1. prettywonyoung

    who is your Girls Generation bias

    mine is Tiffany
  2. Xionplus+

    New Kpop MVs

    Bad Decisions - Benny Blanco, Snoop Dogg, BTS (Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin) Bad Decisions Forever 1 - Snsd (Girls Generation) Forever 1 Guerrilla - ATEEZ Guerrilla Hit That Bass - BLITZERS Hit That Bass Pop - Nayeon Pop Sneakers - ITZY Sneakers Villain - PIXY Villain Cookie - New Jeans...
  3. milkylatte

    Girls' Generation Taeyeon Is Preparing For A Solo Comeback

    Girls' Generation Taeyeon is currently preparing for a solo comeback/working on new music which is scheduled to get released sometime in July 2021. This will be Taeyeon’s first solo comeback in approximately eight months since her fourth mini album “What Do I Call You” that was released last...
  4. ONF

    Taeyeon and Ravi Reported To Be Dating, SM Denies Rumors

    According to Joynews24, Taeyeon and Ravi have been dating for around a year and met through a mutual friend. SM Entertainment has denied these rumors, saying that they're just working on new music together.
  5. anmybeloved

    Where would you sit?

    Where would you sit? (BG Version)
  6. Jichu4


    WÈLÇÖMÈ †Ö †HÈ Ö££ÌÇÄL H¥Ö¥ÈÖñ/H¥Ö †HRÈÄÐ! QUICK FACTS ABOUT HYO: -Is a Member of Girls Generation -Full Name: Kim Hyoyeon -Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist of SNSD (She is a DJ as well for her Solo Career) -Goes by the name of DJ Hyo -Birth: 9.22.89 -Debuted as a Soloist on Dec 1 2016...
  7. Mikasa Ackerman

    Taeyeon (SNSD) Confirmed To Be Preparing For A Comeback

    Xportsnews reported that Taeyeon will be releasing a new solo album in December. In response to that report, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Taeyeon is preparing a new album aimed for a December release. Please look forward to it.” This is her first comeback after releasing "Happy" in May.
  8. milkylatte

    [PICS] 13112020 - Girls' Generation Yoona Opens Her Instagram Account!

    Isn't she the cutest 🥺🥺🥺
  9. Mikasa Ackerman

    ♦︎♢ The Official Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny) Thread♢♦︎

    Welcome to the Official Thread of Sunny of Girls Generation Some facts of Sunny: Stage Name: Sunny (써니) Birth Name: Lee Soon Kyu (이순규) Position: Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper Birth Date: May 15, 1989 Zodiac sign: Taurus Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA Height: 155cm (5’1″) Weight: 44 kg...
  10. jxonhxxjin

    first kpop song you ever listened to??

    hey! what’s the first kpop song you listened to? for me it’s gangnam style, but i was unaware that it was kpop, so technically the first kpop song i heard was bs&t by bts :D
  11. Kirstyaspenn

    SNSD's I Got a Boy or Into the New World

    For me it's Into the New World
  12. Kirstyaspenn

    SNSD's Oh! or Mr Mr

    For me it's Oh!
  13. M

    SNSD ~ Into The New World (LIVE)

    this performance will forever remain lengedary 🌷
  14. softseun

    Favorite kpop gg?

    I would have to say Twice, but I really love fromis_9 at the moment
  15. softseun

    First kpop gg song that you listened to?

    Twice-Cheer up and that’s why they are now my ultimate bias group.
  16. M

    Girls' Generation ~ Mr.Mr. (MV)

    queens forever and ever ♡
  17. butterpuffs

    favorite ex-members

    who's your favorite ex-members of any kpop group? actually, i wanna post voting thread but i can't do it, can someone help me how to post voting thread? thank you~
  18. _.skzlover_.

    Who’s the evilest Maknae?

    GOT7- Yugyeom TWICE- Tzuyu SKZ- Jeongin RED VELVET- Yeri BTS- Jungkook F(X)- Krystal SVT- Dino MAMAMOO- Hwasa EXO- Sehun SNSD- Seohyun NCT- Jisung...
  19. xxOddEyeCirclexx

    favorite snsd song?

    mine is run devil run