1. jxonhxxjin

    first kpop song you ever listened to??

    hey! what’s the first kpop song you listened to? for me it’s gangnam style, but i was unaware that it was kpop, so technically the first kpop song i heard was bs&t by bts :D
  2. jaeminhee

    Ranking LOONA Solos

    1. Choerry - Love Cherry Motion 2. Hyunjin - Around You 3. Gowon - One & Only 4. Haseul - Let Me In 5. Yves - New 6. Heejin - Vivid 7. Chuu - Heart Attack 8. Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain 9. Vivi - Everyday I Love You 10. Yeojin - Kiss Later 11. Kim Lip - Eclipse 12. Olivia Hye - Egoist
  3. StrayStay

    Favorite choreography in Kpop?

    Mine is District 9 by stray kids and Butterfly by Loona ❤️
  4. OppaIsTrash

    LOONA fan album =0

    found out last night through twitter about a fan project put together by orbits for loona's first anniversary! they're releasing an album of fansongs, called orbitverse! they recently released a highlight medley for it: i was pretty impressed. i'm sure it took a lot of effort from a lot of...
  5. OppaIsTrash

    Jaden Jeong possibly leaving BBC/LOONA

    Jaden Jeong, the creative director behind LOONA and the Loonaverse, posted on his personal blog referring to X X as the final album he created for LOONA. Some fans on twitter are theorizing that he left in order to concentrate on OnlyOneOf. It's unclear if he has stopped working with LOONA...
  6. YvesYYXY

    Rate LOONA & (G)I-DLE

    Hey! I would like you to rate LOONA & (G)I-DLE solos & sub units & albums. This is not Loona vs. (G)I-dle I just wanted to see people's opinions about my 2 favorite groups. Please stay respectful even if you might not like one of them or if you don't like some songs. However if you rate them...
  7. jaeminhee


  8. jaeminhee

    LOONA Hi High VS Butterfly

  9. stanloona

    Loona MV's

  10. YvesYYXY

    Which albums in your collection do you cherish the most?

    Which physical albums do you cherish the most? Personally I cherish the most my LOONA COLLECTION:omo: I don't own every single version & every single limited version of their albums because shipping is a b---h. But I'm really proud to have all solo, especially because some solos are really...
  11. softseun

    Favorite loona song?

    Mine is Where you at
  12. StrayStay

    Loona Bias?

    My biases are Olivia Hye, Kim Lip, Gowon, I just love them all :LOL:
  13. svtsasa

    do we have the same bias?

    seventeen - hoshi stray kids - minho Izone - hyewon day6 - jae Twice - tzuyu 1the9 - sungwon, yechan Fromis_9 - chaeyoung Got7 - jb Nct - winwin, renjun, jisung Red velvet - yeri Exo - sehun, suho Clc - elkie Monsta X - hyungwon Shinee - taemin Wjsn - yeoreum Everglow - mia Nuest -...
  14. hyun

    favorite dance lines in k-pop? ☆

    mine are loona, got7, nct, and seventeen!! honestly tho, when i say they're my favorites, i'm actually thinking of their dancing ability as a whole group;; there are so many more good ones though!! who are your favorites?
  15. for_hongjoong

    hi <33

    im maia and i discovered kpop a bit more than a year ago!! my favorites groups are ateez bts loona & blackpink (though i stan many many other groups) what are your favorite groups/soloists?
  16. JooHyunnie

    The Official LOONA Thread!

    This is the Official LOONA thread! Where we will appreciate all twelve of our queens in the Loonaverse ! The Rules Are Simple: 1.) No Bashing Or Hating 2.) Respect Others 3.) Have Lots of Fun Orbits! 🌙