1. stanloona

    Official Jinsoul Thread

    JINSOUL OF LOONA Stage Name: JinSoul Birth Name: Jung Jinsoul Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Visual Birthday: June 13, 1997 Sub-Unit: odd eye circle Color: blue and black Animal: fighter fish - be kind - no bashing - enjoy
  2. stanloona

    Official Kim Lip Thread

    KIM LIP OF LOONA Stage Name: Kim Lip Birth Name: Kim Jungeun Position: Odd Eye Circle Leader, Vocalist, Dancer Birthday: February 10, 1999 Sub-Unit: odd eye circle Color: red Animal: owl - be kind - no bashing - enjoy
  3. stanloona

    Official Vivi Thread

    VIVI OF LOONA Stage Name: Vivi Birth Name: Wong Gaahei English Name: Viian Wong Korean Name: Hwang Ara Position: Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: December 9, 1996 Nationality: Hongkonger Sub-Unit: loona 1/3 Color: pastel rose Animal: deer - be kind - no bashing - enjoy
  4. stanloona

    Official Yeojin Thread

    YEOJIN OF LOONA Stage Name: Yeojin Birth Name: Im Yeojin Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae Birthday: November 11, 2002 Sub-Unit: unofficially in loona 1/3 Color: orange Animal: frog - be kind - no bashing - enjoy
  5. stanloona

    Official Haseul Thread

    HASEUL OF LOONA Stage Name: Haseul Birth Name: Jo Haseul Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: August 18, 1997 Sub-Unit: loona 1/3 Color: green Animal: white bird - be kind - no bashing - enjoy
  6. stanloona

    Official Hyunjin (Loona) Thread

    HYUNJIN OF LOONA Stage Name: Hyunjin Birth Name: Kim Hyunjin Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual Birthday: November 15, 2000 Sub-Unit: loona 1/3 Color: yellow Animal: cat - be kind - no bashing - enjoy
  7. stanloona

    Official Heejin Thread

    HEEJIN OF LOONA Stage Name: Heejin Birth Name: Jeon Heejin Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Center Birthday: October 19, 2000 Sub-Unit: loona 1/3 Color: bright pink Animal: Rabbit - have fun - be respectful - enjoy
  8. stanloona

    My Sunday vs My Melody

    My Sunday (Heejin & Hyunjin) vs My Melody (Haseul & Yeojin) i choose my sunday
  9. Ducky Mioda

    My LOONA x Pokemon crossover fanfic

    INTRODUCTION - The first page of Olivia Hye's Pokemon diary "So, yeah, I've been exploring the Pokemon world for some time now. In this diary, I've written down all my Pokemon adventures, from Alola to Vermilion City. But it's not only me that's on the go - Choerry, Yves, Kim Lip, and Go Won are...
  10. Mikasa Ackerman

    My Choerry Fanart✨

    What do you think?
  11. imorbit

    member vs member

    this game requires you to choose a member out of two the last person picked. example ! person one: chuu or vivi ( loona ) person two: chuu. hyelim or yubin ( wonder girls ) person three: yubin. jisoo or rosé ( blackpink )
  12. imorbit

    Original vs English/Japanese Ver

    The rules are simple, if a song has a japanese, english, etc ver then you may use it. Example Like OOH AHH vs Like OOH AHH Japanese Ver. I’ll start 😙✌️
  13. jxonhxxjin

    first kpop song you ever listened to??

    hey! what’s the first kpop song you listened to? for me it’s gangnam style, but i was unaware that it was kpop, so technically the first kpop song i heard was bs&t by bts :D
  14. jaeminhee

    Ranking LOONA Solos

    1. Choerry - Love Cherry Motion 2. Hyunjin - Around You 3. Gowon - One & Only 4. Haseul - Let Me In 5. Yves - New 6. Heejin - Vivid 7. Chuu - Heart Attack 8. Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain 9. Vivi - Everyday I Love You 10. Yeojin - Kiss Later 11. Kim Lip - Eclipse 12. Olivia Hye - Egoist
  15. StrayStay

    Favorite choreography in Kpop?

    Mine is District 9 by stray kids and Butterfly by Loona ❤️
  16. OppaIsTrash

    LOONA fan album =0

    found out last night through twitter about a fan project put together by orbits for loona's first anniversary! they're releasing an album of fansongs, called orbitverse! they recently released a highlight medley for it: i was pretty impressed. i'm sure it took a lot of effort from a lot of...
  17. OppaIsTrash

    Jaden Jeong possibly leaving BBC/LOONA

    Jaden Jeong, the creative director behind LOONA and the Loonaverse, posted on his personal blog referring to X X as the final album he created for LOONA. Some fans on twitter are theorizing that he left in order to concentrate on OnlyOneOf. It's unclear if he has stopped working with LOONA...
  18. YvesYYXY

    Rate LOONA & (G)I-DLE

    Hey! I would like you to rate LOONA & (G)I-DLE solos & sub units & albums. This is not Loona vs. (G)I-dle I just wanted to see people's opinions about my 2 favorite groups. Please stay respectful even if you might not like one of them or if you don't like some songs. However if you rate them...
  19. jaeminhee


  20. jaeminhee

    LOONA Hi High VS Butterfly