1. Saythename17

    Jennie For Elle Korea!

    Lisa was recently featured on the newest edition of the magazine, Elle Korea! Check out the stunningpictorial below!
  2. Saythename17

    Jennie For Harper’s Bazaar

    Jennie was chosen for the pictorial of Harper’s Bazaar April cover. Her visuals are insane! 😍 What do you think about this photoshoot?
  3. ONF

    Dispatch Reports BLACKPINK Jennie and BIGBANG G-Dragon Are Dating

    According to Dispatch, Jennie and G-Dragon have reportedly been dating for the past year. Their relationship is known by YGE, and the staff have helped the couple keep their relationship secret. It has also been said that most of their dates take place at G-Dragon's penthouse.
  4. hiraixoxo

    BLACKPINK's Jisoo on the cover of ELLE Korea

    The BLACKPINK member will be featured on ELLE KOREA's January 2021 edition. Recently, ELLE KOREA then uploaded the covers of its new edition as well as several pictures on which we find Jisoo.
  5. B

    [BP Jennie] IG Post 09.02.20

    Here's these two, she was sponsoring Calvin Klein and she looks really good in these pics the last one is from last week but yea 😅
  6. B

    BP's Coachella Performance

    The guitar in the background, Jennie's presence, Lisa's rap, Rose's Vocals and Jisoo's dancing? 🥰🥺 Yes pls
  7. B


    Oof ok so the teaser is tomorrow? Not sure 😭 I suck at time zones
  8. B

    Poll: Who owned BLACKPINK's Boombayah era?

    Who owned BLACKPINK's Boombayah era?
  9. J

    My 100% honest opinion about HOW YOU LIKE THAT BLACKPINK!

    Honestly speaking Jennie is a great rapper BUT she didn't really rap on this song. I loved the line distribution they gave Jisoo the right amount of lines and I loved that. I feel like Jennie should RAP more than sing. As I mention before this is MY personal opinion What do You think about this...
  10. Saythename17

    BLACKPINK How You Like That Rankings

    As I can't post many polls in one thread, I'm posting the popularity ranking in the poll. You can tell your rankings for vocals, rap and dance. Vocal ranking: Rap ranking: Dance ranking:
  11. Saythename17

    I drew Jennie from Blackpink!!!

    This is ugly, I think.... Dunno.. ....... WOW!! EVEN I CAN’T DRAW LIKE THAT Uhm hun no. It’s great
  12. B

    Jennie's IG post~

    She looks stunning in these imagesss🥺❤ Ok but WOW, she's hella photogenic ✨
  13. B

    Jennie's airport fashion pt1

    I really like her blue crop top, it's hella cute.
  14. Ilovemyself


    Stay and Hope not are the only ballads that Blackpink has put out into public. Stay is my Favorite song 💕 Hope Not is my 3rd Favorite song ❤️ Which one do you prefer?? Vote on this poll. You can tell why if you want in the comments
  15. Saythename17

    BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares What Makes Each Member Special To Her

    BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recalled the first time she met the other members and shared some of the valuable things they’d taught her during a live broadcast. She remembered that Jennie was the first member she’d met. And, she always had a way of teaching her a variety of things well, like how to manage...
  16. Kirstyaspenn

    Somi's Birthday or Jennie's Solo

    I like both but Somi takes my vote. I don't know why she got so much hate
  17. AyoItsFoxy

    BlackPink Meme Faces: a thread

    #memequeens :taking-pic:
  18. A

    Who has the best vocals in BLACKPINK

    Who has the best vocals in BLACKPINK