1. Xionplus+

    New Kpop MVs

    Bad Decisions - Benny Blanco, Snoop Dogg, BTS (Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin) Bad Decisions Forever 1 - Snsd (Girls Generation) Forever 1 Guerrilla - ATEEZ Guerrilla Hit That Bass - BLITZERS Hit That Bass Pop - Nayeon Pop Sneakers - ITZY Sneakers Villain - PIXY Villain Cookie - New Jeans...
  2. sanasideup

    Nayeon - "Pop!" MV

  3. Mikasa Ackerman

    TWICE's Nayeon For W Korea (April Issue)

    ONCEs, what do you think of her amazing visuals?
  4. lynch.

    The Korean Auto Generated Subtitles on I Can't Stop Me . . .

    what is this i'm laughing to the point of tears
  5. lynch.

    Ranking Twice Title Tracks (in numerical order)

    these are all just my opinions, dont take it too seriously!! also, i only ranked Korean Comebacks I do hot hate Twice, they are one of my ult groups, so don't think i'm hating on them or their songs!! 1) The Best Thing I Ever did 2) Feel Special 3) Likey 4) What Is Love? 5) Fancy 6) Heart...
  6. gardenofeden

    [TWICE] IG POST 7/28/2020

  7. gardenofeden

    Nayeon and her puppo

  8. Taehyung

    Which Twice member is your Bias Wrecker?

  9. Mikasa Ackerman

    Favorite song from TWICE's More & More?

    Mine are More and More and Make me go. What about y'all?
  10. sorrysweetie

    Group GIFS!

    CRYBABY came up with this and I just wanted to share some I am finding for some of my favorite groups/members! Hopefully you like it! I'm working hard haha! Kim Hongjoong (ATEEZ): Myoui Mina (Twice): Kang Yeosang (ATEEZ): Im Nayeon (Twice): Hyunjin/Han/Seungmin Stray Kids:
  11. imorbit

    hi !

    bonjour. i am abi ( short for abigail ). i have been a kpop stan for 6 years, and finally got my first albums because i finally told my family and friends i like kpop. the albums i got with red velvet’s reve festival day 1 & 2 and now i want the finale and i also got feel special ( blue ver )...
  12. jaeminhee

    NCT U Boss VS The 7th Sense

  13. PrinceThe8

    Twice bias?

    Nayeon, Jihyo, Chaeyoung and Sana for me
  14. sorrysweetie

    Myoui Mina

    I just wanted to bring out support for Mina from Twice. JYPE has released a statement that Mina is most likely not participating in any events until September. If you love Twice and Mina, please show support for her in any way you can! Again just wanted to shed light on this ongoing condition...
  15. cntrljinsung

    The Official Twice Thread

    This Space Is Dedicated To Twice, Welcome fellow Once! RULES : - No bashing other users - Keep this space respectful - Have Fun!