Ranking Twice Title Track's Choreographies By Difficulty



Dec 30, 2019
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Kim Man Bong
So I have learned at least the prechorus and chorus of every single Twice track.
I decided it would be fun to show my ranking of which ones I found the most difficult to learn and execute.
Just to clarify I will be ranking the dances only by the prechorus and chorus, I don't learn the entire dance or dance breaks.
Some extra info: I trained in mostly ballet dance for 16 years.
No Japanese tracks or songs like 'Best Thing I Ever Did'.
I'm gonna rank easiest to hardest.

1. Signal
With this one I didn't even need to slow down the video or do it a couple times over...

2. TT
This was another one where I didn't need to slow the video down, it was just slightly more difficult than TT.

3. Dance The Night Away
The rest of the dance has the more difficult parts but for me the chorus was kind of simple. The only part that took me a bit was the skipping forward thing.

4. Like Ooh-Aah
I had difficulties with a transition between the first step and having my leg out in Nayeon's part.

5. More&More
This one just took a couple replays to learn because of my crap memory. But the chorus is fairly easy if you can figure out the foot work. The arms are also really balletic, so it made it easier for me

6. Likey
I couldn't get my shoulders to move properly in Mina's part. Also the hand movement at the end of Momo's part. I also only recently realized I was using the wrong timing for the chorus.

7. Cheer Up
So I learned this one when my leg was still recovering from surgery, which is why it's higher than I would usually place it. It just had a lot of little aspects which were hard to incorporate in total. The prechorus also has like 4 different versions which was difficult.

8. Knock Knock
For the life of me I could not figure out how to coordinate my feet and hand movements in the "Knock knock knock on my door" part. It took me 2 solid weeks to get it right...idk why.

9. What is Love?
It was hard for me to do this dance without it looking like a mess at first. There are also a lot of little details like the constant bouncing and and Dahyun/Chaeyoung's part in the pre-chorus. This is also one of my favorite dances.

10. Feel Special
This one was surprisingly easy and really fun. It just took me a while to memorize. Also during the first section of the chorus there is this one part where your arms cross over your body a couple of times to reach your hips, and the footwork with it was very difficult.

11. Heartshaker
This dance just has very fast movements that are very different so you have to move very quickly. It is also the one that probably takes the most energy to execute.

12. Fancy
This is another really fast one. I had problems with the beginning of the chorus with the circling arms. Also the pivot during Jeongyeon's part was hard.

13. Yes or Yes
This is the dance I probably learned the most of. Every part of it is difficult. The beginning is difficult to encapture, the floor work is hard, the beginning of Jihyo's chorus part, Sana's prechorus, the end of the chorus with the alternating swinging arms made me feel like I would dislocate my shoulder, it was just all very difficult. Even now I am not confident doing that dance in front of anyone except my self in the mirror, it's such a mess.

Which Twice dances were easiest and hardest for you?
easiest has to be tt for me, i learned it in about 3 hours (with polishing and practicing), hardest has ro be dance the night away. its hard to make look good, i learned the choreo in about 2 hours, but it took days to polish and make look good. it also takes some coordination in some parts. i still struggle to make it look as good as it looked when twice performed it.


The hardest dance for me to learn was Fancy because it required alot of hip movement and im shy...

The easiest was The Feels because it was more simple. it still required hip movement but it was more required back than hips to be honest, and it was fun.
im going to learn MoonLight Sunrise(Wish me Luck)