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Jul 3, 2022
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Call Call

Yeongeun: All sh…..
*everyone telling Yeongeun to stop talking*
Seolhyun: The company still did not reveal our introduction, you can't say it for now.
Yeongeun: OH i forgot about that
*Yeongeun bowing and saying sorry*
Mina: Ok so let's start with the first question
Seolhyun: So our first question is from Skygirlz and they're asking what is your favourite bubble tea flavour?
Sunye: For me it's the melon flavour. I'm just so obsessed with it that I can drink it everyday in my life.
Yeongeun: Sunye is actually super obsessed with bubble tea, every time that we go shopping together she stops all of us to buy bubble tea.
Sunye: Well it's not my fault that it taste so good *giggles*
Mina: So now that you're done talking about bubble tea, let's move onto the next question.
Yeongeun: This question is from Laloara and they ask
What was your first impressions of each other?
Seolhyun: I think i'll start, so when i joined the lineup of the group Yeongeun & Sunye were already in it with 1 more trainee and i thought that all of them were really cool and i will become good friends with all of them.
Yeongeun: Awww thats cute, so i was the first one that joined the lineup of the group but i remember the day when Mina joined the lineup and i thought she's the cutest thing i have ever seen and i wanted to tell her about it for so long but i was really shy at the start.
Mina: But in the end you told me and made me blush,
Well my first impression on all of you was that you are really close to each other and so good at everything that you do.
Sunye: Well your first impression of us was 100% right.
*everyone giggles*
Sunye: Well I can't really remember my first impression on all of you, but what I remember is that all of you had such a good fashion style that I really wanted to try it myself.
Sunye: So let's move on to the next question.
Mina: *Scrolling for like 30s until she finds a good question*
Ok thats a good one, this question is from 🐶🐶🐶 and they asked Who do you think is the funniest member?
Mina: So I think all of us know the answer… right guys?
It's obviously me.
*Everyone laughing*
Yeongeun: Well… I can't argue with you, so well just give it to you.
Yeongeun: The next question is from Loaraisbest, and they ask Who are your role models?
Seolhyun: I think everyone should answer this question, so I'm just gonna start, for me it's Enchantress. I have fallen in love with them since their debut days and I will never stop loving them.
Yeongeun: Ye… Ye… we all know that you love them, you're talking about them 24/7.
For me it's Whitelist & Jelo. I just really love their music and I wish I could meet them one day.
Sunye: I'll continue from here, so i love every single artist, all of them are making good music & have a good personality but the ones that i love the most are Jia & Taeyeon, they're just on a whole new level no one can get to them.
Mina: So I guess I'm the last one… again…
So for me its Calla & Bigbang sunbaenim
I really love their music but especially the bsides, both of them have an amazing discography that I hope that we gonna also have in the future.
Sunye: didnt you meet Calla during our promotion era?
Mine: Yesss i actually did, i met them in the dressing room while i waited for you to get ready for our performance, we had a lot of fun together until we went up to the stage.
*saying silently: and especially with Sophia*
But dont tell it to the other members.
Sunye: ok that's enough for that question for now, lets move to the next one.
The question is How do you feel about debuting?
And it's from *looking closely* from… Jia_Official?
*Sunye is in a complete shock*
Wait, is that the real Jia!?
OMG i just said that i love her music so much.
This can't be true
*starting to freak out*
Yeongeun: Just ignore her. She can act like that sometimes.
But we really love you Jia and thanks for joining our fiklive.
Now Sunye can we just answer her question?
Sunye: Yes yes we can.
*continue to freak out in the background*
Seolhyun: so for me when our manager told us that were gonna debut i didnt believe him in the start and it took me a while to realise that we actually gonna debut, but the others really freakedout at that moment and said “thank you” and “it's actually happening” for over an hour so it was really funny to look at it from the side *giggles for a few seconds*

*Sunye slowly returning back after she finish to freak in the background*
Sunye: So what was the question?
Mina: You can't be serious right?
*Sunye looks at Mina for a few seconds and then sitting silently*
Mina: ok.. So Jia asked us how we feel about our debut.
Sunye: Oh… so it felt so good to know that all the work that we did wasn't for nothing, and then I started to freak out for a while just like I did now, and I still can't believe that we actually debuted.
Yeongeun: ok so lets move into the last question for today,
This one is from 1fool4you and they ask what is your favourite thing about being in a Kband?
Yeongeun: i think im saying this for all of us, we wanted to show the Fkpop world something different something that has never been done before, and to show that you don't have to follow the way that society defines you, and that even if you do something different from everyone else as long as you stay true to yourself it will work out good for you.
*everyone agreeing*
Mina: That's some strong words to finish with them our first Fiklive.
*Everyone saying goodbye to the fans*

Artists mentioned in the fiklive: Enchantress (@LostInTheDream), Whitelist (@vivianna), Jelo (@chaerifyyy & @Gwacekpop2), Jia (@roa_is_amazing), Calla (@yunaing)​
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Jul 3, 2022
YueHua Basement
Call Call

Yesterday LOARA participate in the Wonder Festival in Seoul
and performed their title track 'Get Out' & their bside 'Sweet & Easy'.
The 'Sweet & Easy' performance gained a lot of attention from netizens for their live vocals skills.
Fans even started to trend the hashtag #LOARALIVEVOCALS on twitter and stream the performance.