1. taesshlong

    Han Jisung (StrayKids) racial slur usage. (TW)

    2/1/21 EST A clip of StrayKids' Han has been dug up. This clip is *many* years old, but there as still been no apology. He was 13 at the time and a trainee, which gives a lot of time to apologize. In the clip, he used a racial slur he is unable to reclaim, and degraded 'fat' people, and a bit...
  2. Dejunjun

    Kpop (Stage/Airport) Outfit Wishes

    Okay idk where this is supposed to go but uh yeah-- ATEEZ: Hongjoong: A full skirt or a pink crop top, specifically pink (lol Mingi: One of those ab strap things- like- Yunho: Kai (EXO) style crop top, yk? like obsession/love shot type San: Chocker and like idk like mans looks good in...
  3. _areum ₰

    NCT U_ Work It [M/V]

  4. _areum ₰

    NCT U_ Work It [M/V Teaser]

  5. Mussmellow


    https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/heres-every-member-nct-look-like-beard/ So as the link suggests, someone, I don't know who, thought it would be nice to see what the boys look like with beards. I mean nothing's wrong with being curious but after seeing the actual pics I busted a lung, . Maybe...
  6. Saythename17

    NCT Dream’s Jisung Can Crush His Members With His Huge Hands

    NCT Dream sat down with Allure to answer questions submitted by fans. So, it was the perfect time to find out if Jisung truly has the biggest hands in the group. After a bit of miscalculation by Jaemin, Jeno‘s hand came out to measure 18 centimeters which was the same as Jaemin’s. Renjun...
  7. jaeminhee

    Your favorite NCT sub-unit?

    mine is dream idk if wayv is still considered nct but anyways
  8. M

    TRCNG Official Thread

    hello and welcome to the official TRCNG discussion thread ✨ rules: - no bashing/hateful comments allowed - be respectful to the group/other users - no spam allowed - enjoy the thread/have fun here ~
  9. A

    Who is your bias and bias wrecker in stray kids

    Who is your bias and bias wrecker in stray kids
  10. Sarinaloveskpop

    What's you're favorite stray kids moment????

    What's up! sorry if this is a little weird i'm new at this but BUT..... i wanna know what your favorite stray kids moment is. I have a few 1 is when Hyunjin, Felix, and Lee Know where doing there own dance practice. Another is when they all dance to twice's dance the night away(there such fan...
  11. PrinceThe8

    Your ideal Kpop Boyfriend?

    Mine is either Minghao, Han Jisung or Hongjoong Who is yours? <3
  12. hyun

    ☆ teaser images: nct dream - we boom v.2

    nct dream releases the second set individual teaser images for "we boom" featuring jisung and chenle! nct dream to comeback with their 3rd mini album titled "we boom". the mini album will feature a total of 6 tracks of various genres, including title track "boom". nct dream's title track "boom"...
  13. Kirstyaspenn

    NCT Rants and Stuff

    I haven't found something like this yet for NCT so... I wanted to open one for NCTizens to rant or talk idk
  14. B

    Official NCT thread! (All units)

    This thread is dedicated to NCT! Feel welcomed to comment and ask questions about the group : ) RULES - Don't bash eachother - Keep this thread respectful - Have Fun
  15. PrinceThe8

    Ult bias?

    Who is your ult bias? Mine are Jisung and The8
  16. B

    The Official Stray Kids Thread ♪♥[Stays Chatroom]♥♪

    This Place Is Dedicated For Stray Kids Fans A Place Where We Can Discuss Among Ourselves RULES : - No bashing users - Keep this place respectful -Have Fun!