1. Saythename17

    iKON | "Why Why Why" | Official Comeback Thread

    To iKON's Official Comeback thread of “Why Why Why” ! iKON is making their long awaited comeback! It'll be a digital single and is titled as "Why Why Why". It will be released on 2021.03.03 6PM KST. You can find information about iKON's comeback in this thread! <3
  2. Rockman

    V-pop/Vietnamese pop groups for beginners

    V-pop boy bands : 1) 365daband : 365DABAND - BỐNG BỐNG BANG BANG | OFFICIAL MV (TẤM CÁM: CHUYỆN CHƯA KỂ OST) : 2) UNI5 : UNI5 | NÓI DỐI CẢ THẾ GIỚI VÌ EM | Official MV : 3) Monstar : MONSTAR - BADADU | Official Music Video : 4) Super 9 (Zero 9) : ZERO 9 - 'JOKER' | Official MV : 5)...
  3. Lost_in_the_Dream

    Name a Kpop Song with The Same Title

    Not sure if this will catch on but here's how it goes: First person will name a kpop song, the next person has to name a kpop song with the same title, but by a different group/soloist. Then they give another song. Example: Person 1: Say My Name-Ateez Person 2: Say My Name-ANS, Insomnia-Stray...
  4. nobodycares

    Fav. Song of stray kids

    Mine are YAYAYA, my pace and grr
  5. Kirstyaspenn

    Favourite Song at the moment

    Mine is Wonderland by Ateez and Run Away by TXT
  6. kkyuni

    They finally released the OST for Love Alarm!💕

    Blooming Story - Tearliner (ft. Jo Hae Jin) I’ve been waiting for this to come out on Spotify!😭 It’s my favorite song from, “Love Alarm!”💜 If you haven’t watched it yet, you need too.😁👌🏼 I’m still deciding who I would choose for Kim Jojo.😅🤔
  7. LizzieCornZ__

    What is your Favourite (G)I-DLE Song?

    Mine are Latata and Uh-Oh
  8. vocals.clean.souls

    Favorite song on SKZ - I am Not?

    What’s your favorite song on Stray Kids’ I am Not album? Mine would probably be grow up.
  9. vocals.clean.souls

    Song memories?

    I randomly thought of this and wanted to share and hear about yours. So do you have any song memories? Like the song reminds you of an event or you would also do when listening to the song. Something like that. Some that currently came to mind for me: 1. When I was pretty much addicted to...