1. Kirstyaspenn

    Girl Group recommendations and songs

    I just need more girl groups in my life I already stan Twice and Red Velvet I know about a few Just go crazy If you could recommend songs too that would be great
  2. svtsasa

    your favorite main dancer in girl groups

    My faves are: momo - twice Hayoung - fromis_9 Chaeyeon - izone Chungha Hyuna Sinb - gfriend Chengxiao - wjsn Soojin - idle
  3. svtsasa

    Best girlgroup visuals in your opinion?

    for me its Tzuyu - twice Irene - reve Minju - izone Nakyung - fromis_9 Elkie - clc Chengxiao - wjsn shuhua - idle
  4. darian

    lightweight underrated girl group songs you should check out!

    these songs arent all super underrated, but some definitely are. im not too good at the guides and stuff so i thought my first post should be something that others could contribute to easily, and can give people looking for something new a few suggestions! this wont have too too many songs so...
  5. seoksi


    hello, i’ve always wanted to to get into different girl groups, but, since all my friends are into boy groups i’ve never really had very big influences on girl groups, who do you recommend? i’m currently into: - red velvet - twice - mamamoo - clc all the love!
  6. hyun

    favorite vocal lines in k-pop? ☆

    these are only a few of many of my favorites but i really like twice, nct, and bts!! ☺💗
  7. sorrysweetie

    Myoui Mina

    I just wanted to bring out support for Mina from Twice. JYPE has released a statement that Mina is most likely not participating in any events until September. If you love Twice and Mina, please show support for her in any way you can! Again just wanted to shed light on this ongoing condition...
  8. LadyLia

    Top 15 Kpop Bands with Highest Sales in GAON Chart from 2010-2019

    The list of the top 15 best selling Kpop groups in GAON Chart from 2010 to May 2019 has been released. I can't say I am too surprised there, and I'm glad 2 girl groups get in top 10! <3
  9. cntrljinsung

    The Official Twice Thread

    This Space Is Dedicated To Twice, Welcome fellow Once! RULES : - No bashing other users - Keep this space respectful - Have Fun!