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Aug 15, 2019
your heart *dies from cringe*
||' Chapter 9: Like a Poison


It's finally time for lunch! I take a glance, trying to find her.

DJM yj.png
As I approached her, I noticed her putting her things away and getting ready for lunch.


"What?" she asked, her expression looking irritated.

"I'm hungry, wanna grab something to eat?”

I've been asking her to join me for a while, but she's always with her squad. I'm hoping she doesn't say no.

"Oh- sorry ,I'll pass."

"Ehh- are you going to eat with your squad again?"


"Did that have anything to do with the fact that I called you Lucyfer?"


"Then why?"

"I’m gonna eat with Sam today"


" I have to get going. I'll see you later.”


" Ohh, so that's what happened," - Felix

DJM flx.jpg

" She's pretty close to Sam huh?" - lee know

DJM lk.jpg

"Perhaps she likes Sammie~" Changbin hyung said with a playful tone. "H-hey, In-ah, don't stare at me like that; I'm just joking!"

""Tsk,I don't get it..." I muttered

"Are you jealous?" I turned around to see Seungmin smirking beside me.

DJM sm.jpg

"Ohh IN-ah, you're growing up really fast, you're turning into a MAN!" Han says, acting as if he's crying. “ so proud men”

They begin to tease me, but I'm not in the mood for it, so they stop and awkwardness ensues.

"In-ah," Changbin hyung says as he sits next to me and places his hands on my shoulders. “ Do you really like Lucy?”

I didn't say anything, but... It made me wonder.

Do I... really like Lucy?

"In-ah, let's talk somewhere else." - changbin hyung

"Wait, that's not fair; where are you going?" Han inquired.

" It's a secret~"

We went to the schoolyard after lunch break, and there was no one there.

Changbin hyung is desperate to speak with me. As a result, we both skipped class.

"I'm going to ask you again-" he paused. “ You like her right?”

" I don't know"

"Okay, how about this," he scratched the back of his head,

"I'll ask you some questions, you have to give me an honest answer, okay?'' He gave me a direct stare.

I simply nod. ‘Why so serious…’

"Okay then, have you ever felt like your heart was about to burst when you're around her? Like when you're walking alongside her, talking with her, or something."

About to burst?... What kind of question is that…

"Hmm," I say as I struggle to come up with anything to say.

*flashback to the time when he was walking her home*

"Mhm yea...," I responded in hushed tones.

" That's a significant sign. But let's proceed." He moved closer to me

DJM cb in.jpg

"Are you excited about the idea of seeing her?As if your days are incomplete unless you see her?” (Yes..?) “When you see her frown, how do you feel? ” (I am affected-) “If looks were irrelevant would you still feel infatuated?” (infatu-well, ofcourse… It’s not all about looks)

He continues to ask more questions.

It's strange, yet everything describes how I feel when it happens. `

How did Changbin hyung know about these things?

"Then it's confirmed,"

" What do you mean?"

" You have had such a strong feeling about Lucy.I don't think you simply 'Like' her."

“Eh? What exactly do you mean...?"

"IN-ah..." he says quietly as he pats my back.








" You've fallen in love."







" Awgh hyung, what are you talking about? lol “ I merely laugh it off, but Hyung's expression remains solemn.


" In denial hm? Welp, take your time, think about it," he says as he stands up. “You must then convey your feelings to her as soon as you are ready to accept it." he sighs deeply “ I know it'll be difficult; I've been there. But don't be afraid; regrets are the worst. So tell her now, before it's too late... " He appears to be quite mature at the moment...

He extends his hand to help me stand up. I took his hand in mine, and we went back to our classes.

Ahh…. I can't seem to concentrate, and it's bothering me…

I return my gaze to her; she is trying to focus on our lesson.

However, it appears that something is bothering her...


'She looked at me and caught me staring at her, so I hurriedly averted my gaze.'

awgh I got caught! I'm sure she thinks I'm creepy.... My heart is racing like crazy...

It looks like I was caught cheating on an exam

I return my gaze to her, but-




Bang chan’s POV

I was reading through the reports when I overheard something that grabbed my attention. I noticed a group of girls discussing in the hallway. I know I shouldn't be listening in on other people's business, but I can't stop myself… especially if its about…

‘It’s crazy right?’

‘I can't really blame Sam for doing it; Lucy is lovely and kind; who wouldn't like her?’

‘I know right, poor Y/N,’

‘Y/N gets slapped in the face by reality, lol She must now awaken from her princess fantasies.’

I had no idea that there were rumors about Sam going around. This is something I need to know about.

"Pardon me, but may I ask you some questions regarding this rumor?"

They are all taken aback when they saw me

"President-" says the girl, who appears stunned.

After the girl told me about the rumors, I rushed to find Sam.

He’s not answering his phone. Is his phone off?

Argh we need to talk about all this... how did things get to this point

My phone rings. Felix, Seungmin and other members of our group chat begin talking about Sam's rumor... They already know... I wonder if Sam is (already) aware of the issues that are occurring.


Sam’s POV

DJM hj.jpg

I had no idea I had dozed off at the library. What time is it?

“What..? " Why isn't it turning?

*click click*

Oh wait-

The battery has died :) I forgot to charge it again

As I was about to walk out, I heard two girls gossiping.

‘What Sam cheated on Y/N-’

‘Shhh someone might hear us’


That rumor again... well, this is all my fault.

I still recall the last time I had spoken to Juyeon.

‘Haa I shouldn't have said that' I thought to myself as I smack my lips with my hands

I need to get out of here as soon as possible... without attracting any attention.

I was perplexed as soon as I exited because there were no students in the hallways.

Where’s everyone? Wait, is it past lunch time already? Ahh what should I do

I'm sure our prof will yell at me just like last time

(SAM! WHY DIDN'T YOU ATTEND CLASS?!) In my thoughts, I could hear our professor's voice. Whoa It gives me goosebumps just by thinking about it.

“ SAM!”


nee sonimm~~.jpg

“Where have you been?I’ve been looking for you” While panting, Chan Hyung apprachs me.

“Ah! I was afraid I'd been caught!”

“Let’s talk.” Chan hyung said still catching his breath

But about what...

“The rumors that are going around-”


—*time skip*

" For the time being, it's best to avoid Lucy (or just limit it or don’t get caught)in order to prevent the rumors from spreading any further.” Hyung said

chan ☆.jpg

“Mhm I see, I got it”

"Please be cautious from now on, okay? There’s a lot of people out there waiting for an opportunity to bring you down." He said and patted my back.

"There are just really some people who will judge you based only on what they have heard, whether it's true or not." he added

“Mhm” I completely agree with it.


My hands start to quiver, and my sweat has turned cold. It's here… the voices

“But, I hope you don’t feel afraid to do something just because you’re scared of what people are going to say about you. Y’know no matter what you do, some people will still judge you. “

“ Sam, don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality. Alright?”


He smiled at me.

I didn't realize it at the time, but my hands had stopped trembling and the voices had vanished.

The words he spoke... That is something I will never forget.


Juyeon’s POV

I'm used to hearing or seeing people talking about me. But these last few days it made me feel uneasy.


After getting the paperwork I needed, I went to the bathroom. I rinse my face and take a few moments to check myself in the mirror.
DJM jy.jpg

I only have 4 months before I return to LA, and I'm still concerned about Y/N.

What should I do…

Oh wait, I forgot to inform her about that.

I look for my phone, but it isn't in my pocket, so I look around to see if I left it in the cubicle.

‘ oh-I forgot I didn't go inside ( the cubicle); maybe I left it in the lab.’ I was about to go outside when I heard a voice.

‘Have you heard about the Y/N and Sam rumor?’

What rumor are they referring to

‘Oh yeah, that one?. Of Course. D*mn, Sam hit a home run. Lucy is a pretty tough one, I wonder what trick did he do to make her fall for him easily’

‘Dude, If only I had the same look as that guy, I can even date a celebrity’

‘With the power of the campus prince!’

As I continue to listen, I get this feeling that I know what they’re talking about…

‘He finally got tired of that chick, Y/N. He’s been toying her for years’

‘I'm pretty sure Sam is a player; Like dude- with his looks, He has the ability to have any woman he wishes! ‘

‘ He's the prince of the campus after all, He must have a lot of affairs. ‘

‘ Lol Y/N is so naive and foolish,’ the two men laughed.

I clench my fist, trying to control myself

They're getting on my nerves

‘Actually, I do like that Y/n; she's kinda cute.’

‘You should hit up with her bro, who knows what she's capable of,’ he said in a disgusting tone.

‘D*mn, that excites me.’

*deeply exhale*

Do they think I will let that slide.?

“ Disgusting shts.”
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Aug 15, 2019
your heart *dies from cringe*
||' Chapter 10: Realization


I entered the house.

‘Why are the lights turned on?’ I thought to myself ‘Maybe it’s Juyeon? ‘

"I'm home," I said, but I didn't get any response. ‘Is he trying to scare me again?’

Wait.. *sniff*

I smell a delicious aroma/scent coming from the kitchen. Is this some sort of miracle? I've never seen him cook...because its always me who cook for him -_-

I look in the kitchen expecting to see him, but-






"Ohh, you've arrived!" Mom pinches my cheeks and apologizes for not hearing me. "I'm busy cooking your favorite dinner," she says.

"What brings you here-?

“Why?? Am I not allowed to miss my daughter? ”

"Aww momm," I say as I wrap my arms around her. While, She patted me on the back.

"Are you alright hm? ”

I didn't say anything and just embraced her.

"How about me?"

I saw my Dad with groceries "I miss my daughter too though!" As he joins us

It’s so warm… I've been craving this..

Mom then prepares our food while we wait at our tables.

This reminds me of something we used to do when I was younger. It's so nostalgic...

"Let's eat! " Mom exclaimed, joyfully.


We heard the door opens

"Y/N'..." said Juyeon in a low voice

"Oh is that Juyeon!? " Mom said excitedly, "Come, Join us! We're just about to eat."

“OH-MOM?!” Juyeon was so surprised when he saw my mom. He ran up to her and hugged her tightly.

(Yeah, Juyeon also refers to Y/ N's mother as his mother :))

"OH MY-! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?! " Mom expressed her concern.

"Did you get into a fight again?" I saw his face with bruise (It wasn't that bad tho)

He laughed nervously and changed the conversation's focus.

This idiot... I hope he's okay.

"Mom, I'm veryyy hungry."

"Okay okay, Come let's eat."

"Oh Dad "

"Ah, it's Juyeon! " -Dad

(Juyeon is treated as if he were a member of Y/N’s family.)


“Aw! "

"Psh," I continue to treat his wound

I've asked him what happened but whatever I do, he never gave me an answer. He just remains silent.

This idiot...."Why don't you just tell me," I sighed

" As I already said, it's nothing, I'm fine." He finally responded, but it was not the response I had hoped for.


"Oh, Y/N, I forgot to tell something"


—- *Skip*

I had no idea he would return to LA after 4 months... It makes me really-…

"Why are you already leaving us, Juyeon-ah? Isn't it possible for you to just stay here? "Mom stated

"Darling, you know Juyeon's father, he'll never let him stay here"

"Awgh, that man, I've talked with him about it, but he always declines."

" ahh.." Juyeon appears to say something else to my parents, but his hesitation is holding him back

“ Mom, Dad I think Juyeon wants to tell you something”

They pause in their conversation to listen to him.

"Ah well, It's true that Dad wouldn't let me stay here," Juyeon said, "but" he added then, ``glance at me, "he said Y/N can come with me to LA. if- you'll allow her."

What? ME? Back to LA?!

They just remain silent while looking at Juyeon

"But, I understand if you don't want—" Juyeon continued, but was cut short as mom abruptly answered.


"I believe that is a good idea; but, please look after our Y/N, okay?"

Juyeon smiled "Ofcourse, mom. I promise"

"Okay I trust you.How much should we pay for her stay there?”

"Oh yeah about that, There’s no need to be concerned about bills, taxes, or anything else; Dad has agreed that we'll take care of everything as well." He added

Is it true? Wow... that's too much... ... I'm still unsure if I'll be able to go with him

"Oh my goodness! Is this really true?!"

"Wait a minute!" I exclaimed, "I haven't made up my mind!"

"Oh, my daughter, I think you should just go with Juyeon; we'll be okay, and you don't have to worry about us! Plus, you said you wanted to study abroad, didn't you? Now is your chance!"
"But-" Dad interrupts. "Is this something that Sam is aware of? If you make a decision without informing him, your boyfriend will be upset."

Oh right... I haven't told them anything yet.

"oh.. sam." I notice that Mom's bright tone fades

"Oh, and speaking of Sam, I haven't seen him in a while; how is my son-in-law doing hm?”

"..." Juyeon

"Hey! when will you stop calling him son in law !" Mom said as she hit Dad

Huh? Is it possible that Mom was already aware of this?

When I look at Juyeon, he, too, seems surprised.

He looked at me and whispered, "Did you tell her?"

"No, I thought you were the one who told her about it," then why is mom acting so strangely... Did she truly know what was going on?

"Why not? He promised me that no matter what, he would marry our Y/N.”

Promises are made to be broken, after all.
Juyeon and I just remain silent.

“ Isn't it great that I've already accepted him into our family as my son-in-law? " Dad added

I had hoped that today would be a beautiful day. But-

"Will you just keep your mouth shut?" Mom appears irritated...

In this case, I'm at a loss on what to do.... I'm not sure how I'm going to tell them…

As I lower my head, I grip my trembling hands.
Juyeon seemed to notice it, as he grabbed my hands and cradled them.
It feels nice and warm, and it helps me relax a little.

" I-I don't like him! I prefer Juyeon marrying our Y/N! " Mom said, surprising us all.

“W-WHAT!? " Juyeon was caught off guard and now resembles a traumatized do

ML 1.jpg

"What's the matter with you—you used to refer to him as son-in-law"-Dad

"Awgh! Just shut up you annoying old man!" Mom said as she hit Dad once again

I just took a deep breath and sighed. I think I need to take a break right now. I don't want this lovely day to be remembered as a negative one.

Hm, I'm wondering if Juyeon will also be sleeping here.


“Yes, Honey?”
cutie jy.jpg

“Are you gon- wait what did you call me?!”

" HAha sorry, I'm only joking, but it felt good."

What did he mean, exactly ? What felt good? Teasing me? Or... calling me ho-nah forget it. Now is the time for me to take a rest

—-- *le time skip* :)

[2;59 AM]

I knew I was dreaming at the moment, but it felt real. Sam is standing next to me, and we're talking, laughing, and doing other things just as we used to.
download (1).jpg





"I miss you," was the last thing I remember saying before waking up.
I slowly open my eyes, and I can feel the tears streaming down my cheeks

Why do I still think about him... Why do I still miss him...

Why do I still love him despite everything that has happened?





stray kids hwang hyunjin boyfriend material.jpg

Just- why..



I was terrified as I heard my door slowly opening...

Is that a ghost… I mean who's still awake at this hour...


I act as if I'm asleep and hide under my blanket.
Steps are nearing my bed, and I can hear them.


It's slowly lifting my blanket away from my foot.

“!?” I tried to scream but I couldn't. It's as though my body is paralyzed.
I know that once I look down now. I will see the ghost face right?!
just like what happens on horror movies-

I shouldn't…


I can't help but gaze down-














“Oh-! Oh no, S-sorry, did I startle you awake? "I-I'm just checking if you're asleep- sorry I-I'll go now, go back to sleep mhm?" she laughed nervously.

She tried to go but I stopped her. “Mom… Is there something wrong?”

“W-what no~ what are you talking about ha…ha”

We stared at each other for a few minutes, then mom gave up.

“Okayy-fine. Goodness.” She check my legs again

“Mom what are you doing- that’s just so… weird’

"Awgh, I'm just making sure you don't have any bruises" She said and check my body again

“What do you mean-”

"I'm worried that Sam may have abused you again-"

Sam abuse-


“Awgh you startled me! Keep your voice down..”

“I-Mom, Listen- no…Let’s talk somewhere else”

We sneak out of the house to have a proper conversation. I quickly asked mom to repeat what she had said earlier when we found a quiet area to discuss.


"WHy?Isn't that correct? Do you think you'll be able to keep it from me? Why didn't you speak up to me, huh? When I discovered he's been assaulting you, I was so scared and angry-" She's sobbing and pounding her chest. “ Why didn't you tell me-”

"No, Mom... who told you that? I- Sam never laid a hand on me believe me" I said to Mom as I intervened to prevent her from beating herself.

"Why... Why are you trying to cover him up?" she asked, while caressing my face.

“Mom…. no.. I'm not.. He's not that kind of person.. You know that”

“Then where did those bruises come from? Please tell me! Who did that to you? Huh?"

“Those bruises… “ I looked at her and hesitated “Its…”

I got these bruises back then…


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your heart *dies from cringe*

*Flashback* (I will also include how they met)

I didn’t know that Sam was really popular when I met him

I recall that at the time, we rescued a puppy who had been left alone in the rain.

I was the first to notice it. Then Sam noticed me. He recognized my uniform and approached me to inquire as to what I was doing in the rain.


We stayed with the puppy the entire time, feeding it, drying it, and even naming it. 'Kkomi'

uri kkomi.jpg

However, because I am unable to keep him, Sam decided to keep it instead.

Since that day, we've remained friends and frequently talk about KKomi.

Unfortunately, we were unaware that Kkomi was ill when we first saw him, and it was too late when we took him to the vet. Since then, he's been so depressed that I'm at a loss for words as to how to console him.

My parents agreed to get me a dog a few months later after seeing me gloomy. (They thought I was sulking because they wouldn't let me have a dog.)

Unfortunately, I'm terrible at caring for it, I'm afraid that it will only get sick because of me. So I decided to give it to Sam instead.

I initially thought it was a bad idea since I assumed it would make him feel even worse. But he accepted it, and everything returned to normal not long after.

We haven't forgotten about kkomi though; he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

That dog was given the name Kkami by us

uri kkami.jpg
He left it in his parents home since he is so busy at school. But he visits him when he has time.

Kkami is in good health and is doing well.

I assumed I'd never have a chance with him, that he just sees me as a friend. Besides, I'm completely out of his league...

download (3).jpg


On August 1st, something unexpected happened-

I can still recall it vividly...and I will never forget it.

On that day, there is an event, and they have stated that there would be fireworks outdoors.

We made the decision to watch it together. While we were waiting, we talked about various topics till he said :

"This has been on my mind for a while... I just- This is the first time I've ever experienced something like this.… I thought I'm just overthinking things "

I felt anxious at that time.

What if he likes someone else now..and he just needs my advice or clarification.

“Why? What is it?” I asked

He stares at me with a serious expression on his face.

It stays like that for a while.

‘The fireworks are ready!’

‘Let’s countdown!’

Everyone is anticipating the fireworks display.

But, Sam didn’t say anything yet.

– 3!


– 2!


– 1!!

Because the gathering was so loud and the fireworks start exploding in the sky, I didn't hear what Sam said.

“I’m sorry what???”

“I said-”

He shouted, and drew the attention of several people around us.

“I LIKE YOU!!!!!!”


That is one of the most unforgettable events in my life.

I've been hoping and praying for this day, and now...

It has finally happened

As the crowd starts cheering for us, I hold him so tightly and cry.
"Y/N..." he says as he wraps his arms around me and cries with me "I'm so happy.."

(This is just an additional info)


Well, we keep our relationship private though. Since I don't want her fan girls to freak out.

They’re all pretty crazy.

Someone exposed us after a year of keeping it hidden. I'm not sure how.

Of course, it's not easy; as I previously stated, his fangirls are insane.

It's almost as if I'm dating a superstar.

Despite the fact that some people dislike us, especially me, some people still treat us well and respect us. Also, no matter what happens, I'm not going to give up on him!

Even if I'm up against the worst fangirl, I'm not going to give up…




“Hm?” I turned around and saw a bunch of girls looking pissed

“Just because you're dating Sam doesn’t mean you can act high like goddess”

“What do you-”

I didn't finish what I was about to say when she suddenly slapped me.

I was taken aback that I didn't get to respond right away.

There was just one question on my mind at the time: "What did I do to you?"

“Hm! You've deserved it. How dare you seduce him like that. Look at you—you're just a disgusting, pathetic piece of trash! I'm sure you use some sort of potion, right? Are you some kind witch? ” The girl said

‘Karen Cho’, I read from her name tag.

Her gang is staring at me as though I'm pitiful. They're all making fun of me.

*The bell rings; the lunch break is over*

" Save by the bell! hm! pathetic. " Karen Cho remarked as she and her group walked away.

—- I found out that -> Karen Cho is my senior.

They've been bothering me ever since. They are bullying me because they believe I will not fight back.

I kept it a secret from everyone. Even to Sam, Mom, or Leanne, for that matter. I simply keep it hidden. Which is one of the things I regret... Why did I keep it a secret in the first place? Why am I so concerned that they will find out?


They grow suspicious of my bruises or injuries from time to time... but I have always assured them that it is simply because of my carelessness.


I had a physical fight with Karen and her team before her graduation.

That day, I just... burst,.. I'm so sick of getting treated like that!

That was our final encounter, and it got out of hand.

And after that fight I refused to see anyone(I always avoid them), I went on a near-week-long hiatus from everyone.

My body is covered with bruises and I really felt weak. I can't face them looking like that

Of course, Karen Cho and her friends are injured too, and they show up at graduation looking like that. That’s my best comeback.

During my recovery, I didn't realize my mom had sneaked into my room and witnessed my bruises…

(That's when she thought it was Sam who did that. Since, I was always with Sam and we fought sometimes. She begins to overthink things.)


I told mom everything, except that i didn’t tell her who is that senior that bullies me.

"Are you saying Sam wasn't the one who did all that to you?"

She went blank for a bit after I merely nodded.

"Ah- I didn't tell you yet, but Sam and I broke up a few months ago... so if-"

"W-Was he the one who broke up with you?"

“A-ah…. *Nods*”

"D-did he say anything?!" Is it true that he's the one who dumped you? ”

"He didn't say anything... he simply... left me..."






I kept quiet about the rumors that he was cheating on me.

At this point, this is far too much, but at least I've said everything…

I quickly wipe away my tears and force a smile.

Mom hugged me suddenly.

"I'm sorry, Y/N... I'm such a terrible mom… all this time… I thought i was protecting you-"

"It is Y/N... It is.... I'm sorry I ruined everything.... I'm very sorry... Mom didn't notice....I'm truly...sorry Y/N"


Lucy’s POV

‘ My friend and I are hanging out in the schoolyard watching the other students playing.’

“After a few days, Sam continues to avoid me... I'm not sure whether I did something wrong, but he always avoids me… “ I said in a low voice

“Perhaps it's because of the rumors spreading”, Yuna said.

"I suppose it's for the best," Lia explained.

Nonetheless, I do not want him to avoid me.
I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. For the past few days, I haven't felt well.

" She looks as if her business has gone bankrupt and she don't have anything left" Chaeryoung said then laugh

“Well what can we do, she’s clearly in love with Sam-" Ryujin stated, which caught me off guard.


"Why do you keep denying it, it's so obvioussss" - Lia

“Unnie you’re turning into a tomato!” Yuna teased.

They all shook their heads and starts teasing me

— When the class is over*

I didn’t see Sam today… I wonder if he’s doing alright

What a tiring day…


DJM ayen.jpg

Oh no… there he goes again

“ What’s with the long face?” He said as he hand me a snack (my fav one)

“Nothing” I said as i grab it “Thanks for this”

"Let me guess"


"Is it Sam?"

"er-m" When I glance at him, he's just staring straight ahead of us.

“I see, so it's him” I can sense a change in his mood.

“How is-”

“Well, He's fine. “ He said

“... you idiot, Why did you cut me off like that. Ima asking how’s YOUR day”

“Oh..” His face lightened up as he told me about his day.


Look at that smiling face; it makes me forget how tiring this day has been.
I won't lie, I miss walking home with him.

Despite the fact that he might be annoying at times, he has always been my best buddy.

“ Hey, it’s nice I got a chance to hang out with you like this again..” He said while avoiding eye contact with me

“ But we see each other's faces every time.”

"Yeah... but you're usually with someone else... especially Sam Hyung.." His voice has a tinge of sadness to it.

I couldn't think of anything to say at the time. I feel guilty inside…I just realized that I haven't spent as much time with him as I used to.

“But it's alright. I believe you're having a good time. That is what matters. You should enjoy'' He chuckles, “ Oh- we’re here.”



“ Sorry…”


“Geunyang, Thank you for walking me home”

“Mhm yeah” He smile “I’ll get going”

"OK, take care," I said, and he started walking away “Jeongin!!”

"I'm looking forward to hanging out with you again. ” I shouted

He looked surprised, but it made him smile


I'll do my best to finish it so you don't have to wait as long :>
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