1. namjingle

    ONF achieves roof-hit on Genie with Beautiful Beautiful

    ONF has risen to new heights with this comeback, and they've just achieved their first roof-hit on Genie! (In simple terms, a roof-hit occurs when an artist reaches the maximum score for streams and downloads.) Congratulations to them! 🧡💙💜 Check out Beautiful Beautiful here:
  2. namjingle

    ONF's "Beautiful Beautiful" Hits 10 Million Views

    Beautiful Beautiful by ONF has reached 10 million views in just 3 days. This is their 2nd music video to reach the 10M milestone and the quickest one to do (Sukhumvit Swimming took roughly 5 months to hit 10M). Congratulations! Check out "Beautiful Beautiful" here:
  3. namjingle


    Beautiful Beautiful Showcase Stage The Realist Showcase Stage
  4. namjingle

    ONF "Beautiful Beautiful" MV

  5. namjingle

    ONF 〈ONF:MY NAME〉 [Official Comeback Thread]

    ONF will be coming back on February 24th with their first full album "ONF:MY NAME". OPENING TRAILER:
  6. IZ*ONE

    ONF to make a Comeback with 1st Full length Album

    FUSEs get ready for another hit from ONF! The Group has confirmed to make an February Comeback! No date has been announced but It's most likely going to be aimed for late February. Not only that but, it will be ONF's First Full Album! Are U excited to see what ONF has in mind? Full Page: ONF...
  7. namjingle

    ONF's "Sukhumvit Swimming" Reaches 10 Million Views

    ONF's latest comeback mv, Sukhumvit Swimming, from their Spin-Off EP has hit 10 million views on WM Entertainment's channel! This is their first video to reach this milestone. Congratulations! Fuses are also planning on streaming Why, which currently has 6.1 million views ^^
  8. namjingle

    Former ONF Member Laun Opens an Instagram Account

    Minseok (also known by his previous stage name Laun) left his group over a year ago. Since his departure, the general public lost contact with him so no one knew what he has been up to or how he was doing. Today, he has returned to the scene with an Instagram post. Welcome back Minseok 🥺❤
  9. namjingle

    WM Reveals ONF Lightstick Design

    Today at 12am KST, WM Entertainment announced that ONF will be receiving their very own lightstick. Along with the teaser, here is the description they included: "ONF & FUSE! A timepiece that transcends time, and 8:03… As the sound of FUSE’s cheers began to shine together with the lights, the...
  10. namjingle

    Can I Step In...? Teaser

    I can't believe my boys are finally getting their own drama... 😭😭
  11. namjingle

    ONF Hyojin reveals his thoughts about performing on Road To Kingdom

    Mnet's Road to Kingdom began airing on April 30, 2020, and featured 7 different groups: Pentagon, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, Verivery, ONEUS and TOO. Hyojin, one of the leaders of ONF, discusses his experience on the show. Translation provided by @etionman on Twitter. Note: I didn't know...
  12. _areum ₰

    Boyfriend Doll Unit [RTK]

    CANDY VER: ONF: E-tion & Hyojin Oneus: Seoho & Xion The Boyz: Hyunjae & Younghoon VeriVery: Kangmin & Minchan ORIGINAL VER:
  13. Saythename17


    “OURS” was produced by Hwang Hyun, and Mimi and Wyatt participated in the rap making.
  14. Saythename17

    B1A4, Oh My Girl, And ONF To Hold First WM Entertainment Family Concert

    WM Entertainment stated "We will be holding our first family concert ‘Hello! WM ONTACT LIVE 2020’ through Naver V Live on September 4 at 9 p.m. KST." There will also be special collaboration stages prepared for the event as well.
  15. namjingle

    ONF〈SPIN-OFF〉[Live Stages]

    Sukhumvit Swimming: Geppetto:
  16. namjingle

    ONF's "Why" Hits 6 Million Views!

    ONF's "Why" has officially hit 6 million views! This is their first music video to do so. Congratulations! 🎉✨
  17. namjingle

    ONF 〈SPIN-OFF〉 [Official Comeback Thread]

    ONF will be coming back on August 10th with their mini album "Spin-Off". TIMELINE:
  18. namjingle

    WM Entertainment Confirms ONF Comeback Date

    Be prepared for ONF world domination on August 10th ✨
  19. namjingle

    ONF Comeback In Mid-August Confirmed By WM Entertainment

    WM Entertainment recently announced that ONF would be making a comeback in mid-August, which will be their first comeback since their appearance on "Road To Kingdom". Their last comeback, Go Live, was released in October of 2019. Anticipate ONF world domination in August 🥰