everybody you have been warned.
  15. Mussmellow

    NCTZENS and WAYZENNIES WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!???? So as the link suggests, someone, I don't know who, thought it would be nice to see what the boys look like with beards. I mean nothing's wrong with being curious but after seeing the actual pics I busted a lung, . Maybe...
  16. _xx_Jenn_xx_

    I Need Help.....

    ...... I have NOT stopped listening to this since it was released..... Yuta...Ten...Haechan....all of them....this is just...pure...freakin...heaven SM did not fail with the voices in this song...they compliment each other, you can just feel this song like help
  17. Saythename17

    Official NCT 2020 "Resonance" Thread

    ~Welcome to the official thread of NCT 2020's Comeback/Debut Thread~ “RESONANCE” conveys the meaning of connecting with others through music and creating great synergy and impact. Like NCT 2018, NCT 2020 is a large-scale project that involves all the members of NCT and 02 new members in one...
  18. itseleora16


    kpop memes that i love!;)
  19. cherrypop!

    Does anyone have any unwhitewashed photos of Taeil or Haechan?

    If so, feel free to share! I'm asking for, uh, research.
  20. namjingle

    Happy NCTzen Day 2020 !!1!1!!!1!!!1!!1!

    Hello, you may be wondering, "Why is everyone talking about Johnny world domination or whatever?" Well, today happens to be NCTzen Day, so therefore our cult community has decided to celebrate it! Please share some experiences you've had as an NCTzen, your favorite NCT-related moments, or just...