1. Lysaa

    Story Game

    You will say one word and then the next person will say a word Ex. Person 1: Once person 2: upon then it continues! the first word is: Once
  2. Idolbunny🐰

    [Hair game]💇‍♀️

    This game is about this: I say one of my biases and whoever answers has to say which hair style or color is the one that best suits that idol according to your opinion and a hair style/color that would you like the idol to try and so on (hope i explained myself well X.D) (you can put photos...
  3. RoseandRosie

    I can guess your Gfriend bias!

    What i'll need to guess it ☆Favorite Song ☆Favorite Dance ☆1 position from said bias ☆Best era your said bias has had (My bias is Yerin ofc!)
  4. yoyoyeol

    What will you be for Halloween? (o.o)

    *Based on the first letter of your name, battery percentage, color of your shirt* First letter of your name: A - Crazy B - Spooky C - Princess D - Sexy E - Aesthetic F - Glow-in-the-dark G - Hipster H - Psycho I - Pregnant J - Nerdy K - Grandma L - Drunk M - Sparkly N - Yummy O - Undead P -...
  5. yoyoyeol

    Your name determines Your personality✥✤✣

    *Spell your name out and make a sentence to determine your personality* A - You're a crab B - Fun loving C - Super chill D - In love with the donkey from Shrek E - Best kisser ever F - Special(ꈍᴗꈍ) G - Have way too many things to do H - The smartest one in the class I - A diaper J - Caillou K -...
  6. yoyoyeol

    You're debuting as a Kpop Idol, what happened on your debut day?

    {Thank you for supporting my first one so here's another!} *Based on your birth year, Number of siblings & Color of pants* *Birth Year* 1999 - the cat downstairs 2000 - my third eye 2001 - a unicorn 2002 - Lady Gaga 2003 - Heechul 2004 -...
  7. Dejunjun

    4LW1 Black Group Debut (fake)

    W;Y Stage Name: W;Y Real Name: Wang Yo Mi Birthday: October 30, 1991 Height: 159cm (5'2) Blood Type: A Positions: Leader, Rapper Official Color: Black W;Y Facts: -She trained for 3 years and 7 months -Nicknames: Wangie, Leader-Nim, Mom, Mia/Mi-ah -She hates fruits and tends to give them to her...
  8. Kiyoshi

    Duchess: Debuting Girl Group (fake group)

    Hello, viewers! I'd like to announce that Blue Moon Entertainment is debuting its first girl group, Duchess. Please stay tuned and I will keep you updated with information.
  9. Rosieposie__

    Make a kpop group out of my biases

    My biases are Rosé blackpink Nayeon twice Soyeon Gidle nancy momoland Umji gfriend
  10. jooggie

    comment a song by the group on top of you, then insert another group

    for example: P1: EXO P2: Monster P2: BTS
  11. sachiana•。

    turn the song written above into an aesthetic person

    it goes like this this, somebody names a song, and you need to list some aesthetic things that are character traits if the sing was a person. an example person 1: holo - lee hi person 2: gray sweaters, lollipops, smilling to yourself, hair blowing in the wind, laughing through tears, pear...
  12. stanloona

    Idol Association Game

    In this game you name idols who can be associated with each other when you hear their name whether that be they are from the same group, company, show, whatever. For example... Person 1: Joy from red velvet Person 2: Sungjae from btob (they were on we got married) Person 1: Yeeun from clc...
  13. persona

    shuffled idol game

    ↳ idol #1: eunwoo - astro ↳ idol #2 hyuna ↳ idol #3 miyeon - (g)-idle ↳ idol #4 jimin - bts ↳ idol #5 yugyeom - got7 ↳ idol #6 joy - red velvet ↳ idol #7 IU ↳ idol #8 hueningkai - txt __________________ example of the game: ask google to pick a number from 1-8. (you can choose a...
  14. vocals.clean.souls


    form your very own boy group ! the amount of members depends on your answers. disclaimer :: this is for fun so don’t go lying about your answers and also i wasn’t able to include every male idol so please don’t be upset. (this will be posted in parts so if you somehow get here before i...
  15. PastelPetals

    Name an idol and I will make you a gif of them

    This a game?? Anyway I used to make gifs..nothing fancy but want to start making them again! Here are some of the ones I have made! Anyway suggest an idol or an mv and I will make you a gif!
  16. jenosimp

    kpop idol birth year game

    (i apologize if this game has already been created) heres how to play: person 1: 1999? person 2: yeonjun 1995? person 3: johnny 2002? so, i'll start with 2002?
  17. jenosimp

    favorite era for an idol game

    i was just vibin and this idea came to me, and i thought this would be interesting. basically u name an idol and the next person comments their favorite era for that idol and then name another idol. so heres how it would go: person 1: jungkook - bts person 2: bs&t kai - exo person 3: love...
  18. jenosimp

    kpop ship game

    one person would give 2 kpop groups and the other person has to pick an otp from one of the groups they like better/which ship they like better So basically this is how it would go, keep in mind this is 1st time making a game so sorry if this is trash dont bully me 🤡 i swear im not a delulu i...
  19. Lost_in_the_Dream

    Name a Kpop Song with The Same Title

    Not sure if this will catch on but here's how it goes: First person will name a kpop song, the next person has to name a kpop song with the same title, but by a different group/soloist. Then they give another song. Example: Person 1: Say My Name-Ateez Person 2: Say My Name-ANS, Insomnia-Stray...
  20. piscesigh

    Have you ever played 'The Arcana'?

    So I really love Visual Novel kind of games and recently I've been OBSESSED with The Arcana. The game style is basically a VN: you have to choose options which will lead to a good ending or a bad ending and you get illustrations on the run. It's made by a small company (Nix Hydra) but hear me...