BTS Reaction Of You Being A Fellow Trending Artist/Their Secret Crush [REVIVAL IMAGINE]



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Oct 27, 2020
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So I've decided to revive some of my early fics here, hope you like 'em... ^^

Fanfiction: Stories involving popular (existing or not) characters that are written by fans & often posted on the Internet. The product is of completely fictional material & does not respond to any real facts or events whatsoever. Also, I cannot know 100% how the characters would actually react in such situations in real life but these are assumptions of mine loosely based on their onscreen personalities.

RM/Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would be subtle about his secret crush on you but would openly initiate a collab offer for you so you could notice him this way. He would insist on making a hip hope love song with you singing the chorus and him rapping the ad-libs. He would most probably confess to you through his lyrics. Your song would be a hit!
Jin/Kim Seokjin

Jin would be open about his fondness of you. He would show his full support and cheer for you during your live performances at music show awards. Jin is a very social person, he wouldn't hesitate to approach you out of nowhere and ask for your number straightforwardly, although also discreetly from the public eye.
Suga/Min Yoongi

I think Suga would be thoughtful about his crush on you. He knows you guys are both very busy lately and long-distance would be hard. However, his feelings for you wouldn't let him give up on you that easily. He would become the producer of one of your upcoming comebacks with you being the songwriter. He would grow close to you at the process of creating one of the biggest hits of the year. I'm not going to lie, it would take a while for him to confess.
Jhope/Jung Hoseok

Jhope also wouldn't mind to openly express admiration for you. You'd caught at once his attention right after your songs' supporting dance performances. He'd make sure to praise you for your good work and he'd offer to teach you some new dance moves that would help you improve your stage presence as he was a dancing expert himself and you were still learning. He'd initiate a friendship, soon awaiting impatiently to tell you how he really feels about you.

Jimin/Park Jimin

Jimin literally wouldn't want to stop listening to your songs. Your high notes would drive him crazy (in a good way) and your lyrics would fascinate him. He would definitely want to hear your voice all day, even just by talking. He would be your secret admirer until your agencies would organize a collaboration between the two of you and the ice would break for good. Your voice with his would match so well together it would bring ears to heaven.
V/Kim Taehyung

Now Taehyung wouldn't be able to keep it a secret that he has a crush on you to anyone. He would speak up about it as soon as the topic is directed towards you. He would just be too obvious for you to miss the hints. He would show his love for your music and for you everytime you're around by facial expressions and heart fingers. I believe though that he would be the type to gift you cute stuff and ask for your number in a note.
Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be kinda open about his crush on you to the other members but not to the public. You'd always catch him staring at you with his mouth open and turn his look away everytime he gets busted. He would most probably never, ever come straight at you and confess. He'd be thoughtful about it just like Yoongi but more in his case. I'm afraid you'd have to be the one to make the first move with our golden maknae.